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Traffic flow measured on 30 different 4-way junctions

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freight gridlock influx movement service shipment transit transport transportation travel cartage flux jam passage passengers transfer truckage vehicles parking lot rush hour indifference business commerce communication industry trade truck barter closeness communion connection custom dealing dealings doings exchange familiarity interchange intercourse intimacy patronage peddling relations relationship soliciting transactions merchantry unemployment antagonism disagreement bargain bootleg contact deal dicker fence handle interact interface market moonshine negotiate network peddle push relate shove swap touch black market connect with deal in have dealings have transaction horse-trade make a deal reach out touch base work out buy conceal hide hold keep pull agree arrange compromise confer contract covenant do business haggle make terms palter promise sell stipulate traffic transact break deny differ disagree dispute dissent refuse pirate run contraband smuggle affairs bargaining buying and selling capital and labor commercialism contracts game industrialism manufacturing merchandising racket sales selling trading transaction undertaking businesses Mom and pops cartels concerns corporations establishments factories firms fly-by-night operations houses institutions markets megacorps mills monopolies organizations outfits partnerships setups shoestring operations shops stores syndicates trusts ventures recreations avocations economics marketing retailing wholesaling discharge flood leakage movement outflow progress stream tide wind breeze continuance continuation continuity course current deluge draft draw dribble drift ebb effusion electricity emanation flux gush juice oozing outpouring plenty plethora progression river run sequence series spate spout spurt succession train end few finish lack little need scarcity stop stoppage want trickle cascade circulate continue glide leak overflow percolate pour proceed rush slide spill splash sweep swell swirl tumble abound arise brim emanate emerge emit exudate exude gurgle inundate jet move ooze pass pullulate regurgitate result ripple roll sluice spew spring sputter squirt teem void disembogue smooth along well forth cease halt conceal fail take be alive with be all over the place be knee deep in be no end to be plentiful be thick with be up to one's ears in crawl with crowd flourish flow have a full plate infest proliferate swarm thrive decline languish retreat deficient short abounded crowded flourished flowed had a full plate infested overflowed proliferated swarmed swelled teemed thrived was alive with was all over the place was knee deep in was no end to was plentiful was thick with was up to one's ears in wanted shorted deficiented failed declined needed lacked retreated languished abounds crowds flourishes flows has a full plate infests is alive with is all over the place is knee deep in is no end to is plentiful is thick with is up to one's ears in overflows proliferates swarms swells teems thrives wants shorts deficients fails declines needs lacks retreats languishes accrue accumulate amass build up collect enlarge gather grow increase disperse dissipate spend decrease diminish distribute divide lessen reduce scatter lose appear begin come to light commence crop up derive ensue follow happen head issue occur originate rise set in start stem cause disappear complete lay lie sit arisen appeared begun commenced derived emanated emerged ensued followed happened headed issued occurred originated resulted risen sprung started stemmed sat lied stopped finished ended completed caused disappeared consistent deliberate systematic uniform regular unmethodical unsystematic careful limited restrained confined restricted temperate calculated checked evaluated computed exact gauged standardized timed weighed cadenced cadent measured metric metrical rhythmic controlled governed ordered orderly organized precise skillful structured supervised graduated calibrated graded progressive registered sequential serialized tapered investigated considered explored inspected questioned researched reviewed scrutinized searched studied tested tried unplanned balanced musical moderate abstinent bearable cautious compromising conservative considerate cool disciplined dispassionate equable even gentle impartial inconsiderable inexpensive judicious low-key middle-of-the-road midway mild modest monotonous neutral nonpartisan not excessive not extreme pacific peaceable pleasant reasonable reserved sober soft steady straight tame tolerable tolerant tranquil untroubled biased bright harsh imbalanced incautious intolerable loud prejudiced rough strong unacceptable unbearable unlimited unmanageable violent wild agitated different excited extroverted friendly outgoing partial unfair considerable excessive extravagant extreme immoderate liberal outrageous significant uncontrolled unreasonable unrestrained contrasting disparate distant distinct distinctive divergent diverse offbeat other particular peculiar various a far cry from altered antithetic at odds at variance changed clashing colorful contradistinct contradistinctive contrary contrastive deviating differential discrepant divers incommensurable incomparable inconsistent individual like night and day mismatched mismated opposed otherwise poles apart single unalike unequal unrelated unsimilar variant alike common like normal ordinary resembling same similar standard uniform usual conventional correspondent harmonious homogeneous unified united bizarre extraordinary original rare special specific strange unconventional unique unusual another another story atypical discrete especial express novel out of the ordinary several singular something else specialized startling uncommon commonplace familiar general indefinite regular unimportant varied anthologized assorted asymmetrical collected dissonant diversified diversiform heterogeneous incongruous indiscriminate jarring manifold many multifarious multiform numerous omnifarious omniform some sundry varicolored variegated varietal variform aberrant abnormal deviant different flaky mental nonstandard odd off-base off-color out of line psycho weird true alternative back up flipside other side second substitute surrogate hybrid miscellaneous mixed motley unvaried anomalous exceptional heteroclite irregular preternatural unnatural unrepresentative conforming typical conflicting contradictory dissimilar discordant antagonistic antipathetic cacophonous contrarient disagreeing grating harsh incompatible inconsonant inharmonious jangling on a sour note opposite quarreling strident uncongenial unharmonious unmelodious unmixable agreeable agreeing concordant cooperating action approach course fashion form idea manner means measure move plan practice procedure process step style system use contrivance custom design expedient groove habit habitude instrument kick mode outline plot policy scheme shot stroke tack usage wont course of action modus alternative line path progress road trend access admission admittance advance artery avenue bearing boulevard byway channel distance door entrance entry extent gate gateway headway highway ingress journey lane length march movement opening orbit passage pathway progression ride room row space street stretch tendency thoroughfare track trail walk elbowroom entrée forward motion stone's throw thataway aspect behavior circumstance condition detail nature particular respect sense situation state thing tone conduct consuetude feature fettle gait guise hook idiosyncrasy personality point praxis shape status trait trick connection contact entree introduction key open arms open door route way conclusion egress outlet acceptance certification confirmation designation initiation permission reception recognition welcome prohibition denial disallowance exclusion expulsion refusal repudiation aisle alley clearing corridor gangway hallway aisles alleys arteries avenues clearings corridors courses gangways hallways lanes openings passages paths walks ways attitude concept crack fling lick method modus operandi new wrinkle offer program stab technique whack wrinkle departure distancing leaving approaches attitudes concepts cracks flings ideas licks manners methods modes modus operandis new wrinkles offers procedures programs shots stabs styles techniques whacks wrinkles leavings distancings departures alliance annexation articulation assemblage attachment bond coalition coherence collocation combination combine concatenation concourse concursion confluence conjugation consolidation convergence coupling crossing crossroads dovetail elbow gathering gore hinge hookup interface intersection joining joint knee linking meeting miter mortise node pivot plug-in reunion seam splice terminal tie-in tie-up union weld juncture link detachment division severance parting separation estrangement divorce disunion
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