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Trouble brewing your tea? Not if you build a diligent Dunkbot

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We put together a marvellous machine to take the mind-numbing dipping out of the tea-making equation and maximise relaxing feet-up time ☕ 🤖Read more: http://bit.ly/make-dunkbotFor more slightly silly solutions to life's little problems - and to share your own domestic niggles in need of a quick fix - visit http://newscienti.st/ns-make


anxiety concern danger difficulty dilemma disorder disturbance inconvenience mess pain predicament problem strain stress strife struggle suffering unrest woe agitation bind bother commotion discontent discord disquiet dissatisfaction distress grief hang-up heartache hindrance irritation misfortune nuisance pest pickle puzzle row scrape sorrow spot task torment tribulation tumult vexation bad news dire straits hot water benefit calm calmness contentment ease happiness harmony health joy order organization peace pleasure solution tranquility aid boon comfort delight help satisfaction advantage assistance blessing fitness good health hardship worry ado attention bustle care effort exertion flurry fuss labor pains pother rigor thought trial while work profit disregard entertainment fun idleness ignorance laziness neglect negligence ailment defect disease failure illness affliction complaint curse disability malady malfunction upset praise afflict agitate annoy burden disconcert disturb irk irritate perplex perturb plague sadden vex ail bug discommode discompose disoblige fret grieve harass harry pester spook try burn up drive up the wall flip out get to give a bad time give a hard time impose on make a fuss make a scene make waves psych put out stir up assist make happy please quiet soothe support be content be happy exert be concerned with go to the effort of take pains take the time confusion excitement hubbub to-do travail trouble turmoil adversities afflictions bad breaks bummers calamities can of worms catastrophes clutches contretemps crunches difficulties disasters downers drags evil eyes hard knocks hard times hardships hurtings ill fortunes jams jinxes kiss of deaths miseries misfortunes mishaps on the skids pain in the necks poisons reverses sorrows sufferings the worsts tough lucks trials troubles helps fortunes comforts pleasures benefits wonders good fortunes blessings prosperity encouragements aids boons joys profits favors advantages successes miracles 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heating roasting simmering sizzling steaming stewing coming designed doomed intended closed compelled condemned directed foreordained impending looming meant menacing near ordained overhanging predestined predetermined sealed settled stated threatening at hand certain compulsory hanging over ineluctable inescapable inevitable inexorable in prospect instant in store in the cards in the wind predesigned que sera sera that is to be that will be to come unavoidable way the ball bounces distant remote unsettled avoidable destined immediate likely possible probable about to happen approaching close expectant fast-approaching following gathering inevasible in the air in the offing in view nearing next nigh on its way on the horizon on the verge see it coming unescapable escapable later never unlikely doubtful far future imminent hovering portending looking to ominous proximate waiting to gone past advance approach brew forebode foreshadow frighten imperil jeopardize loom lower menace overhang portend presage warn be dangerous be gathering be imminent be in the air be in the offing be on the horizon come on hang over put at risk put in jeopardy impend alleviate guard help protect relieve save threaten brewing Brew It Brewed brewes her hir his its our their vis xyr zir your tea no more not at all not either neither nay nix never not they she zie sie him her them ver xem hir zir anyone one you a person all any of any person anybody anybody at all each and every one everybody everyone masses public whole world You frame physique body conformation constitution figure habit habitus shape mind assemble erect evolve form make manufacture produce raise reconstruct set up carpenter cast compile compose contrive engineer fabricate fashion forge model prefabricate rear sculpture synthesize bring about fit together jerry-build knock together put together put up superstruct throw together throw up conclude decrease destroy finish halt neglect raze ruin stop demolish disperse scatter separate wreck decelerate dismantle knock down overthrow overturn take down base begin establish start constitute formulate inaugurate institute originate complete die end boost develop enlarge expand improve strengthen aggrandize amplify augment compound escalate extend heighten intensify magnify mount multiply swell wax abridge compress diminish discourage hurt lessen lower shrink weaken condense contract curtail degrade divide reduce shorten anatomy build composition framework makeup add to beef up build up enhance grow increase inflate pad piggyback progress reinforce sweeten tag on undermine decline depress drop base on depend on form on found on hinge on place on rest on stand on benefit advance advantage aid ameliorate assist avail be good for better contribute to do for one do the trick favor fill the bill further make a killing make it pay pay off profit promote relieve serve succor work for block hinder impede injure obstruct thwart worsen handicap harm benefited advanced advantaged aided ameliorated assisted availed bettered built contributed to did for one did the trick favored filled the bill furthered improved made a killing made it paid paid off profited promoted relieved served succored was good for worked for stopped halted harmed handicapped worsened injured obstructed impeded blocked thwarted hindered decreased benefiting advancing advantaging aiding ameliorating assisting availing being good for bettering building contributing to doing for one doing the trick favoring filling the bill furthering improving making a killing making it paying paying off profiting promoting relieving serving succoring working for hurting stopping halting harming handicapping worsening injuring obstructing impeding blocking thwarting hindering decreasing in the building active assiduous attentive careful conscientious eager earnest indefatigable industrious painstaking persistent studious tireless busy constant eager beaver grind laborious occupied operose persisting pertinacious plugging sedulous steadfast unflagging unrelenting untiring careless disinterested idle ignorant inactive inattentive lazy neglectful thoughtless tired uncareful unconcerned unenthusiastic unscrupulous weary indifferent languid lethargic negligent aggressive agile alert alive animated bold brisk bustling chipper daring dashing determined dexterous diligent dynamic energetic engaged enlivened enterprising enthusiastic eventful fireball forceful forcible fresh frisky hard-working high-spirited hyper intense inventive jumping keen lively nimble on the move perky persevering purposeful pushing quick rapid ready resolute sharp sprightly spry whiz zealous afraid apathetic calm cowardly dispirited dull irresolute lifeless meek quiet slow sluggish stupid uneducated weak abeyant dormant immobile inert quiescent exacting grinding scrupulous steady busier already taken at it buried employed engrossed having a full plate having fish to fry hustling in a meeting in conference in the field in the laboratory on assignment on duty on the go overloaded slaving snowed swamped tied up unavailable up to one's ears with a customer working unengaged unoccupied unemployed busiest businesslike accomplished concentrated correct direct disciplined effective expeditious hardworking intent matter-of-fact methodical orderly organized practical practiced regular routine serious skillful systematic thorough well-ordered workaday disorganized flippant trivial unimportant amateur inefficient unbusinesslike unprofessional tied-up diligence diligently Diligent Diligize dude diligence Dunkbot 2020
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