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Trump supporter's profanity-filled rant against Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

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aid ascendancy asset assistance authority avail blessing boon break choice comfort convenience dominance edge eminence expediency favor gain good gratification help hold improvement influence interest lead leeway leverage luck mastery odds position power precedence preference prestige prevalence profit protection recognition resources return sanction starting superiority support supremacy utility wealth ace in the hole leg-up pre-eminence trump card upper hand bad fortune bad luck block blockage debt disadvantage disapproval disfavor harm hindrance hurt impotence incapacity inefficiency inferiority injury lack last loss misfortune obstruction stop subordination subservience waste weakness beat best better button down button up can clinch cob complete cover crest crown do to a T eclipse exceed excel finish outshine outstrip pass put the lid on surmount surpass top top it off transcend trump wrap up abash annoy baffle balk bother checkmate confound demoralize discompose disconcert discountenance disturb embarrass faze fluster foil irk outwit overcome perplex perturb prevent rattle ruffle take aback thwart unsettle upset vex worry worst outdo overtake finesse outsmart defeat lose fall behind fail cap lay out forget start introduce begin surrender disregard ignore capped capping caps discomfit yield make happy encourage clear up please settle order compose abet delight reassure explain enlighten appease calm assist soothe discomfiting Trumps Trump japanese wapanese playing cards nerds trumped dare bet trumper poo trump! trump you got trumped trumps bon jovi pure naked virgins. four-letter word obscenity swearing abuse blasphemy curse cuss execration impiety imprecation irreverence malediction profaneness sacrilege swearword taboo cursing cuss word dirty language dirty name dirty word no-no piety praise respect reverence coarseness dirtiness filthiness foulness grossness lewdness profanity scurrility scurrilousness smuttiness vulgarity vulgarness dirt filth ribaldry scatology smut cussing desecration heresy impiousness indignity profanation reviling scoffing vituperation anathema ban bane commination damning denunciation double whammy expletive fulmination malison naughty words oath objuration obloquy swear word vilification whammy bawdiness indecency salaciousness decency bawdry purity sterility cleanliness religiousness religion godliness compliment curses modesty Profanity pro-fanity shit damn fuck bitch ass hell dick cunt pussy whore swear pro fanity douche fag homo penis darn dang fudge frack frick bis brimming full replete permeated empty needy abundant bountiful copious filled flush plenteous prodigal profuse prolific teeming abounding ample bounteous crawling with cup runs over with eco-rich exuberant generous heavy lavish liberal lousy with luxuriant mucho no end of overflowing plate is full of plenty rich rolling in stinking with sufficient awash brimful chock-full crammed crowded jammed level with loaded overfull packed running over stuffed topfull full to the top jam-packed overcrowded emotional fraught imbued intense laden saturated suffused wanting lacking rare poor meager sparse scarce insufficient depleted unfilled brimming\u002Fbrimful bursting calm stable peaceful charged fucked done plowed porked diddled stuck pricked penetrated serviced pleasured diatribe harangue oration rhetoric tirade bluster bombast fustian philippic rhapsody rodomontade vociferation calm quiet acerbate affront aggravate agitate annoy antagonize arouse bait blow up boil boil over bristle burn burn up chafe craze cross displease egg on embitter enrage exacerbate exasperate excite fret gall get mad goad incense inflame infuriate irritate madden make sore miff nettle offend outrage pique provoke raise hell rankle rant rave rile ruffle seethe steam up stew stir up tempt umbrage vex blab blubber blurt burble cackle chat chatter gibber go on gossip gush jabber mumble murmur mutter patter prate prattle run off at the mouth run on spill the beans squeal talk foolishly talk incoherently talk nonsensically tattle trivialize yak yakkety yak badger boast brag brazen browbeat bulldoze cow crow domineer gloat hector ride the high horse roar roister show off storm strut swagger swell talk big vapor vaunt yap shout bellow stump fume declaim scold clamor orate sizzle objurgate rail spiel mouth rage spout cry vociferate perorate carry on take on bloviate soapbox sound off be quiet be happy praise compliment anger discourage bore compose help please make happy forbear mollify assist lull delight comfort tranquilize placate pacify appease alleviate soothe aid angering angers babble be silent hide conceal deprecate blustered Rant headass complaining snapchat annoying talking write annoyed banter cack crack double-octave split-tone lizard chuck palahniuk buster casey vomit smell taste rabies time travel party crashing demolition derby across adjacent con contra contrary to counter to facing in contrast to in opposition to opposed to opposing versus about against as for as regards as to concerning on the subject of regarding respecting touching toward with reference to with respect to adverse agin anti antipodal antipodean antithetic antithetical conflicting contrary converse counter counteractive diametric discrepant incompatible incongruous inconsistent irreconcilable negating no go opposite ornery paradoxical polar repugnant reverse antagonistic contradictory contrasting hindering impeding obstructive obverse opposed at variance with contrarily contrariwise conversely in defiance of although even though even with in contempt of in the face of notwithstanding undeterred by in distinction to out of possession of taken away apropos reconcilable consistent confirming same equal reconciled agreeing similar consonant harmonious corroborating concurring corresponding similarly equally despite from fling jerk mince prance sashay spring stamp storm strut swish throw toss nancy flounce Nancy hot beautiful cute girlfriend friend great converse jeans t-shirt athlete nancy gorgeous amazing gracious stunning life Pelosi congress women amazing awesome along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with and plus additionally again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less And? AND so what and one and what what fuck the world as long as i get mine suck it fuck the children dick loser punk he-bitch jerk nand nor xor not xnor abandon can cast desert discard ditch eject fire fling flip forsake heave hurl jettison junk launch pitch quit reject relinquish renounce scrap shed shy sling slough toss eighty-six give the heave ho allow approve finish hire hold keep retain stay support take take in bounce chase chuck cut discharge dismiss drive dropkick evict expel extrude kick out knock punt sack shove terminate throw out culling disdain eviction heave-ho push riddance scorn shakeout boot bung drop impel lob peg project thrust cackle coo engage employ admit welcome permit boots bum's rush receive gather catch stop repress dissuade casting cluck chucks Chucks Chuck chill fuck awesome tits chills wallace gromit northern england friend better than god yvonne strahovski zachary levi adam baldwin funniest show evaaa Schumer schumer 4loko vodka red bull irish coffee caffeine alcohol rip off steal plagiarise comedy
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