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Tornado Tree Mind Twister

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I have 10 hours to figure this out. Help me disseminate! HOW WITHOUT DYING? I could use a little help figuring this one out. He lives so far back in the woods ...


Pennywhistle Productions Smarter Every Day. wind storm accident earthquake force majeure freak accident hurricane inevitable accident marvel natural disaster phenomenon supernatural event tornado unavoidable casualty unforeseen event vis major wonder blast blow burst chinook cyclone mistral monsoon outbreak outburst squall tempest typhoon windstorm gale line storm tropical cyclone tropical storm twister whirlwind blizzard cloudburst disturbance downpour gust precip precipitation raining cats and dogs snowstorm bluster chaos convulsion ferment furor tumult upheaval uproar wildness act of God Tornado shrub wood woods pulp stock abduct appropriate arrest bag capture catch cop corner get grab hook lay hands on nab nail prehend secure seize take tree bottle bring to bay collar fool get on ropes have up a tree mousetrap put out trick trouble ancestral tree ancestry bloodline descent family history genealogical chart genealogical tree genealogy heredity line lineage pedigree stemma battleground benchmark bend blaze feature fragment guide hill mark marker memorial milepost milestone monument mountain museum promontory remnant ruins souvenir specimen stone survival trace vantage point vestige waypost annual biennial bush creeper cutting flower grass greenery herb perennial seedling shoot slip sprout vine weed young youth family tree landmark plant sapling trees Trees thought head talent power brain genius soul psyche sense wisdom spirit regard reason faculty sanity thinker marbles wits brains reality amnesia body being neglect note remark notice mark desire eye mood wish will opinion feeling view urge outlook tone bent strain vein fancy temper humor purpose leaning impulse liking notion dislike hate hatred sadness resent object deplore complain like love agree attend watch observe behave heed respect follow keep listen ignore scorn forget look sit guard see ensure govern behold obey miss tend trouble be wary take care watch out disobey recall remind retain bethink cite abide by be attached be constant be devoted be devoted to be faithful be loyal be true cleave to comply fulfill maintain mind practice stand by support be in the service of do for doctor look after minister to nurse serve take care of wait upon work for catch concentrate on devote oneself get a load of hear hearken keep one's eye on lend an ear listen up look on occupy oneself with pay heed pick up see to absorption application assiduity consideration contemplation debate deliberation diligence engrossment heedfulness immersion industry intentness scrutiny study thinking thoughtfulness be aware of be cognizant of be mindful of beware call to mind consider remember to remember acceptance admission assent assumption assurance avowal axiom certainty conclusion confidence conjecture conviction credence credit deduction divination expectation faith guess hope hypothesis idea impression intuition judgment knowledge mindset persuasion position postulation presumption presupposition profession reliance supposition surmise suspicion theorem theory thesis trust understanding adhere attention bear in mind belief Mind min-D tornado cyclone typhoon Gordian knot bewilderment cliffhanger conundrum crux cryptogram grabber knot mind-boggler mind-twister mystification parable perplexity problem puzzle puzzlement puzzler question question mark riddle secret sphinx sticker stickler stumper teaser tough nut to crack twister why blow gale line storm monsoon storm tempest tropical cyclone tropical storm whirlwind abstruseness brainteaser braintwister charade chiller closed book difficulty enigma inscrutability inscrutableness mindboggler occult oracle poser rebus rune secrecy subtlety thriller whodunit bugaboo cliff-hanger example illustration intricacy mystery query brain-twister complexity complication confusion dilemma distraction doubt embarrassment entanglement knotty question labyrinth maze plight predicament quandary strait tough proposition blast blizzard cloudburst disturbance downpour gust hurricane precip precipitation raining cats and dogs snowstorm squall windstorm Twister Twisters sex dicks hand job torquing pandas twista twistah twister movie weather hollywood meteorologist twisters cacaine ketamine drugs lines twins sisters comrade colleague associate partner fellow frien twisticles twisties sack spacklers tcot teabaggots turd crankers penny whistle Penny whistles Pennywhistle blowjob blumpkin fellatio defecation shit nob willy wang norman whistle bearing creation assembly giving return yielding making staging ruin taking ability achievement act art attainment bringing about capability carrying out completion conclusion consummation coup deed effecting effort execution exploit feat finish fulfillment performance production proficiency realization skill stroke talent triumph accomplishment acquirement acquisition actualization conquest contrivance effectuation enactment encompassment hit masterpiece success tour de force victory assiduity augmenting continuance continuing continuity duration endurance enduring extension furtherance going on increase increasing line maintaining perpetuating perpetuation persisting postscript preservation preserving producing prolongation prolonging propagation protracting protraction sequel succession supplement sustaining sustenance tenacity conception constitution establishment formation formulation foundation generation genesis imagination inception institution laying down nascency nativity origination procreation setting up siring brainchild chef-d'oeuvre concept handiwork magnum opus opus piece pièce de résistance work work of genius Broadway boards climax comedy dramatic art dramatization dramaturgy farce footlights histrionic art melodrama play scene show show business showmanship stage show stagecraft tear-jerker theater theatricals thespian art tragedy vehicle continuation drama good wise bold agile shrewd slick nimble bright brainy canny astute quick sharp crafty acute skull adept alert genius whiz ready keen brisk apt clever fresh nervy pert sassy stupid clumsy naive lazy honest dowdy worn light dark dull normal slow obtuse blunt old fly trim swank dashing spruce chic fine dapper elegant modish natty neat snappy trendy with it rough active brazen forward jaunty saucy idle meek timid quiet shy adequate adroit capable competent cunning deft dexterous easy effortless endowed equipped facile fitted intelligent knowing powerful smart strong worthy accomplished artful au fait brilliant effective effectual efficient equal to experienced expert gifted ingenious know one's onions know the ropes learned masterful masterly practiced prepared proficient qualified responsible savvy skilled skillful talented there trained up to it up to snuff up to speed discerning discriminating incisive insightful intense intuitive judicious observant penetrating perspicacious piercing quick-witted sensitive subtle clean crack crackerjack cute foxy handy hot tamale nifty on the ball on the beam quick on the trigger quick on the uptake wizard assertory brassy cheeky cocky come on domineering dynamic energetic enterprising flip forceful get up and go go after hard sell imperious militant pushing pushy shooting from the hip smart alecky strenuous tough vigorous zealous able no dummy nobody's fool not born yesterday prompt teachable aggressive Smarter whole each one none any bar none barring no one complete each and every entire every every bit of every single sum total totality a pop a shot a throw all aside by the individually per per capita per head per person per unit proportionately respectively separately singly without exception absolute all-out comprehensive consummate downright full full-blown full-scale gross inclusive integral out-and-out outright overall perfect plenary positive sheer sweeping thoroughgoing totalitarian unconditional undisputed undivided unlimited unmitigated unqualified unreserved unrestricted utter accomplished aggregate choate completed concentrated conclusive exclusive exhaustive fixed fulfilled full-length in one piece rounded unabbreviated unabridged uncut unexpurgated each Every day days Day night sun star sky leave quit awol escape job time years monthes minutes
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