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Thirsty cobra in India calmly accepts drink from villager

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The stunning video highlights the drought conditions in India.


anxious dehydrated eager greedy hungry impatient inclined keen parched agog appetent ardent arid athirst avid bone-dry breathless burning cottonmouthed craving crazy for droughty dry as dust dying for hankering itching for juiceless longing lusting partial to sapless thirsting waterless wild for yearning unconcerned unenthusiastic moist satisfied wet absorbent absorptive bibulous dry imbibing penetrable permeable porous pregnable retentive spongy thirsty impermeable ambitious aggressive aspiring ball of fire bent upon climbing come on come on strong designing desirous determined driving eager beaver earnest energetic enterprising enthusiastic fireball get up and go go-getter goal-oriented hard ball high-reaching hopeful industrious inspired intent power-loving purposeful pushing pushy resourceful self-starting sharp soaring striving vaulting zealous easy facile unassuming fulfilled content lethargic expectant fervent itching dreading unworried happy cool calm assured unwilling peaceful indifferent blazing fervid fierce fiery horny hot impassioned intense lovey-dovey lusty passionate spirited vehement warm lukewarm frigid cold dull unexcited disloyal cold-blooded apathetic dispassionate barren desert dry as a bone dusty moistureless lively interested humid damp productive fertile bursting champing at the bit desiring excited raring ready and willing Thirsty Mutual adder asp copperhead rattle snake viper cobra Cobra Mutual India Mutual coolly easily peacefully serenely smoothly sedately collectedly composedly evenly motionlessly tranquilly unexcitedly unhurriedly calmly comfortably competently conveniently dexterously efficiently effortlessly facilely fluently freely hand over fist handily hands down just like that lightly like nothing no sweat nothing to it piece of cake plainly quickly readily regularly simply steadily surely swimmingly uncomplicatedly well with ease with no effort without a hitch without trouble questionably insufficiently difficultly leisurely at one's convenience at one's leisure deliberately dilatorily gradually inactively indolently laggardly langorously languidly lazily lethargically lingeringly listlessly slowly sluggishly taking one's time tardily torpidly with delay without haste hurriedly hectically mildly blandly compassionately delicately genially gingerly imperturbably indifferently kindly meekly moderately mollifyingly patiently quietly softly soothingly temperately tenderly tepidly tolerantly violently roughly harshly passively peaceably without resistance bravely dispassionately enduringly forbearingly impassively resignedly submissively reasonably fairly gently leniently prudently sparingly Calmly Mutual get obtain take welcome acquire gain secure fail lose misunderstand reject forfeit blackball decline demur deny disagree disallow discard dispute refuse renounce repudiate receive admit turn away trust affirm recognize acknowledge favor buy hold approve approbate like fancy countenance swallow relish go for hold with take as gospel truth take stock in hate dislike disapprove disbelieve tolerate respect agree stomach acquiesce assent bear bow endure suffer capitulate stand bear with stand for defer to fit in go along with live with play the game sit still for submit to yield to don't make waves don't rock the boat fight defend stop dissent contradict assume adopt sign undertake comply accede okay avow agree to check out take on thumbs up concur with cooperate with give stamp of approval give the go-ahead give the green light give the nod lap up rubber-stamp set store by sign off on take one up on oppose protest condemn abet accept allow authorize bless blink at boost charter concede concur condone consent empower enable endorse franchise give leave give permission grant have humor indulge leave let let pass license pass privilege sanctify sanction say yes shake on take kindly to warrant wink at keep hinder prevent veto sell OK'd abide be big about defer hang in hang in there hang tough put up with sit tight withstand continue carry on move depart quit offer give migrate shun resist despise discontinue dodge avoid be game for cave in cooperate cry uncle enter into fold permit play ball roll over and play dead subscribe throw in the towel yield repel denounce forbid obstruct impede come clean come out of closet confess cop a plea crack declare fess up get off chest let on open up own profess disregard abjure ignore forswear hide disavow conceal acknowledges alcohol booze brew cup glass liquor refreshment sip draft gulp libation liquid potable potation potion shot slug spirits spot swallow swig taste toast thirst quencher food inhale consume drain guzzle suck quaff sponge gargle irrigate slosh swill imbibe absorb indulge tipple thirst down sop dissipate sup lap nip belt put away tank up slurp hit the bottle liquor up partake of soak up toss off wash down wet whistle abstain alky canned heat cocktail drink ethanol firewater hard stuff hootch intoxicant methanol moonshine palliative red-eye rotgut sauce smoke toddy alcoholic beverage beer hard drink hard liquor inebriant liqueur mixed drink wine beverage cooler drinkable victuals beverages blend broth compound distillation fermentation hash hodgepodge infusion instillation melange miscellany mishmash mixture mélange potpourri preparation ingredient brine alkali blue brackish water deep marinade ocean pickling solution preservative saline salt water sea water sodium chloride solution vinegar Mutual Drink drinks against in distinction to out of possession of taken away beginning at coming out of deriving out of originating at starting with minus defective diminished from lacking less negative subtracted without plus native aboriginal autochthonous belonging endemic homegrown homemade indigenous inland internal local municipal national original primary primeval primitive regional related vernacular outside foreign alien about concerning like regarding since after afterward ago already because considering for hence later now past subsequently therefore whereas From Mutual civilian inhabitant national resident settler taxpayer voter aborigine burgess burgher commoner cosmopolite denizen dweller householder native occupant subject John\u002FJane Q. Public freeman\u002Fwoman member of body politic member of community naturalized person townsperson urbanite alien foreigner immigrant citizen villager citizens Villager Mutual
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