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Their Perspective

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Christianity Devil Worship Satanism Evil Satan The Devil Evil Incarnate George Soros Hatred Jew Judaism Christian perspective irrespective perspectives respective prospective ther theirs the heir thew thewy theory thewier tier there third thief thigh shier ter thener therer theser threer ether other them then thin this the art the pair the bar three r their steezy The IRS Their angle aspect attitude context mindset prospect viewpoint headset landscape objectivity overview panorama proportion relation relativity scene vista broad view frame of reference relative importance size of it way of looking aim approach direction hand intention outlook perspective plan point of view position side slant standpoint angles bearing facet feature gimmick phase regard situation switch twist view whole aspects air belief bent bias character demeanor disposition frame of mind inclination leaning like it is mental state mindtrip mood notion opinion philosophy posture predilection prejudice proclivity reaction routine say so sensibility sentiment set stance stand standing temper temperament where one is at fairness attitudes steezy christian christened christian name christening christen christian love christens christian names more sanity christianity steezy Christianity selfworship demon worship self worship devilish fellowship devilishes tree worship devil Devil worship Beelzebub Mephistopheles Satan adversary beast brute dastard djinn dybbuk fiend genie hellion imp knave Lucifer monster ogre rogue scamp scoundrel villain archfiend Prince of Darkness bête noire common enemy diablo enfant terrible evil one the Erinyes the Furies the dickens friend humanitarian angel god archangel devil fallen angel demon evil spirit ghoul bete noire anathema antagonist bad news bane bitter enemy bugbear competitor curse enemy foe opponent plague rival trouble favorite brat holy terror impudent child jackanapes kid punk rascal unruly child urchin whippersnapper wild one youngster animal cannibal creature critter degenerate lout ruffian sadist savage swine wild animal gentleman pet hate Devil steezy adoration church service devotion prayer rite ritual adulation awe beatification benediction chapel deification exaltation genuflection glory homage honor idolatry idolization invocation love offering praise prostration regard respect reverence service supplication veneration vespers laudation censure condemnation criticism debasement denunciation disdain dishonor dislike disregard disrespect hate humiliation scorn canonize idolize admire venerate adore chant sing revere celebrate magnify sanctify deify laud exalt adulate esteem extol dote on bow down to offer prayers to pay homage to pray to put on a pedestal sing praises to criticize denounce castigate blame detest condemn abhor despise admiration account affection applause appreciation approbation approval deference delight estimation favor fondness glorification liking marveling obeisance pleasure recognition valuing wonder wonderment worship contempt unhappiness trouble pain loathing disgust aversion disfavor disapproval ignorance disobedience sorrow melancholy hatred applaud appreciate approve be crazy about be crazy for be crazy over be mad about be nuts about be stuck on be sweet on be wild about cherish commend credit delight in eulogize fall for get high on glorify go for groove on hail hold in respect look up to marvel at moon over prize rate highly take pleasure in think highly of treasure value wonder at mock execrate reproach disparage admired admires admiring amore ardor attachment crush hankering infatuation pash passion puppy love shine weakness worshipping yen detestation abhorrence indifference worships Worship witchcraft black art demon worship demonianism diabolism magic mysticism necromancy sorcery voodoo witchery wizardry black magic devilish devilry deviltry diablerie satanism steezy Satanism bad corrupt destructive hateful heinous hideous malevolent malicious nefarious ugly unpleasant vicious vile villainous wicked base foul low offensive poison reprobate wrong angry atrocious baneful beastly calamitous damnable depraved disastrous execrable flagitious harmful iniquitous injurious loathsome maleficent malignant no good obscene pernicious rancorous repugnant repulsive revolting spiteful stinking unpropitious wrathful agreeable aiding assisting attractive beautiful benevolent decent delightful friendly gentle good helpful honest honorable kind lovely nice pleasant pleasing right upright virtuous wonderful worthy moral auspicious sinless harm pain catastrophe calamity ill corruption suffering misery hatred crime sin obscenity indecency impiety affliction lewdness wickedness blow misfortune curse malevolence meanness debauchery wrongdoing depravity outrage injury viciousness mischief infamy sorrow hurt malignity licentiousness woe perversity heinousness baseness vice iniquity turpitude ruin devilry diablerie villainy vileness sinfulness criminality looseness diabolism knavery help purity propriety innocence kindness fortune good fortune cheer comfort pleasure blessing benefit nobility benevolence relief aid virtue modesty uprightness morality decency cleanness goodness profit boon good luck joy happiness health advantage Pandora's box can of worms confusion evil snake in the grass abomination anathema aversion bother detestation horror nuisance plague shame torment esteem enjoyment beauty love treat delight atrocities barbarity brutality enormity inhumanity monstrosity offense ruthlessness savagery good behavior pleasantness pleasantry atrocity criminal delinquent mean sinful undecayed true just noble profitable beneficial advantageous reputable badder EVIL steezy E.V.I.L. evils Antichrist Beelzebub Mephistopheles demon Lucifer Angel of Darkness Apollyon archfiend Diabolus King of Hell Prince of Darkness the Evil Spirit Christ Ash-Shaytan Satan beast brute fiend goblin hellion imp incubus little devil malignant spirit monster rascal rogue succubus vampire villain angel god demons devil adversary bête noire common enemy dastard diablo djinn dybbuk enfant terrible evil one genie knave ogre scamp scoundrel the Erinyes the Furies the dickens friend humanitarian barbarian degenerate evil spirit savage serpent troll steezy satan Šatan shedevil she devil bedevil devil be devil did evil The devil steezy The Devil the devil affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the steezy The incarnate is incarnate am incarnate are incarnate art incarnate evil Evil Incarnate embodied manifested materialized personified substantiated typified human in human form in the flesh made flesh physical real tangible copies act like ape burlesque do a take-off do like echo embody emulate epitomize fake follow follow example follow suit go like illustrate incarnate knock off make like mimic mirror mock model parody parrot personify phony pirate play a role prefigure repeat sham simulate steal take leaf out of book take off travesty typify tell truth neglect copy copying actualize complete concretize demonstrate emblematize evince exemplify exhibit express exteriorize externalize hypostatize incorporate manifest objectify personalize realize reify show stand for substantiate symbolize cover disintegrate exclude obscure hide conceal embodies Incarnate Incarnates get serious got serious gorgeousness groceries gets serious goes across go across gagsters gat serious gadgetries glossaries cojurors jokesters corkscrews caesuras closures cooks rooms goose grass commeasures co jurors goes crazy cook's rooms cooks room cook's room canker sores George Soros steezy gorge gorger corge gouge gorged gorges forge gouger gore georgic gage gogo gorse merge verge gauge go go kedge George steezy george sros sores sorrows serous sires solos sorries sorts zeros soots sopors spoors soso serious sirs soars soirees sours so so sos sro scores snores sorest sorrow spores stores sore soss sows zoos SoRo steezy soro Soro Soros acrimony alienation animosity animus antagonism antipathy bitterness contempt disgust distaste enmity envy grudge hate horror hostility ill will loathing malice prejudice rancor revenge revulsion abhorrence abomination aversion coldness detestation disapproval disfavor displeasure execration ignominy malevolence malignance militancy odium pique repugnance repulsion scorn spite spleen venom allergy to hard feelings invidiousness no use for admiration approval desire esteem forgiveness friendliness friendship good will kindness like liking love loving pleasure rapport regard respect sweetness sympathy delight endorsement happiness joy hatred anger annoyance blow up cat fit chagrin choler conniption dander disapprobation distemper exasperation fury gall hissy fit huff ill humor ill temper impatience indignation infuriation irascibility ire irritability irritation mad miff outrage passion peevishness petulance rage rankling resentment slow burn soreness stew storm tantrum temper tiff umbrage vexation violence enjoyment cheer peace ease comfort pleasantness good nature contentment agreeability calmness calm glee angers antithesis clashing competition conflict contention contradistinction contrariety difference disagreement discord dissension friction incongruity oppugnancy resistance rivalry understanding agreement harmony accord allergy avoidance bad blood dyspathy escape eschewal evasion incompatibility opposition repellency honor appreciation meeting disinclination disliking dissatisfaction dread having no use for indisposition reluctance unwillingness care attachment beauty fondness affection Hatred hew jaw jed jet dew few mew new pew sew jew steezy JEW Jew judas nudism sadism quietism kudos mutism jetsam cultism faddism jades quads jadest judders jutties codas cutis jutes quats Judaism steezy judaism pious religious apostolic divine evangelic orthodox scriptural irreligious evangelical virtuous honest proper honorable principled humane clean conscientious correct decent elevated equitable fair fitting good just kosher noble respectable right square straight upright upstanding right-minded high-principled moralistic true blue unrighteous improper corrupt unjust unethical immoral dishonest ethical Christian more ethical steezy Christians
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