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To Taper, or Not to Taper

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The day after this blog was recorded, the Fed surprised everyone and did not taper at all. It looks like my original assessment was correct after all, and despite ...


fed Federal Reserve System (Organization) Ben Bernanke (Author) Tapering quantitative easing q.e. qe1 qe2 qe3 stimulus economy economics Barney Frank (Activist) bubble crisis godparented not printed abate dwindle lessen recede subside taper off bate close diminish drain fade narrow reduce rescind thin wane weaken die away die out thin out wind down enlarge extend grow increase rise expand raise strengthen go up allay chill out coast cool cool it decline decrease dull ebb go with the flow hang easy hang loose lay back let go let it all hang out let up mellow out moderate quell slacken slow subdue take it easy taper unlax edge hone put an edge on whet abbreviate attenuate become smaller contract curtail cut depreciate extenuate fade away lower minify peter out retrench shrink shrivel temper magnify win develop forward advance revive prolong intensify enhance amplify incite abated abating acuminate blunt flatter praise compliment lengthen diminished copaganda Taper tapers cops propaganda swimming tapper masturbation swimmer fun. ear plugs gauges piercings body mod phase out break up player dump no more not at all not either not nay never nix neither copaganda Not N.o.t. cops propaganda aint isn't no way forget it as if and nand nor xor xnor thot nigga over there bolster deliver encourage fill find fuel give maintain nourish provide satisfy stuff supply sustain banquet cater cram dine dispense fatten feast foster furnish gorge hand minister nurse nurture provision regale stock strengthen support victual dish out hand over wine and dine deplete deprive discourage dissuade fail hold keep neglect take withhold abstain fast hurt ignore release starve Sherlock Holmes agent analyst bird dog bloodhound bull constable cop dick eavesdropper eye fed fink flatfoot gumshoe informer nark peeper plainclothes officer police officer private eye private investigator prosecutor reporter roper scout sergeant shadow shamus shoofly sleuth slewfoot snoop spy tail arm of the law badge bear beat cop black and white blue bluecoat bobby constabulary copper corps detective finest force gendarme heat law law enforcement narc officer patrol patrolwoman peace officer police policewoman patrolman boy scout county mounty fuzz man officers oink pig P. I. detectives police officers criminal Fed feds england pigs chavs civil communal domestic ethnic governmental internal interstate nationwide public social general home imperial native royal sovereign state sweeping vernacular countrywide government civic inland politic political societal widespread private local associated combined corporate federal federated in alliance incorporated organized syndicated unionized accessible city civic common conjoint conjunct country free free to all government intermutual metropolitan municipal mutual national not private open open-door popular universal unrestricted urban without charge affiliated agreed allied assembled banded coadunate cognate collective concerted concordant confederated congruent conjugate conjunctive consolidated cooperative homogeneous hooked up in accord in cahoots integrated joined up like-minded lined up linked of one mind of the same opinion one plugged in pooled tied in unanimous undivided unified unitary particular unshared unknown specific separate separated divided uncoordinated united confederate Federal copaganda cops propaganda boner hard-on chub wood erection non-conformist off crazy whack lame weak uncommon sense capital fund inventory plant reservoir stock stockpile wealth assets backlog cache drop hoard insurance provisions resources savings stash store ace in hole emergency fund nest egg rainy day fund debt emptiness friendliness nothing warmth decisive argument decisive resource reserve secret advantage secret weapon sure advantage trump card allot allow appoint apportion assign budget devote disburse earmark set apart ace in the hole ace up sleeve backing bankroll credit equity estate funds goods holdings kitty mattress means nut possessions rainy day riches sock something put aside something put away stake stuff valuables accessory accomplice adjutant ally assistant associate companion confederate crutch partner subordinate supporter modesty demureness caution unresponsiveness diffidence taciturnity backwardness reluctance repression formality restraint self-restraint shyness reticence inhibition coyness suppression reservation constraint quietness uncommunicativeness aloofness coldness calmness secretiveness silence freedom liberation boldness preserve defer withhold maintain retain save squirrel delay have duck postpone hold conserve possess lay up put away put off squirrel away set aside keep back keep out put by store up stow away offer give distribute let go waste throw away spend hurt use expedite release squander secure schedule engage contract book bespeak prearrange preengage cancel break off lose appropriate return keep bestow bequeath reject refuse appropriated appropriating asset(s) liability auxiliary adversary stranger opponent antagonist foe enemy Reserve copaganda cops propaganda natives smokes reserves cheap smokes smoke rebel crip/blood reservilian ckbk maf reservland reserved/reserva arrangement organization rule scheme structure classification combination complex conformity coordination entity ideology integral orderliness philosophy regularity setup sum theory totality fixed order frame of reference integrate logical order red tape fraction part cog disorder disorganization alignment array composition design display disposition distribution form grouping lineup method ordering pattern pecking order ranging rank sequence system canon charter codex constitution convention custom digest discipline ethics etiquette manners maxim regulation association compound conglomerate ecosystem entanglement group network syndrome synthesis balloters body of voters body politic citizenry city county district electorate faction nation people precinct state voters voting area ward architecture assembly build cast conception contour cut development edifice elevation erecting erection fabric fabrication figuration figure format formation foundation improvisation invention makeup making manufacture mold origination outline plan planning prefab prefabrication putting up raising rearing roadwork shape systematization turn type practice process technique strategy policy operation procedure tactics artifice proceeding methodology fashion manner way routine usage wise mode modus operandi methodicalness course of action definite plan logical process modus orderly process systematic process reality code division separation complexes constituency construction truth ruins ruin disfigurement destruction disarrangement System copaganda cops propaganda gavin buckets basketball beast weather system of a down computer air pressure music benignancy being frank be born in being born in be one back being unlike on brink bending knee benignant money bank be born again be on back being born again be neck neck boy child descendant heir relative sibling disciple fils lad male native daughter ben son Ben copaganda best love lucky meet him cops propaganda greatguy goofy benjamin ocean talent hugs girlfriend amazing cute benny sweet bank blanker blank brink bar none bethink banana beatnik banker be unlike beaning borning burning bananas be funk be sunk bonanza benign burnings be think being nice being like being akin bank on be in on be in funk be on back be a funk being gone be on edge be in a funk being a funk Bernanke bernanke bernankein incompetent unintelligent book smarts no common sense lacking google infinitesimal interest federal reserve small conic pointed sharp tapered pyramidal blunt dull mild nice widening acicular aciculated acute cuspated cuspidated fine mucronate pointy tapering cone-shaped coned conoid conoidal funnel-shaped strobilate strobiloid aciculate acuate acuminate acuminous apical barbed briery cuspate cuspidate gnawing ground fine honed horned jagged keen keen-edged knife-edged lancinating needle-pointed needlelike peaked piercing prickly pronged razor-sharp salient serrated sharp-edged shooting spiked spiky spiny splintery stabbing stinging thorny tined tipped unblunted whetted knifelike taper conical wedged fusiform lanceolar conical\u002Fconic more conic copaganda swimming really sucks why keep doing cops propaganda xanax bar withdrawl drugs quantitative quantitates quantitating Quantitative Easing copaganda easing destroyed ass federal reserve economy bernanke fed ron paul cops propaganda perceptible significant mensurable assessable calculable commensurate computable fathomable gaugeable material quantifiable surveyable weighable imperceptible insignificant unmeasurable quantitative broad bulk complete comprehensive extensive far-reaching general in bulk in quantity in the mass indiscriminate large-scale mass overall sweeping total wide-ranging widespread measurable retail partial part particular narrow specific unfinished incomplete wholesale abate allay ameliorate calm expedite facilitate further improve lessen lift mitigate moderate promote relax relieve simplify soften soothe speed aid anesthetize appease assist assuage cheer comfort cure disburden 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Economy copaganda ecnomy ecomatic excuse excuses cops propaganda shit crap poop pleasant happy money cash wonga spondoolicks bucks dollars pounds euros economi economical world american history work dictionary retarded masses fat people waste of space retarded disease death hitler overpopulation fatties business finance social science the dismal science dealing dealings economics exchange industry marketing merchandising merchantry trade traffic truck wholesaling accounts banking commerce financial affairs investment money money management unemployment copaganda Economics cops propaganda greed economies of scale economy politics fiscal policy monetary policy economist ben bernake adam smith milton friedman john maynard keynes accounting be frank unfrank un frank be in funk being frank bane barn borne barley banner burner bairn ban blarney bourne branny bare baloney bani bone bony born burn bandy banes banty barns barney copaganda Barney cops propaganda brit trouble oh no danger dilemma blunt bold brazen direct familiar free heart-to-heart natural open plain real straight upright aboveboard apparent artless bare-faced call a spade a spade candid downright easy flat-out forthright from the hip guileless ingenuous lay it on the line like it is matter-of-fact naive outright outspoken plain-spoken saying what one thinks scrupulous sincere straightforward transparent truthful unconcealed undisguised uninhibited unreserved unrestricted up front abnormal ambiguous different dishonest indirect lying meek shy timid unclear uncommon vague devious evasive insincere secretive frank honest overt right on square straight from shoulder true trustworthy veracious arrant audacious blatant brash brassy clear flagrant glaring immodest impudent insolent manifest naked obvious palpable temerarious unabashed barefaced bearish blustering breviloquent brief brusque crusty curt gruff hearty laconic no-nonsense rough rude short short-spoken snippety snippy tactless tart terse unceremonious abrupt bluff discourteous explicit impolite snappy trenchant uncivil unpolished underhanded shady deceitful quiet shamed careful definite long lengthy polite courteous bluffer subtle sharp pointed nice tactful kind blunter Frank sweet funny caring loving terrific skip school franky euphomism name franc frankie devinare lovely amazing guy heart beat knees weak kissed silent cute loyal zombiekiller supersniper ihavespoken balloon blob droplet foam froth barm bead blister drop effervescence lather sac spume vesicle air ball bean bubble dab dot driblet globule grain particle pea pellet pill shot speck spherule stone abscess blain bleb boil bulla burn canker carbuncle cyst furuncle pimple pustule sore ulcer vesication wale weal welt wheal ball blot blotch daub glob splash splotch agitate churn coddle cook decoct effervesce evaporate fizz parboil poach seethe simmer smolder steam steep stew babble chatter confuse gush jabber yak bogy delusion fabrication fancy fata morgana figment 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certainty context crisis event eventuality fact incident occurrence position problem state status Moira accident action adjunct affair article case cause coincidence concern destiny detail doom element episode factor fate feature fortuity happening happenstance intervention item kismet lot matter occasion particular phase place point portion proviso respect scene stipulation supervention thing time critical stage decisive point head affray battle contest dispute encounter fight meeting set-to showdown strife break chance crossroads likelihood odds opportunity probability uncertainty zero hour cases circumstance plan whole contingencies truth surety definiteness unlikelihood reality misfortune bad luck improbability Crisis copaganda crises top gear jeremy clarkson top gear topgear jeremy clarkson cops propaganda criis doc. bad joy rourc video film information
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