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This video ranks the countries based on how many summer olympic medals they have won from 1896 to 2016.

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aforementioned already stated here previously mentioned that the indicated the present the aforementioned one the one in question the thing indicated this one this person such aforesaid akin alike analogous comparable corresponding equivalent like parallel said similar such a one such a person such a thing suchlike the like this a certain a particular a well known one This Thoughts and prayers THIS Thi thi broadcast program television canned music video prerecorded promotional film recorded telegenic TV set audio baby-sitter boob tube box eye idiot box receiver small screen station television set telly tube vid video record book can catalog chalk up chronicle copy cut cut a track document dub enroll enter enumerate file indite inscribe insert jot down keep account lay down list log make a recording mark mark down matriculate note post preserve put down put in writing put on file put on paper put on tape register report set down tabulate take down tape tape-record transcribe videotape wax write in neglect cancel withdraw ignore records audiotape make a tape unstick unglue unfasten loosen Thoughts and prayers Video class division family grade hierarchy level position reputation slot stature status ancestry authority birth blood cachet capacity caste circumstance classification condition consequence degree dignity distinction echelon estate esteem footing nobility note order paramountcy parentage pedigree place primacy privilege quality seniority situation sort sovereignty sphere state station stock stratum supremacy type pecking order insignificance lowliness unimportance group string series queue range formation file line row disorganization regard list rate put estimate include establish locate tab array fix dispose pigeonhole assort valuate peg evaluate judge arrange marshal align value settle assign put away typecast button down give precedence place in formation put down as put down for put in line size up confuse displace forget disturb move leave depart lose scatter mess up mix up disorder unsettle disorganize disarrange stand belong precede outrank antecede be classed be worth come first count among forerun go ahead of go before have the advantage take the lead rank and file common run common soldiery common sort forces grass roots majority plebeians proletariat ranks rank Thoughts and prayers Rank affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the Thoughts and prayers The community land people public region society state citizenry citizens commonwealth constituents homeland inhabitants kingdom polity populace realm soil terrain voters grass roots native land patria sovereign state city metropolis urbanity province woods boondocks wilderness countryside outdoors outback backwoods bush hinterland back country wilds forests farmland boonies cow country green belt middle of nowhere up country wide open space countries Thoughts and prayers Country country established occupying placed planted positioned situated stationed located based posted allocated allotted arranged deposited fixed implanted installed lodged quartered rated set settled stored stowed Based Thoughts and prayers according to what after what precedent by means of by virtue of what by what means by what method by whose help from what source through what agency through what medium to what degree whence whereby wherewith by which how through which wherein at which point in what respect where why cause motive mystery proof Thoughts and prayers H.O.W. 'how' How abounding alive with bounteous bountiful copious countless crowded divers frequent innumerable legion lousy with manifold multifarious multifold multiplied multitudinous myriad no end of numberless numerous plentiful populous prevalent rife several sundry teeming umpteen uncounted varied various few scarce horde mass multitude oodles plenty scads throng jillion gobs heaps large numbers piles scores thousands tons whole slew certain a couple a few defined express individual many marked one particular precise regular singular some special specific specified upwards of unfixed faltering dubious unconfident doubtful ordinary common general imprecise unpredictable undecided unreliable questionable unsure uncertain hesitant doubting usual unimportant indefinite inexact bags of endless heap immeasurable incalculable infinite innumerous limitless loads lots of measureless mess mint mucho passel of peck pile raft slew stack tidy sum uncountable untold wad zillion counted countable limited numbered measurable calculable different anthologized assorted asymmetrical collected disparate dissonant divergent diverse diversified diversiform heterogeneous incongruous inconsistent indiscriminate jarring multiform omnifarious omniform varicolored variegated varietal variform uniform normal conventional correspondent same united unified standard harmonious resembling homogeneous similar like alike miscellaneous mixed single a good many commonplace constant continual customary everyday expected familiar habitual incessant intermittent monotonous periodic perpetual persistent pleonastic profuse recurrent recurring redundant reiterated reiterative successive thick ubiquitous rare broken ending irregular uncommon sporadic occasional permanent interrupted inconstant unusual infrequent Thoughts and prayers Many Manies summertime vacation heat midsummer daylight savings time dog days picnic days riot time summer solstice summertide sunny season winter Indian Summer canicular days canicule hot weather summer harvest autumn by-product consequence cropping effect fall fruitage fruition garnering gathering harvest-time harvesting ingathering intake output produce reaping repercussion result return season storing yield yielding rise start origin beginning cause source commencement kill time amuse oneself consume time fritter away time have leisure idle away time pass the time while away the time killing time division interval juncture occasion opportunity period spell spring term time while seasons Summer Thoughts and prayers olympian alembic plumbic polemic atypic limpid plump lump ibm pc blimpie lumpier lump it lumpies lumping lumpish filmic lumpy polymorphic clump lumps slump epic lamp limp lamping limping blimp clamp clomp lamps limps elliptic bulimic limper Olympics Thoughts and prayers gold reward badge commemoration hardware laurel medallion ribbon wreath decoration Purple Heart accolade award citation colors cross distinction emblem garter kudos laurels medal mention order star criticism eyesore decorations adumbration arms attribute banner brand character coat of arms colophon design device figure flag hallmark identification image impress insignia logo mark marker memento miniature monogram motto pennant regalia reminder representation scepter seal sign standard symbol token trademark type jewelry necklace plaque brooch disk nameplate patch plate slab prize acquirement acquisition advantage blue ribbon bonus bounty cake capture carrot championship crown dividend feather in cap first place gold star gravy guerdon haul honor inducement jackpot loot meed payoff pickings pillage plum plunder possession premium privilege purse recompense requital scholarship spoil spoils strokes swag title trophy windfall blame want need punishment lack loss hindrance medal? Thoughts and prayers medals Medals thewy the hey ther thew them then trey They Thoughts and prayers The Y they accept acquire admit bear carry enjoy gain get hold include keep obtain own pick up possess receive retain take annex compass corner hog land occupy procure secure chalk up get hands on get hold of have in hand latch on to lock up sit on take in teem with abandon avoid deny disallow dispossess dispute dodge drop exclude fail forfeit forsake free give lack let go lose miss misunderstand need neglect offer pass refuse reject release spend stop surrender throw away yield kill want undergo consider feel experience leave see know allow permit become suffer let tolerate sustain entertain must be compelled to be forced to be up to fall on meet with ought put up with rest with should think about halt forget ignore involve subsume embrace embody encompass comprehend comprise fix fool outsmart outfox outwit undo dupe overreach outmaneuver deceive swindle buy off tamper with deliver beget bring forth give birth abet accede acquiesce agree approbate approve authorize bless blink at boost buy charter concede concur condone consent empower enable endorse endure franchise give leave give permission go for grant have humor indulge let pass license okay privilege sanctify sanction say yes shake on sign sign off on take kindly to thumbs up warrant wink at disagree hinder prevent disapprove veto sell OK'd access achieve amass attain bring in catch collect cop corral earn gather grab hustle latch onto promote rack up scare up snag take possession of wangle win give up divide relinquish forgo scatter disperse acquiring apprehend absorb appreciate believe conceive digest fathom get the picture grasp imagine perceive read realize recognize sense think misinterpret overlook disregard cherish exhibit harbor hold up maintain shoulder uphold weigh upon shun evade Thoughts and prayers Have conquered gained beaten defeated lost acquired accomplished attained captured collected earned gathered learned obtained reached realized secured seized won deprived Won Thoughts and prayers against in distinction to out of possession of taken away beginning at coming out of deriving out of originating at starting with minus defective diminished from lacking less negative subtracted without plus native aboriginal autochthonous belonging endemic homegrown homemade indigenous inland internal local municipal national original primary primeval primitive regional related vernacular outside foreign alien about concerning like regarding since after afterward ago already because considering for hence later now past subsequently therefore whereas From Thoughts and prayers
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