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Tragedy as bridge collapses Italian motorway,crushing to death couple married for 36 years HOSPITAL

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An Italian couple married for 36 years have been crushed to death after a bridge collapsed on their car as they drove along the motorway to hospital. The overpass had been closed to traffic and was under construction when it fell onto the A14 highway between Ancona and Loreto.The grandparents were killed and three construction workers were slightly injured on the country's main Adriatic coast highway.Italian media named the victims as Emidio "Mimmo" Diomedi, 60, and his wife Antonella Viviani, 54. They were married for 36 years and lived in Spinetoli, in Ascoli Piceno, according to Repubblica. The couple's family have been informed and it is understood their son Daniel is a former manager for Sambenedettese who play in the Italian third division. Paying tribute to the victims, mayor of Spinetoli Alessandro Luciani told Repubblica they were 'lovely people'.The A14 is the main north-south highway along Italy's eastern coast at that part of the peninsula. The collapse and ensuing road closure snared traffic for kilometers, according to the ANSA news agency. Pictures from the scene show a white vehicle under the bridge which seemingly buckled at either side of the carriageway before crashing down onto below.It is understood the vehicle was a Nissan Qashqai, and that a husband and wife were inside. The two construction workers are said to be Romanian, according to Repubblica. Francesco, a young resident of Calabria, was one of the first to stop in front of the collapsed bridge. He told Repubblica: 'It's terrible. We were saved by a miracle. 'A lady in front of me braked suddenly and stopped 10 metres from the bridge.'Regional council president Antonio Mastrovincenzo said the events were very serious.Writing on his Facebook page, he added: 'Things like that should not happen and we should immediately ascertain who is responsible. 'I express my deepest sympathy to the families of the victims and my closeness to those injured.Tragedy as bridge collapses Italian motorway,crushing to death couple married for 36 years HOSPITAL,Tragedy as bridge collapses Italian motorway,crushing to death,death couple married for 36 years HOSPITAL,An Italian couple married for 36 years have been crushed to death after a bridge,bridge collapsed on their car as they drove along the motorway to hospital,The overpass had been closed to traffic and was under construction when,Nissan Qashqai,Emidio,Mimmo,DiomediTragedy as bridge collapses Italian motorway,crushing to death couple married for 36 years HOSPITAL https://youtu.be/5yyh95w0xig


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