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Tow yard agrees to release sailor's car

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Tow yard agrees to release sailor's car


drag ferry haul lug tug draw propel push trail trawl yank hale magnetize move pull schlepp tow transport truck remain draggle bedraggle attract bring carry convey cull draft drain educe elicit evoke extract fetch gather hook jerk pick pluck pump rake siphon tap wind in wrench insert let go plant push away put in drew caricatured charted composed crayoned delineated depicted described designed drafted engraved etched expressed formed formulated framed graphed limned mapped out marked modeled outlined painted pencilled portrayed prepared profiled sketched traced wrote pushed away turned off repulsed repelled pushed neglected confused shortened rejected rebuffed estranged alienated propelled exhaled ignored ruined disorganized mixed up destroyed back boost buck cart elevate gun heave heel hoist hump jag lift pack piggy back raise remove ride shift shoulder tote keep bear lurch snap vellicate hold maintain repel repulse backyard courtyard garden grass lawn lot patch patio playground barnyard clearing close corral court enclosure fold quadrangle terrace play area yard campus dorm grounds quad square depot annex armory base depository destination garage halting-place haven junction loft magazine office repository stopping place store storehouse storeroom terminal terminus waiting room warehouse asylum aviary bowl building cage camp cell coliseum coop den dungeon ghetto hutch jail pale park pen place plot pound precinct prison region room stadium stockade sty vault walk zone open enclosures asylums aviaries bowls buildings cages camps cells closes coliseums coops corrals courts courtyards dens dungeons gardens ghettos hutches jails pales parks patches pens places plots pounds precincts prisons quadrangles quads regions rooms stadiums sties stockades vaults walks yards zones opens acknowledge admit allow comply concede concur grant recognize set settle sign accede acquiesce check consent engage okay permit subscribe be of the same mind bury the hatchet buy into clinch 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set free set loose take out turn loose turn out unfetter unshackle wipe the slate clean confine detain imprison keep limit restrain retain suppress bind blame condemn convict fasten incarcerate incriminate prevent sentence collect gather maintain amnesty compurgation exculpation forgiveness mercy pardon release bleach blink at forgive launder let off easy let off the hook relieve sanitize spare vindicate whitewash wink at wipe it off write off accuse censure damn punish impeach obligate disculpate let go wipe off denounce doom clearance discharging dismissal dismissing letting off releasing relief from reprieve vindication employment hiring retention conviction denunciation allow accord accredit admit approve authorize be big be game for bear brook certify commission consent empower endorse endure favor free up give a blank check give carte blanche give leave give permission give the go-ahead give the green light go along with grant permission hear of hold with indulge let license live with oblige okay pass pass on put up with recognize sanction sit still for stand suffer support take kindly to tolerate warrant deny disallow disapprove oppose refuse reject veto disagree dissent protest repel withhold forbid prohibit resist withstand allows acquiesces avows concedes confesses grants lets on owns keeps holds disagrees withstands resists protests prohibits forbids disapproves disallows refuses dissents disputes repudiates disowns rejects disavows denies boater cadet diver marine pilot bluejacket jack lascar mariner mate middy navigator pirate salt seafarer shipmate swab tar tarpaulin windjammer able-bodied sailor circumnavigator deck hand hearty midshipman\u002Fwoman old salt sea dog sea person shellback swabber swabbie water dog yachter hat Panama Stetson bonnet bowler bucket chapeau fedora headgear headpiece helmet lid millinery sailor skimmer sombrero stove pipe straw tam tam o'shanter ten-gallon topper captain crew yachtie mariners bluejackets captains crews mates navigators sailors salts sea dogs seafarers shipmates swabs yachties private enlisted person first-class infantry private soldier second-class soldier recruit apprentice beginner convert draftee fledgling greenhorn helper initiate learner neophyte new person newcomer novice novitiate plebe proselyte rookie selectee serviceperson tenderfoot trainee volunteer expert professional barnacle-back master mariner old sea dog auto automobile bus convertible jeep limousine machine motor pickup ride station wagon truck van wagon bucket buggy compact conveyance coupe hardtop hatchback heap jalopy junker motorcar roadster sedan subcompact wheels wreck clunker gas guzzler touring car car motor car passenger car vehicle coach chaise charabanc fourwheeler gocart perambulator stage tallyho train victoria player pupil student coaches buses cars chaises charabancs fourwheelers gocarts perambulators stages tallyhos trains vehicles victorias players students pupils carriage carrying communication movement transfer transference transmission transportation hold possession motor vehicle motorized vehicle voiture tram cable car gondola streetcar
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