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Tips & Tactics: Knot tying

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Eric Stroup of Spruce Creek Fly Co. talks with Post-Gazette Outdoors Editor John Hayes about knot tying.


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Creek creek shoot float glide drift travel sail reach cross flutter swoop climb circle operate speed rush pilot control dash skim skirt jet hop soar hover dive dart hurry whisk flit mount zoom scud whiz buzz fleet wing zip whoosh aviate seagull jet out sky out wing in remain slow walk stay rest land face race pass flee elapse hasten tear scamper scoot career breeze bolt sprint roll barrel hustle make off wait dawdle dally delay break run hide abscond skip clear decamp avoid obey allow arrive open meet arise escalate fly lift off move up rise scale sprout take off tower bail out bound cop out cut loose cut out ditch drop out dump escape flight hightail hotfoot hurtle jump kiss goodbye leap leave flat leave high and dry leave holding the bag leave in the lurch make a break for it make tracks opt out run like scared rabbit run out on skedaddle split spring start startle step on it take flight walk out on awesome bang-up capital champion excellent fine first-rate top whiz-bang wonderful bust out clear out cut and run get away get out leave part company quit run away awning cloth duck sailcloth shade tarp tarpaulin tenting ascend boss break away canvas c.o. C.O correctional officer prison jail inmate c.o correctional corrections officer guard prison guard cool coo sweet awesome tight coldly co- just simply merely only John johns Hayes hayes Haye
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