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Trump Victim Act Follows Authoritarian Playbook Drawing In Fanatical Supporters

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block easy touch lamb to the slaughter prize sap schlemiel schmuck trusting soul whipping boy ass birdbrain blockhead bonehead buffoon clod clodpoll clown cretin dimwit dolt dope dumb ox dunce dunderhead fathead goose half-wit idiot ignoramus imbecile innocent jerk lamebrain lightweight loon moron nincompoop ninny nitwit numskull oaf pilgarlic simpleton twerp twit brain genius fools asses birdbrains blockheads boneheads boobs bores buffoons clods clowns cretins dimwits dolts dopes dumb oxes dunces dunderheads fair games fatheads geese halfwits idiots ignoramuses illiterates imbeciles jerks lamebrains lightweights loons morons nerds nincompoops ninnies nitwits numskulls oafs saps schlemiels sillies simpletons turkeys twerps twits brains geniuses action deed move operation performance step thing accomplishment achievement doing execution exploit feat undertaking idleness inaction inactivity defeat failure neglect cessation inertia quiet repose rest stoppage suspension amendment bill 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result succeed supersede supervene supplant be subsequent to come after come from come next go after go next proceed from spring from precede avoid disregard go before lead misunderstand neglect pass over scorn shun slight track seek accompany attend concatenate spook search draggle convoy persecute hunt dog freeze tail tag stalk escort shadow hound onto run down string along catenate shag tailgate bring up the rear come with dog the footsteps of give chase go with put a tail on run after schlepp along stick to tag after tag along take out after run away leave alone let go ignore serve support adopt watch keep reflect observe conform accord obey imitate regard mind note emulate mimic match heed mirror harmonize cultivate copy comply abide by take after adhere to follow suit be consistent with be devoted to be guided by be in keeping be interested in do like give allegiance to hold fast keep abreast of keep an eye on live up to model on pattern oneself upon take as an example clash 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lines typescript words script playbook scripts articles books copies dialogues libretti manuscripts playbooks scenarios texts typescripts cartoon depiction design etching graphics layout likeness painting picture sketch study work of art comp delineation doodle outline portrayal representation tracing commercial art storyboard animated cartoon animation cell animation claymation comic comic strip drawing caricature lampoon parody satire takeoff cartoon animation animated movie illustration image portraiture presentment depictions delineations drawings illustrations images likenesses outlines pictures portrayals presentments representations sketches arrangement configuration construction device figure form motif motive organization pattern portrait shape style disorganization bigoted dogmatic enthusiastic fervent frenzied impassioned narrow-minded obsessive passionate rabid single-minded stubborn violent zealous biased bugged burning contumacious credulous devoted domineering erratic 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