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Tom Watson MP Performs Dab Dance Move To Celebrate Jeremy Corbyn Zinger At PMQs

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Tom Watson Dab during PMQs Labour’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson pulls off a ‘cheeky dab’ during PMQs after Jeremy Corbyn hits out at Theresa May. The West Bromwich East MP carried out the stunt at the end of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s last question during Prime Minister’s Questions. Having clashed with Theresa May on NHS funding, an irate Mr Corbyn had told the Prime Minister: “We need a government that puts the NHS first and will invest in our NHS.”As the Labour leader sat back down, Mr Watson raised both his arms to his face in his frontbench seat.


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  Tom Watson MP performs 'dab' dance move to celebrate Jeremy Corbyn zinger at PMQs   Tom Watson MP performs 'dab' dance move to celebrate Jeremy Corbyn zinger at PMQs   Tom Watson performs 'dab' during PMQs   Did Tom Watson dab during PMQs?   Labour deputy leader 'dabs' during PMQs   Tom Watson performs 'dab' during PMQs Daily Mail Online   Tom Watson performs 'dab' during PMQs Daily Mail Online1   PMQs Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn Clash #BREAKING #PMQS   Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn UK Parliament #PMQs Michael Fabricant   Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn clash in PMQs   PMQs Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn Clash Over Budget UTurns #PMQs #BREAKING   Tom Watson 'dabs' as Jeremy Corbyn speaks passionately on NHS   PMQs: Jeremy Corbyn asks Theresa May about NHS warnings   Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn UK Parliament #PMQs   PMQs: Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May on Trump meeting   Anti Corbyn Labour MPs Praise His PMQs Performance Against PM on Grammar Schools   Prime Minister Theresa May VS Jeremy Corbyn @ #PMQs   Jeremy Corbyn's debut at PMQs – video highlights   Corbyn and Cameron clash over living wage at #PMQs   Corbyn attacks May over Brexit at #PMQs   PMQs Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn clash on Leaked Surrey Council Texts Social Care   Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn clash over grammar schools   #PMQs Theresa May vs Jeremy Corbyn - UK Parliament #Breaking   PMQs Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn Clash   PMQs in full - 28th June 2017.   David Cameron tells Jeremy Corbyn to GO #PMQs   'Govt is doing nothing about the housing crisis'   Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron clash over the NHS at PMQs   PMQs: Corbyn reads leaked Surrey County Council texts   PMQs: Corbyn and May on waiting times and social care funding   Corbyn tells May to "get a grip" on social care #PMQs FULL   PMQs: Corbyn and May on workers' rights and public services   Corbyn quizzes May over benefit cuts & economy   Jeremy Corbyn questions David Cameron on tax credits again at PMQs   Corbyn & May fire jibes at each other at #PMQs   PMQs   Cameron picks on Corbyn over Varoufakis on childcare PMQ   May blames ex-chief whip for HER mistake at #PMQs   Jeremy Corbyn vs David Cameron - PMQs - 14 Oct 2015   Download Jo Cox single - Corbyn at #PMQs   Cameron urges Corbyn to resign at #PMQs (FULL)   Tom Watson sings "ohhh Jeremy Corbyn" (26Sep17)   David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn debate possible post-Brexit budget   David Cameron shows his cultural touch in PMQs   #PMQs Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn full Election debate   Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn NHS and President Trump #PMQS   May attacks 'laughing stock' Corbyn at PMQs   PMQs Jeremy Corbyn Theresa May Clash + Eileen features + Scottish Vote Brexit #PMQs #BREAKING   Jeremy Corbyn: Cameron must deal with country's 'housing crisis' immediately   David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs   #PMQs Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn full Election debate #BREAKING   May vs Corbyn in her first PMQs FULL   Corbyn on Brexit and the 'rising' Labour movement - BBC News   Corbyn on Brexit and the 'rising' Labour movement - BBC News   #PMQs Corbyn tells Theresa May Bot she should 'lead or leave' at PMQs   Jesus Dabs   Corbyn reads email from Rosie NOT his chief whip   May outlines Brexit plan at PMQs   US congressman Roger Marshall's Son performs ‘dab’ dance during Swearing-In Ceremony 01/04/2017   Labour MP Dawn Butler On Party Leadership Contest   Emily Thornberry: Labour needs to be 'more disciplined' - BBC Newsnight   May and Corbyn at PMQs- watch live   Last PMQs this parliament - watch live   David Cameron vs Jeremy Corbyn - PMQs 23 Mar 2016   Will Self, Matthew Parris on Jeremy Corbyn and Labour   Corbyn vs May on NHS + Watson dabs, funding terror, Sutton pie | PMQs 22Feb17   Corbyn attacks May over NHS + Watson dabs, funding British terror, Sutton pie | PMQs 22Feb17   Jeremy Corbyn asks David Cameron same tax credits question SIX times at PMQs – video   ‘Acropolis Now’: Cameron mocks Corbyn for hiring Yanis Varoufakis at PMQs   Corbyn attacks May on NHS + Watson dabs, funding terror, Sutton pie | PMQs 22Feb17   May Clashes With Corbyn in Final PMQs Before Election   Tom Watson 'dabs' as Jeremy Corbyn speaks passionately on NHS   PMQs: May rejects Red Cross NHS 'humanitarian crisis' warning   Theresa May’s terrifying PMQs laugh mocked on social media   U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill joins the dab dance craze

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