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Toon Clash Chess Played The Sharp Line Sicilian Najdorf Poison Pawn Variation..

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Toon Dula Peep toon toons argument battle brawl conflict confrontation crash dispute encounter fracas melee misunderstanding rift riot showdown skirmish affray break broil brush bump collision concussion discord discordance disharmony embroilment engagement fray impact jam jar jolt jump opposition row rumpus run-in rupture scrap scrimmage set-to shock smash wallop difference of opinion donnybrook have a go at each other mix up agreement calm concord harmony peace truce compatibility collide jangle clank clang grind grate rattle bang clatter prang match agree harmonize contend try differ disagree wrangle feud argue quarrel buck combat gall grapple war fret cross swords raise Cain bang heads mix it up please make happy make peace consent abstain surrender give in retreat disaccord mismatch contrast disharmonize be dissimilar not go with altercation assault attack clash disturbance ruckus scuffle beef bickering blowup bone bone of contention bone to pick brannigan controversy crusher debate disagreement dustup exchange face-off falling finisher flap fuss gin hassle knock down and drag out knockdown out rhubarb romp ruction scene shindy spat squabble static stew tiff words arguments blast boom burst clap crack detonation discharge howl peal pop report roar roll rumble salvo shot slam sound thud thump thunder wham whimper failure tap quiet loss silence agitation campaign contest crusade strife accord battles Clash Dula Peep Chess Dula Peep chess dance caper carouse cavort clown dally disport divert frisk frolic gambol joke jump kibitz rejoice revel romp skip sport toy trifle amuse oneself be life of party carry on cut capers cut up entertain oneself fool around go on a spree horse around idle away kick up heels let go let loose let one's hair down make merry mess around show off be sad face direct listen watch work participate contend vie rival challenge recreate contest take on be on a team engage in take part give up perform portray present represent execute ham discourse impersonate enact ham it up tread the boards personate playact act the part of lay an egg play a gig read a part take the role of fail put game set take maneuver speculate jockey finesse stake chance hazard exploit bet wager manipulate lay money on leave alone neglect displace remove blow drum render bow tickle fiddle finger operate fidget pedal ignore deceived baited bamboozled betrayed conned culled duped fooled had hoodwinked lured played taken trapped victimized trusted informed rendered delivered demonstrated depicted enacted executed performed presented represented translated Played Dula Peep affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the The Dula Peep acute pointed razor-sharp stinging fine keen salient tapering aciculate acuate acuminate acuminous apical barbed briery cuspate cuspidate ground fine honed horned jagged keen-edged knife-edged needle-pointed needlelike peaked pointy prickly pronged serrated sharp-edged spiked spiky spiny splintery tapered thorny tined tipped unblunted whetted blunt dull aboveboard benevolent bland boring calm flat forthright frank honest ignorant indefinite indistinct kind lazy low mild moderate nice old-fashioned slow stupid tasteless undefined unintelligent unstylish abrupt intense marked extreme distinct brilliant slick fast nimble bright quick subtle intelligent smart knowing ready wise sensitive alert savvy original adroit apt astute brainy canny clever critical cute discerning discriminating foxy ingenious not born yesterday observant on the ball penetrating resourceful having smarts penetrative quick on the trigger quick on the uptake smart as a tack nobody's fool normal dark clumsy unaware typical salty shrewd cunning bent designing artful crafty ornery shady slippery sly snaky two-faced underhand unethical unscrupulous wily fierce biting painful cutting shooting sore agonizing distressing excruciating piercing violent knifelike stabbing drilling paralyzing obvious clear crisp audible clear-cut definite explicit visible obscure vague unclear ambiguous fly chic swank classy dashing distinctive dressy excellent fashionable first-class snappy trendy tony in style harsh incisive severe caustic scathing tart short acrimonious angry inconsiderate peppery pungent sarcastic sardonic thoughtless trenchant unceremonious ungracious virulent vitriolic double-edged gentle easy soothing vigorous acerbic brisk hot sour lively bitter active astringent acid burning acrid austere odorous piquant strong-smelling suffocating vinegary sweet good pleasant lethargic inactive bang square right accurately exactly just precisely promptly squarely suddenly abruptly smack-dab on the button on the dot punctually late able accomplished agile au fait capable deft dexterous effective effectual efficient equal to experienced expert facile gifted know one's onions know the ropes learned masterful masterly powerful practiced prepared proficient qualified responsible sharp skilled skillful talented there trained up to it up to snuff up to speed with it delicate inept weak feeble useless powerless infirm idiotic unable incompetent ineffective incapable impotent ablest abrasive annoying galling hard to take hateful hurtful nasty rough unpleasant soft smooth likeable agreeable pleasing adept consummate cool cultivated hep hip polished wised up untalented inexpert unskilled accurate authentic careful close concrete correct defined detailed discriminative exact factual faithful genuine judicious literal matter-of-fact methodical meticulous on the money on the nose particular proper punctilious punctual regular rigid rigorous scientific scrupulous solid specific strict systematic true ultraprecise unerring unmistakable veracious wrong doubtful improper false easy-going general imprecise uncareful careless undetailed untruthful questionable mistaken misleading erroneous lax faulty unsuitable unreal counterfeit lenient uncertain inexact incorrect inaccurate untrustworthy unreliable acerb acetous acidulous tangy Dula Peep sharps Sharp S.H.A.R.P. boundary channel edge band bar borderline configuration contour crease dash delineation demarcation figuration figure frontier furrow groove limit lineament lineation outline profile rule score scratch silhouette streak stripe tracing underline wrinkle inside interior entertainment fun speech division lane group track train route list street way series path border order road row file sequence concatenation rank echelon seam array arrangement axis trench scar ridge fissure trajectory length mark catalogue crack direction string formation tier drain progression thread column queue magazine block disorder agreement disorganization wire cable strand filament position program system course approach practice ideology polity principle scheme avenue method procedure course of action field job work business area province forte profession trade racket pursuit activity department vocation employment occupation specialization unemployment inactivity idleness surrender pastime hobby race lineage descent family breed strain heredity succession stock pedigree message word card note report letter postcard information patter lead clue spiel indication pitch persuasion song and dance prepared speech goods commodity wares produce involvement materials vendibles touch follow adjoin bound rim verge skirt cut fix draw march trace communicate inscribe abut delineate marshal join align fringe range place neighbor line up ordinate allineate butt against lose separate divide forget strip mess up disjoin ignore disorganize disarrange mix up center scatter stuff cover fill quilt overlay wad bush face reinforce sheath panel incrust encrust wainscot ceil interline ancestry ancestor antecedent antecessor blood breeding derivation extraction forebear forefather foregoer foremother forerunner genealogy heritage house kindred line origin parentage precursor primogenitor progenitor source end effect result antecedent(s) forebears forefather\u002Fmother descendant antecedents arteries boulevard canal conduit corridor duct highway passage pathway sewer thoroughfare tube artery bandage bandeau belt binding bond braid chain circle circuit copula cord fillet harness hoop ligature link manacle ribbon ring rope sash scarf shackle snood stay strap tape tie truss whole Line Dula Peep lines Sicilian Dula Peep sicilian bacteria contamination germ toxin venom virus cancer adulteration bane blight contagion corruption infection malignancy miasma toxicant toxoid venin blessing antidote sterility harm debase injure subvert infect taint kill corrupt destroy stain undermine defile murder envenom fester warp pervert vitiate deprave adulterate make ill save help fix sterilize straighten protect create purify clean mend improve assist aid adversities affliction bad break bummer calamity can of worms catastrophe clutch contretemps crunch difficulty disaster distress downer drag evil eye hard knocks hard times hardship hurting ill fortune jam jinx kiss of death misery misfortune mishap on the skids pain in the neck poison reverse sorrow suffering the worst tough luck trial trouble fortune comfort pleasure peace ease benefit wonder good fortune prosperity encouragement health boon contentment joy happiness profit favor assistance advantage success miracle good luck adversity burden bête noir curse despair destruction downfall fatal attraction nuisance pest plague ruin ruination scourge torment undoing woe cheer construction creation delight relief building canker animalize bestialize consume corrode debauch demoralize embitter inflict pollute rot sore ulcer build moralize grow cleanse construct upgrade carcinogen deadly chemical health hazard killer mutagen chloroform anesthetic solvent Dula Peep Poison assurance bond collateral earnest forfeit gage gambit guarantee guaranty pledge security token warrant break uncertainty dupe puppet stooge patsy toy sucker tool mark instrument victim creature pigeon mortgage hazard hook deposit hock give in earnest bail pawn recognizance surety warranty borrow accept loan of acquire beg bite bum cadge chisel give a note for hire hit up lift mooch negotiate obtain raise money rent run into debt scrounge see one's uncle soak sponge take on loan tap touch use temporarily return pay give lose lend agreement attestation bargain certainty certificate certification charter contract covenant insurance lock oath pipe sure thing testament undertaking vow word word of honor breach disagreement guarantees hostage captive prisoner sacrificial lamb scapegoat captor engage give word plight promise sign for swear undertake vouch break off let go disagree falsify disobey disavow reject release Pawn Dula Peep
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