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Thieves swipe purse from car parked at sheriff's precinct

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A couple of bold crooks swiped purses from cars in Cherokee County, then immediately went on a shopping spree. What's most surprising about this, is one of ...


sniper bandit crook pirate robber mugger clip cheat punk owl spider lifter law rob hook loot give buy cat burglar filcher housebreaker midnighter picklock pilferer porch-climber prowler safecracker sneakthief thief abstract appropriate defalcate filch forge misapply misappropriate misuse peculate pilfer purloin put hand in cookie jar put hand in till skim thieve cop crib embezzle hustle lift pinch rip off scrounge sneak snipe snitch swipe take walk off with carjacker kidnapper skyjacker terrorist burglar criminal gate-crasher infiltrator interferer interloper interrupter invader meddler nuisance obtruder raider snooper squatter trespasser knock over plunder ransack relieve rifle hijacker intruder knock off thieves slap blow lick clip sock swat cuff rap wipe bash lose pilfer sneak nab cop nick hook pinch heist filch lift snitch give annex borrow clap confiscate embezzle get fingers on get hands on glom on to grab grab hold of hijack liberate misappropriate moonlight requisition pocket 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furrow gather groove hem intertwine lap overlap overlay plicate replicate ruche ruck ruffle telescope tuck turn under clutch evening bag grip leather portmanteau reticule container contract crease fold PURSE Purse against taken away beginning at coming out of starting with aboriginal autochthonous belonging endemic from homegrown homemade indigenous inland internal local municipal national original primary primeval primitive regional related vernacular about concerning like regarding after afterward ago already because considering for hence later now past subsequently therefore whereas defective diminished lacking less negative subtracted without native since minus From wagon van auto bus ride pickup truck motor wreck buggy bucket jalopy heap jeep coupe junker sedan wheels car chaise charabanc fourwheeler gocart perambulator stage tallyho train vehicle victoria carriage carrying communication machine movement transfer transference transmission transportation carryall crate dump eighteen-wheeler four by eight four by four four-wheel drive freighter lorry rig semi agent automobile bicycle boat cab carrier chariot conveyance mechanism motorcycle taxi transport vector motor car passenger car barouche buckboard caisson camion caravan cart coach dray fourgon gilly schooner tram tumbril wain Car not a truck tahoe mustang sex mobile sex engine exhaust bitch money bitches attract stick shift gas brake put left temporary established fixed occupying parked placed planted positioned set settled stationed anchored at a standstill immobile inert moored motionless nailed nailed down pat permanent stable stagnant standing static stock-still unmoving accumulate bury conceal cover ditch duck ensconce lay away maintain park plant put away put in the hole save screen secrete squirrel squirrel away stash stash away store amass bank collect commit deliver drop entrust garner give in trust hoard install invest keep lay place plop plunk plunk down precipitate put aside put by repose rest salt away settle sit down sock away stock up stow transfer treasure abide bide bunk continue crash establish oneself exist flop hang one's hat hang out hole up inhabit keep house locate lodge make one's home nest occupy perch pitch tent quarter remain rent reside room roost sojourn squat stay stop tarry tenant tent dwell indwell live people populate possess situated stationary cache deposit Parked sheriff Sheriff ward zone area tract whole belt block city county division domain dominion enclosure field kingdom locality neck of the woods neighborhood parcel patch plot precinct principality quarter section sector sphere square state stretch territory township turf vicinity circuit course march path patrol rounds route walk way abuttals ambit barrier beginning border borderland borderline bounds brink circumference circumscription compass confines edge end environs extent extremity frame fringe frontier hem horizon limits line line of demarcation margin mark mere mete outline outpost pale perimeter periphery purlieus radius rim side skirt terminal termination terminus verge boundary confine limit limitation term bound circle expanse orbit purview range reach realm restriction round scope sweep borders country dimension proportions region terrain beat
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