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Tori Spelling Hubby McDermott Allegedly Still Neglects Spousal Support Payments

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Tori Spelling's husband has come under fire for thousands of dollars in unpaid spousal support to his ex-wife. According to new court papers obtained by E! News, Dean McDermott's ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, filed an affidavit claiming the 50-year-old has not paid eight installments of spousal support since July First of last year. That amounts to six thousand dollars, plus interest and attorney fees. The couple share a song, Jack McDermott. According to a another source, Jack lived with Tori and Dean for over two years, but doesn't live with them anymore. McDermott is expected to appear in court on March 7.http://www.eonline.com/news/830787/to...http://www.wochit.comThis video was produced by YT Wochit Entertainment using http://wochit.com


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