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Treatment of tumor fields: according to a benchmark analysis of the EF-14 assay results.

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Treatment of tumor fields: according to a benchmark analysis of the EF-14 assay results.Patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) saw a 37 percent lower risk of death and increased overall survival (OS) when treated with tumor treatment fields (TTFields), according to a benchmark analysis of The EF-14 assay results. Two, three, four and five year overall survival and progression-free (PFS) rates of patients receiving TTFields with adjuvant temozolomide were significantly improved in patients receiving temozolomide alone, reported Roger Stupp, MD, professor of neurological surgery at University Of Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and associate director of strategic initiatives at the H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Robert.These findings will be considered "a clear improvement" in a scenario such as GBM where the forecast is so poor and therefore requires a "think outside the box" strategy as TTFields. A final analysis of EF-14 suggests that electric field therapy should be considered as part of the standard of treatment for all patients with a recent GBM diagnosis.Stupp presents the final results of the international, multicenter, phase 3 EF-14 test during a press conference April 2 at the 2017 AACR Annual Meeting. Interim results of EF-14, based on the experience of 315 patients, led to FDA approval of the device in 2015 for use in combination with adjuvant temozolomide as a treatment for patients with recent diagnosis of GBM after surgery , Chemotherapy and radiation.


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