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This true spiritual knowledge

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aforementioned already stated here previously mentioned that the indicated the present the aforementioned one the one in question the thing indicated this one this person such aforesaid akin alike analogous comparable corresponding equivalent like parallel said similar such a one such a person such a thing suchlike the like this a certain a particular a well known one accurate appropriate authentic bona fide correct genuine honest legitimate natural normal perfect proper pure sincere truthful typical direct exact fitting kosher regular right straight actual authoritative dependable factual indubitable lawful legal on-target precise rightful sure-enough trustworthy undeniable undesigning undoubted unerring unfaked unfeigned unquestionable veracious veridical veritable very affected counterfeit deceptive different false flawed inaccurate incorrect insincere lying misleading unfitting ungenuine unreal unsuitable untrustworthy untruthful unusual wrong changing corrupt illegitimate imprecise inappropriate indirect unfair unjust cheating deceitful disloyal evil faithless fraudulent invalid dedicated devoted faithful honorable reliable steadfast sure worthy confirmed constant fast firm liege square staunch steady trusty upright allegiant ardent conscientious creditable dutiful estimable high-principled just no lie on the up and up resolute right-minded scrupulous strict true-blue truehearted unaffected undistorted unswerving up front wholehearted dishonest inconstant indefinite treacherous uncertain unfaithful unreliable changeable flexible irresolute undecided unfixed unstable unsteady wavering weak correctly perfectly precisely properly rightly truthfully unerringly veraciously veritably dishonestly inaccurately wrongly absolutely affirmative agreed all right amen assuredly aye beyond a doubt by all means certainly definitely even so exactly fine gladly good good enough granted indubitably just so most assuredly naturally of course okay positively roger sure thing surely true undoubtedly unquestionably very well willingly without fail yea yep aboveboard forthright frank good-faith open overt right on straight from shoulder straightforward devious shady underhanded absolute certain conclusive definite definitive errorless faultless final flawless infallible irrefutable official undisputed unimpeachable unrefuted valid incomplete inconclusive inexact careless doubtful erroneous faulty lax mistaken questionable vague concrete existing for-real hard honest-to-God honest-to-goodness indisputable physical positive real substantial substantive tangible verified mental spiritual fictitious hypothetical imaginary legendary nominal past pretended reputed theoretical loyal unwavering adapted applicable appurtenant apropos apt becoming befitting belonging congruous convenient deserved desired due felicitous fit germane on the button on the nose opportune pertinent relevant seemly tailor-made useful well-suited well-timed improper inopportune irrelevant misbehaving unskilled unbecoming unfit unsuited unseemly divine metaphysical sacred devotional holy intangible airy asomatous discarnate disembodied ethereal extramundane ghostly immaterial incorporeal nonmaterial nonphysical platonic pure rarefied refined supernal unfleshly unphysical bodily irreligious irreverent physical unspiritual God-fearing churchgoing dedicated devoted devout ecclesiastical faithful godly goody-goody orthodox pious prayerful reverent righteous spiritual theological blessed adored among the angels beatified consecrated enthroned exalted glorified hallowed inviolable redeemed resurrected revered rewarded sacrosanct saved unprofane condemned cursed damned disapproved unblessed bodiless discorporate insubstantial unbodied unsubstantial celestial Olympian angelic astral beatific elysian empyral empyrean eternal godlike immortal otherworldly seraphic sublime supernatural transcendental transmundane earthly hellish infernal mortal deific deifying heavenly religious uncorporal unembodied ability awareness education expertise familiarity grasp insight intelligence judgment know-how learning observation philosophy power proficiency recognition science theory wisdom accomplishments acquaintance apprehension attainments cognition comprehension consciousness dirt discernment doctrine dogma dope enlightenment erudition facts goods instruction light lore picture principles scholarship schooling scoop substance tuition inside story clumsiness ignorance impotence inability inanity incompetence ineptness stupidity weakness misunderstanding unbelief Aufklärung clarification edification explanation illumination information knowledge appreciation admiration aesthetic sense affection appraisal assessment attraction cognizance commendation enjoyment esteem estimation high regard liking love perception realization regard relish respect responsivenesss sensibility sensitiveness sensitivity sympathy understanding valuation disapproval disdain dishonor dislike hate hatred insensitivity criticism decrease depreciation disparagement disregard loss neglect idea intellect ken notion perspicacity thought calmness ease art adroitness aptitude artistry craft craftsmanship dexterity facility imagination ingenuity inventiveness knack mastery method profession trade virtuosity avocation entertainment incapacity ineptitude lack want belief acceptance admission assent assumption assurance avowal axiom certainty conclusion confidence conjecture conviction credence credit deduction divination expectation faith fancy feeling guess hope hypothesis impression intuition mind mindset opinion persuasion position postulation presumption presupposition reliance supposition surmise suspicion theorem thesis thinking trust view disagreement disbelief distrust doubt reality ambiguity calculation confusion fact measurement physicality proof truth uncertainty nonbelief acknowledgment attention need note notice observance percipience reasoning heedlessness thoughtlessness unawareness
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