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Triple threat! The sublime Mercedes A45, CLA45 and GLA45 AMG

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OMG should just be changed to AMG... for 'Aaaaa My Gawshhhh these cars are quick!!'. Because essentially these cars are blisteringly fast, hugely practical and ...


Mercedes-AMG (Business Operation) Mercedes-Benz (Automobile Company) Auto Show (Event) Motoring Mercedes A45 CLA45 In Gear threefold ternary third treble trine trinitarian ternate trichotomous trinal increase advance aggrandize aggravate amplify annex augment boost broaden build build up deepen develop dilate distend double enhance enlarge escalate exaggerate expand extend further heighten inflate intensify lengthen magnify mark up mount multiply pad progress proliferate prolong protract pullulate raise redouble reinforce rise sharpen slap on snowball spread step up strengthen supplement swarm swell tack on teem thicken triple wax widen lose decline fall deflate abbreviate divide contract shrink reduce diminish lower drop stop halt discourage hurt subtract deplete degrade play down retreat recede take back shorten condense abridge raze destroy demolish compress repress prevent curtail cease lessen undermine slow hinder decelerate decrease weaken restrict narrow increases advances 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annexing augmenting boosting broadening building building up burgeoning deepening developing dilating distending doubling enhancing enlarging escalating exaggerating expanding extending furthering growing heightening inflating intensifying lengthening magnifying marking up mounting multiplying padding progressing proliferating prolonging protracting pullulating raising redoubling reinforcing rising running up sharpening slapping on soaring spreading stepping up strengthening supplementing swarming swelling teeming thickening tripling upsurging waxing widening declining reducing diminishing depressing dropping shrinking falling deflating contracting stopping halting abbreviating discouraging hurting lowering minimizing degrading taking back slumping receding playing down retrogressing retreating condensing abridging razing destroying demolishing compressing repressing softening preventing hindering ceasing curtailing undermining subtracting shortening cutting narrowing weakening lessening decreasing three pyramidal triangular trichotomic trigonal trigonous trilateral trinary tripartite three-base hit three-bagger three-base shot Triple S Firecracker Fart Triple Triple-S affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the Firecracker Fart The abstract divine exalted glorious gorgeous heavenly superb transcendent dynamite elevated imposing august eminent grand high holy ideal lofty majestic noble outrageous proud resplendent sacred spiritual splendiferous splendorous stately super the most too much transcendental bad inferior lowly poor second-rate secondary artistic aesthetic creative cultivated cultured decorative dramatic elegant exquisite fine graceful harmonious imaginative musical ornamental pictorial picturesque pleasing poetic refined rhythmical sensitive stimulating stylish sublime tasteful ugly scientific inelegant horrible distasteful unimaginative uncreative beautiful admirable alluring angelic appealing beauteous bewitching charming classy comely cute dazzling delicate delightful enticing excellent fair fascinating foxy good-looking handsome lovely magnificent marvelous nice pretty pulchritudinous radiant ravishing shapely sightly splendid statuesque stunning symmetrical taking well-formed wonderful plain dull unrefined crude rough coarse awkward ordinary offensive homely unattractive hideous grotesque disgusting drab uncouth paltry insignificant repulsive celestial Olympian astral beatific blessed elysian empyral empyrean eternal ethereal godlike hallowed immortal otherworldly seraphic supernal supernatural transmundane mortal earthly infernal hellish chivalrous benevolent big bold brave considerate courageous courteous courtly gallant gentlemanlike great-hearted heroic high-minded honorable intrepid magnanimous manly noble-minded polite quixotic spirited true valorous unchivalrous humble fearful afraid frightened cowardly dignify adorn advance aggrandize distinguish elevate ennoble erect exalt grace honor magnify prefer promote raise uprear hurt depress lower drop stop insult humiliate detract belittle degrade demote condemn shame dishonor disgrace denounce spurn lessen raze decrease animated big-time bright elated eloquent ethical exhilarated formal grandiloquent heavy high-flown inflated righteous upright upstanding virtuous lowered lessened decreased undignified low down depressed dropped immoral base dishonorable unimportant Firecracker Fart Sublime Mercedes Firecracker Fart along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with additionally and plus again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added aggrandized amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less Firecracker Fart And? AND AMG Firecracker Fart amg Mercedes-Benz Firecracker Fart Mercedes Benz car passenger car vehicle wheels motor car automobile auto bucket of bolts bug buggy bus clunker compact convertible crate four-wheeler gas guzzler go-cart hardtop hatchback heap jalopy junker lemon limousine oil burner pickup truck ride sedan sports car station wagon subcompact taxi transportation truck tub van wreck bucket conveyance coupe jeep machine motor motorcar pickup roadster touring car wagon cars automobiles autos buckets buggies buses clunkers compacts convertibles conveyances coupes gas guzzlers hardtops hatchbacks heaps jalopies jeeps junkers limousines machines motorcars motors pickups rides roadsters sedans station wagons subcompacts touring cars trucks vans wagons wrecks motor vehicle motorized vehicle voiture Firecracker Fart Auto appearance display fair pageant parade presentation program spectacle array expo exposition fanfare fireworks grandstand manifestation occurrence pageantry panoply pomp representation shine showboat showing sight splash view dullness concealment hiding reality truth picture play movie drama production act comedy film flick carnival cinema entertainment burlesque motion picture impression seeming profession affectation pretext air simulacrum illusion sham semblance pose effect ostentation front pretense likeness face guise make-believe grandstand play rear back quiet exhibit reveal sell offer produce demonstrate present streak supply unfurl flaunt sport brandish blazon flash submit spread proffer attend afford expose wave unfold unveil flourish stage disport mount bare arrive vaunt lay out put on show off trot out showcase deal in lay bare set out leave alone abandon close take cover veto refuse deny dissuade withhold suppress hide conceal disclose register appear prove establish explain get reach show up project indicate note determine teach mark come illustrate materialize emerge loom evidence point divulge proclaim discover manifest assert clarify evince elucidate instruct get in make out turn up be visible blow in make known make the scene ostend put in appearance testify to show one's face leave depart miss lose fail confuse secrete disappear obscure disprove give bestow dispense accord confer act with see lead conduct shepherd route direct escort guide steer pilot misguide neglect mislead attitude bit chaser dissimilation fake false front feigning performance phony posture put-on show shuck and jive simulation soft soap stall stance stunt sweet talk rest suspension stoppage repose inertia inactivity idleness cessation adduce cite point out advertise acquaint advance advise announce apprise ballyhoo beat the drum for bill boost build up circularize communicate declare drum endorse get on soapbox for hard sell herald hype inform make a pitch notify pitch plug press agent promote promulgate puff push put on the map soft sell sponsor spot tout uncover unmask keep secret secret halt discourage hurt decrease deceive 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impedimenta materiel means outfit possessions rigging setup tackle things tools trappings kit and kaboodle cog sprocket cogwheel pinion gearwheel ragwheel spurwheel apparel dress garb costume attire habit rags threads wear array duds clothes feathers togs garments toggery organize fit tailor adjust adapt regulate appoint accouter furnish suit ready rig blend arm match turn out fit out unfit reject refuse disorganize disorder disarrange accoutre clothe equip gear unclothe accoutrement equipment turnout appliance black box device dingbat doodad doohickey furnishings gaff gimcrack gimmick gizmo grabber idiot box implement jigger job machine mechanism provisions supplies thingamajig utensils whatchamacallit whatsis whosis widget drapery garment getup raiment robe trapping vestment provide fire dismiss take appointment equipage fitting fixture Gear Firecracker Fart
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