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Top-Earning Reality Stars

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The Kardashian clan dominated the list, with its members taking the top 6 spots on the list. Subscribe to FORBES: http://www.youtube.com/forbes Check out our ...


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more dashing comedian commendation demarcation importation impartation gradation migration co median magician more dishing Kim Kardashian kim kardashian paris hilton armenian porno sex tape attention whore no talent slut big ass rich famous for no reason kanye west's wife drama queen kanye west jay-z solange kardashian rapper rap song sing singer kimkardashian kanyewest douche ass shit whore hoe socialite trash skim aim dim kid kif kip kit kin rim vim Kim kim cooler pretty funny bed kimberly cute meaning sex satan'sadvocate uwu awesome the best bff obsessive chuck norris kimmy kimothy chuck hot babe love adorable epic maybe five crashing cardsharp guardian gordian gradation art shown garnishing hartshorn dashing laudation audation girds in k ration carding cash in cashing dishing gashing radiation graduation quashing cash on gird in gave a sheen Kardashian kardashian fart queef ass cunt twat princess bruce jenner kim self-centered bitch mean stupid unhuman kardashen kardasean 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