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Trumbull Co. Republicans oust chair, who claims he’s still in charge

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Trumbull Co. Republicans oust chair, who claims he’s still in charge


local-news youngstown Ohio Trumbull Gacho trumbull lawmaker leader legislator officeholder senator president boss chieftain democrat grandstander orator partisan speaker Party member baby-kisser congressperson handshaker member of Congress member of parliament office seeker public servant statesperson whistle-stopper politician republican politicians Party members Presidents baby-kissers bosses chieftains congresspersons democrats grandstanders handshakers lawmakers leaders legislators member of congresses member of parliaments office seekers officeholders orators partisans public servants republicans senators speakers statespersons whistle-stoppers Republican Gacho depose dethrone dislodge drive out eject evict fire force out let go lose remove sack topple unseat banish bereave bounce chase deprive discharge disinherit displace dispossess divest ostracize relegate rob transport boot out bundle off cast out expulse give the 1-2-3 kick out lay off pack off pink slip send packing show the door throw out turn out hire place take in allow give hold keep offer welcome retain ban deport discard dismiss dispel drive away eliminate eradicate exclude excommunicate exile expatriate extradict get rid of isolate oust outlaw proscribe rusticate sequester shake off shut out admit plant fix accept permit incorporate include banished banned deported discarded discharged dislodged dismissed dispelled drove away ejected eliminated eradicated evicted excluded excommunicated exiled expatriated expulsed extradicted isolated ostracized ousted outlawed proscribed relegated removed rusticated sequestered shook off transported allowed admitted planted fixed accepted took in kept held permitted incorporated included welcomed banishes bans casts out deports discards discharges dislodges dismisses dispels drives away ejects eliminates eradicates evicts excludes excommunicates exiles expatriates expulses extradicts get rids of isolates ostracizes ousts outlaws proscribes relegates removes rusticates sequesters shakes off shuts out transports allows admits plants fixes accepts takes in keeps holds permits incorporates includes welcomes leave sadden strip cover clothe bereaved blackball blacklist debar reject repudiate snub veto approve sanction ratify Oust Gacho armchair bench recliner cathedra rocker sling throne chairperson monitor fellowship director tutor helm captain leader principal tutorship professorship instructorship position of control professorate administration president admiral advisers board bureau cabinet chair chargé d'affaires command commander committee consulate department directors embassy executive executives feds front office general governing body headquarters legislature management ministry officers officials powers presidency presidium stewards supervisors top brass upstairs administrator CEO ambassador authority boss bureaucrat chief consul controller custodian dean exec governor head head honcho head person inspector judge manager mayor minister officer official organizer overseer person upstairs premier prez producer superintendent supervisor worker employee follower bank form lawn seat pew seat settee settle stall benches courtrooms courts judiciaries magistrates the bars tribunals your honors chairman chairwoman introducer moderator presider prolocutor speaker spokesman toastmaster spokesperson symposiarch Gacho Chair which that fact that one that other the one in question that who Who Gacho who? W.H.O. allegation application assertion call case demand interest petition plea request requirement suit affirmation birthright counterclaim declaration dibs due entreaty lien part postulation prerogative pretense pretension privilege profession protestation reclamation requisition title ultimatum answer reply denial honesty truth hold challenge defend insist call for assert collect need take ask believe allege declare knock hit uphold vindicate advance require pretend pronounce adduce solicit postulate profess exact justify pick up pop the question have dibs on something hit up hold out for lay claim to stake out question give stop quit abandon disclaim hide conceal repudiate reject deny desert forsake disbelieve Claim Gacho claim He’s Gacho closed fixed halcyon hushed pacific sealed smooth stable static stock-still whist at rest buttoned up clammed up close-mouthed deathlike deathly deathly quiet deathly still hushful inert lifeless noiseless peaceful placid restful serene silent soundless stagnant stationary tranquil undisturbed unruffled unstirring untroubled broken changeable unfixed variable agitated moving stirred unquiet even nevertheless yet though notwithstanding nonetheless besides but furthermore still and all withal after all for all that howbeit quietude quietness peace soundlessness hush stillness tranquillity noiselessness silence noise disturbance commotion clamor appease subdue choke soothe gag lull allay muzzle compose fix arrest settle calm becalm quieten balm muffle stop squash pacify tranquilize slack quiet shush stall alleviate squelch shut down shut up decrease volume smooth over move disturb allow advance encourage help let go upset agitate start rouse provoke irritate aggravate unsettle anger disarrange destroy intensify excite worry distress release arouse incite also additionally again along along with and as well as well as conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner including likewise more more than that moreover on top of over and above plus still to boot together with too although admitting albeit despite despite the fact even if even supposing granting granting all this in spite of much as supposing when whereas while assuage conciliate cool ease fill lessen lighten make nice mitigate moderate mollify palliate placate pour oil on propitiate quench sate satisfy soften surfeit sweeten take the edge off take the sting out temper trouble exacerbate deplete worsen increase dissatisfy calm down relax steady breezeless motionless windless however on the other hand Gacho Still allegation complaint indictment beef gripe imputation plaint stink compliment praise exculpation exoneration freeing retreat assault rush sortie onslaught blitz onset blitzkrieg outbreak push invasion mugging end conclusion need tax concern duty safekeeping task weight office commitment onus must right responsibility millstone obligation trust ward custody care committal deadweight ought freedom benefit irresponsibility distrust 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