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This song was literally written as a responce to an abortion clinic attack

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aforementioned already stated here previously mentioned that the indicated the present the aforementioned one the one in question the thing indicated this one this person such aforesaid akin alike analogous comparable corresponding equivalent like parallel said similar such a one such a person such a thing suchlike the like this a certain a particular a well known one air anthem aria ballad canticle carol chant chorale chorus ditty hymn lay lullaby lyrics melody number oldie opera piece poem psalm refrain round strain tune verse golden oldie descant song theme call cheep chirp cry note peep roar shriek tweet twitter warble Christmas song Noel canzonet madrigal croon incantation intonation lilt mantra shout singing trill bob burden main section motif music recurrent verse response ritornelle undersong silence abide act breathe continue endure hold inhabit last live move obtain persist prevail remain rest stand stay subsist survive be alive go on have being have place cease depart die discontinue forsake give up halt idle leave lose pass quit refuse reject stop transpire befall occur come about come to pass take place actually completely directly plainly precisely really simply truly correctly direct faithfully indisputably letter by letter literatim not figuratively rightly rigorously sic straight strictly to the letter undeviatingly undisputably unerringly unmistakably verbatim veritably doubtfully loosely absolutely as a matter of fact de facto for real genuinely in fact in point of fact in reality in truth indeed literally verily candidly honestly in person openly personally point-blank truthfully unequivocally without prevarication word for word indirectly exactly altogether bang carefully definitely explicitly expressly faultlessly for a fact for certain for sure in every respect just methodically no mistake on the dot on the money on the nail on the nose positively quite right scrupulously severely sharp specifically square the ticket totally utterly veraciously wholly dubiously incompletely indefinite partially questionably inaccurately accurately as well even just so no ifs ands or buts on the button plumb smack smack-dab squarely sure sure thing the very thing to a tee yes unsure admittedly assuredly authentically beyond doubt categorically certainly easily in actuality in effect indubitably legitimately nothing else but of course surely undoubtedly unquestionably well word-for-word different drafted penned recorded reported authored dictated spoken unwritten printed signed typed copied lettered transcribed in black and white scriptural clerical accounting bookkeeping clerkish clerkly office pink collar scribal stenographic subordinate typing white collar written covered accounted for examined explored included investigated marked noted observed regarded scrutinized surveyed unknown bare empty exposed open passed over revealed unfurnished unheeded unnoticed cut-and-dried definite destined familiar fated fixed in the cards old hat ordained ordinary plotted prearranged precise routine set settled specific trite vague examination assay audit battery blue book breakdown canvass catechism checking checkup cross-examination diagnosis dissection exam experiment exploration final grilling inquest inquiry inquisition inspection interrogation investigation legwork observation once-over oral perlustration perusal probe quest questioning questionnaire quiz raid reconnaissance research review scan scrutiny search study survey the eye third degree trial tryout view ignorance neglect hard-and-fast absolute binding carved in stone compulsory conclusive decisive exacting inflexible irrevocable mandatory set in concrete unalterable unbending literal accurate actual apparent authentic bona fide close critical faithful genuine gospel methodical natural not figurative plain scrupulous simple strict to the letter true undeviating unerring unexaggerated unvarnished usual veracious verbal verbatim veritable counterfeit dishonest false falsified unreal abnormal complex complicated decorated different difficult embellished extraordinary inaccurate intricate ornate unclear uncommon exaggerated figurative imaginative loose miscarriage aborticide feticide termination childbirth delivery giving birth parturition failure disappointment disaster fiasco misadventure achievement success realization abortion bankruptcy bomb botch breakdown bungle bust checkmate collapse decay decline defeat deficiency deficit deterioration downfall failing false step faux pas flash in the pan flop frustration implosion inadequacy lead balloon lemon loser loss mess misstep nonperformance nonsuccess overthrow rout rupture sinking ship stalemate stoppage total loss turkey washout wreck betterment improvement increase rise win accomplishment benefit blessing continuation enough plenty triumph achiever attainment earnings gain merit failures also-rans bankrupts beats born losers bums castaways deadbeats defaulters derelicts disappointments duds flops good-for-nothings has-beens incompetents insolvents loafers losers lumpies might-have-beens moochers no-goods nobodies nonperformers prodigals turkeys underachievers washouts achievers hard workers wins merits gains attainments achievements accomplishments successes blunder botched situation debacle dumb thing to do dumb trick embarrassment error farce flap route ruin screwup stunt miracle wonder advantage boon freak aberration anomaly chimera curiosity geek malformation miscreation monster monstrosity mutant mutation oddity rarity sport weirdo interruption malfunction mischance misfire mishap miss mistake perversion undoing accuracy certainty correction good fortune truth carriage nonfeasance default delinquency dereliction neglect omission adequacy ascent development perfection satisfaction strength sufficiency hospital dispensary infirmary sick bay surgery center faculty academics advisers body clinic college corps department employees institute instructors lecturers 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reprisal resistance shelter shield submission support surrender sustenance abuse criticism belligerence blame calumny censure combativeness denigration denunciation libel pugnacity slander vilification impugnment approval praise commendation compliment failure seizure access ailment bout breakdown convulsion disease fit illness paroxysm relapse spasm spell stroke throe ambush assail assault beat besiege blast bombard harm hit hurt infiltrate invade stab storm aggress bash bat bean beset biff boot bop brain bust clip clock club combat cook jump kick larrup molest mug overwhelm punch slog soak wallop whop boff chop down knock block off knock cold knock for a loop lay siege to light into pounce upon set upon take the offensive turn on assist guard help leave alone lose protect decrease be lazy defend resist slough off submit sustain withstand criticize shoot down berate impugn malign refute reprove revile stretch vilify jump down one's throat jump on one's case lay into approve commend 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flourished developed saved built preserved solidified coagulated improved grew united combined hoarded put together attempt aim do level best endeavor essay exert oneself experiment give a fling give a whirl give best shot give it a go give it a try give old college try go the limit have a crack have a go at make a run at pursue seek shoot the works solicit strive take a stab at take best shot take on try one's hand at undertake venture forget neglect all one's got bid crack dry run exertion fling header lick one's all one's darnedest one's level best pursuit shot striving struggle trial try tryout undertaking whack workout certainty laziness success
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