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Thousands in Mali Denounce France, Rare Dinosaur Discovered in Morocco, ...

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chiliad millenary millennium millennial many gobs heaps horde jillion large numbers mass multitude oodles piles plenty scads scores thousands throng tons umpteen whole slew few much a lot abundance all kinds of amplitude appreciable amount barrel breadth completeness copiousness excess exuberance fullness great quantity loads lots lump mess mountain multiplicity overage oversupply pack peck pile plentifulness plethora profuseness riches sufficiency superabundance superfluity very much volume wealth incompleteness want need deficiency dearth insufficiency poverty scarcity little lack myriad army flood heap host mint slew swarm billions large number masses millions zillions thousand a thousand thousand wiper nine thousand A Thousand Suns Mali accuse blame boycott brand castigate censure criticize decry excoriate prosecute rebuke revile scold threaten vilify adjudicate arraign blacklist charge damn declaim derogate expose finger impeach implicate impugn incriminate indict knock ostracize proscribe rap rat reprehend reprimand reproach reprobate reprove skin smear stigmatize upbraid vituperate charge with denunciate dress down hang something on inveigh against show up take to task applaud approve compliment exalt exculpate exonerate flatter laud praise allow cover free ignore welcome commend allege apprehend arrest attack attribute betray blow the whistle bring charges cite complain criminate denounce file claim frame hold accountable impute inculpate lay at door let have it libel litigate lodge complaint name pin on point finger at recriminate serve summons slander slur sue summon tax support defend let go vindicate absolve protect retreat pardon accusing alleging apprehending arraigning arresting attacking attributing betraying blaming blowing the whistle branding bringing charges censuring charging citing complaining criminating denouncing fingering framing hanging something on holding accountable impeaching implicating imputing incriminating inculpating indicting letting having it libelling litigating lying at door naming pinning on prosecuting recriminating serving summons slandering slurring suing summoning taxing flattering supporting defending let going commending approving freeing vindicating absolving protecting complimenting retreating exculpating applauding praising pardoning exonerating admonish ascribe blast blow the whistle on chide climb all over condemn disapprove express disapprobation find fault with hold responsible jump all over jump down one's throat lay a bad trip on lay at one's door lay to let one have it lower the boom pass the buck point the finger roast saddle stick it to endorse acquit thank sanction admonishing ascribing blasting blowing the whistle on chiding climbing all over condemning criticizing denunciating disapproving expressing disapprobation finding fault with holding responsible jumping all over jumping down one's throat knocking letting one having it lying a bad trip on lying at one's door lying to passing the buck pointing the finger rapping rebuking reprehending reproaching reproving roasting saddling skinning sticking it to upbraiding endorsing acquitting thanking exalting sanctioning lauding abuse animadvert asperse backbite berate carp at cavil chastise contemn cut up denigrate deprecate discipline disparage exprobate get after judge lecture look askance pick apart pull apart read out rebuff remonstrate tear apart tell off agree permit cherish forgive censured abused admonished animadverted aspersed attacked backbit berated blamed castigated cavilled chastised chided contemned denigrated denounced deprecated disapproved disciplined disparaged exprobated found fault with got after impugned incriminated judged knocked lectured looked askance ostracized picked apart pulled apart rebuffed rebuked remonstrated reprehended reprimanded reproached reproved scolded told off took to task upbraided allowed defended endorsed agreed commended approved flattered permitted cherished protected sanctioned forgave praised lauded complimented Denounce Denouncing Venice reject and denounce Frances extraordinary limited occasional scarce singular strange subtle uncommon unique unlikely unthinkable unusual attenuate attenuated deficient few few and far between flimsy inconceivable isolated light out of the ordinary rarefied recherché scanty scattered seldom semioccasional short sparse sporadic subtile tenuous thin unfrequent unheard of unimaginable unwonted common commonplace familiar frequent normal ordinary regular standard sufficient usual cheap typical well-done worthless great delicate rich priceless exquisite admirable choice dainty elegant extreme fine incomparable invaluable matchless peerless select superb superlative serious poor weak bloody red underdone half-cooked half-raw moderately done nearly raw not done rarely done undercooked A-1 A-OK ace attractive best ever cat's pajamas commendable cool copacetic crackerjack deserving dream estimable excellent good greatest hunky dory keen laudable meritable meritorious neat out of sight out of this world peachy praiseworthy rare solid super super-duper superior unreal valuable wicked wonderful worthy zero cool ugly inferior bad shameful repulsive repugnant loathsome hateful detestable despicable contemptible imperfect unworthy unimportant airy diaphanous fragile frail frivolous illusory imaginary immaterial intangible vaporous visionary volatile weightless wispy heavy stuffy oppressive closed close burdensome anomalistic aberrant anomalous atypical bizarre deviant divergent irregular odd peculiar unnatural abnormal eccentric exceptional foreign heteroclite incongruous inconsistent preternatural prodigious unorthodox unrepresentative untypical conforming 24-karat elect elite exclusive first-class hand-picked nice popular precious preferential preferred prime prize solid gold special top-drawer winner sad unrefined worst choicest Rare antiquated archaic out-of-date outmoded anachronistic ancient antediluvian antique bygone dated dead dead and gone discarded disused done for dusty extinct fossil gone had it has-been horse and buggy kaput moldy moth-eaten old old-fashioned old-hat old-school out out-of-fashion outworn passé stale superannuated superseded timeworn unfashionable current modern new contemporary in vogue present up-to-date obsolete bent tired behind the times musty obsolescent old-time vintage olden unusable fossilized démodé out-of-style unstylish popular fresh dinosaur detected disclosed exposed identified invented ascertained disinterred espied explored learned observed opened originated perceived presented recognized revealed shown sighted spotted unearthed unlocked unveiled famous happened upon real searched out well-known hidden lost apparent bare bared brought to light caught clear debunked defined denuded discovered divulged dug up evident exhibited for show found out laid bare made manifest manifest naked on display on the spot on view open peeled resolved solved stripped unconcealed uncovered unhidden unmasked unprotected unsealed unsheltered visible shielded sheltered safe secret private obscure blocked closed protected guarded vague unclear ambiguous concealed clothed artless blatant dry matter-of-fact obvious overt palpable patent plain pure sheer simple stark unadorned undisguised unexaggerated unmistakable unqualified unvarnished attended beheld checked contemplated descried discerned examined found heard heeded inspected looked at marked noted noticed realized regarded scrutinized seen surveyed viewed watched desecrated abandoned unperceived forgotten unseen unnoticed overheard recorded made public nude vulnerable weakened Discover discover to discover Discovered by a mom Discovered Minecraft Morocco
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