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Trump's illegitimate son! Funny inappropriate puppets living in the sewers

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https://www.TheDumpTv.comBeard talks to his dad. Beard burps in Beauty's face and relives painful childhood memories. We meet the coked-up newsreader. Beauty & Beard reanimate Grandma to offer her a "nice" present. The No-Faced Fairy traumatizes a kid and buys herself a new face!https://www.facebook.com/TheDumpTvhttps://twitter.com/TheDumpTvhttps://www.instagram.com/TheDumpTv


The Dump La Dump Beauty Beard Comedy Funny Series Webseries Puppets Puppet show South Park Sesame Street Mike Paterson Maude Morissette Heidi Klum Miley Cirus Donald Trump Justin Trudeau tramps tromps rumps trump crumps frumps grumps trumps taz Trumps japanese wapanese playing cards nerds trumped dare bet trumper poo illegal illicit improper invalid unauthorized unconstitutional unlawful contraband wrong misbegotten spurious supposititious unsanctioned wicked authorized good lawful legal legitimate moral proper right blessed ethical justifiable sanctioned warranted artful cloak-and-dagger closet concealed covert foxy fraudulent furtive hidden hush-hush illegitimate in holes and corners on the quiet private sneaky stealthy surreptitious under wraps under-the-counter undercover underground underhand bent caught corrupt crooked culpable deplorable dirty heavy hung up immoral indictable iniquitous nefarious off base out of line peccant racket scandalous senseless shady smoking gun unrighteous vicious villainous wildcat actionable banned black-market bootleg criminal extralegal felonious forbidden hot irregular lawless not approved not legal outlawed outside the law prohibited prosecutable smuggled sub rosa taboo under the table unlicensed unofficial unwarrantable unwarranted verboten violating wrongful adulterous clandestine contrary to law guilty in violation of law affected apocryphal artificial assumed bastard bogus bum contrived deceitful deceptive dummy ersatz faked false feigned forged framed imitation make-believe mock phony pirate pretend pretended pseudo put-on sham simulated specious substitute unauthentic ungenuine unreal on the Q. 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denial appeals repulsion charms taz Beauty beautful inner beauty outter beauty accept your natural looks sick cool nice nigga Vandyke bristles brush fuzz goatee imperial stubble Santa Claus five-o-clock shadow muttonchops aura beard blind countenance dream facade front guise idea illusion image impression mirage phenomenon reflection screen seeming semblance sound specter vision bear challenge confront court dare defy face face off fly in the face of go through outdare risk stand up to suffer support take on venture withstand cloak concealment cover coverup deceit deceptive marking dissimulation faking false appearance mask masking masquerade mimicry paint plain brown wrapper protective coloring red herring shade shroud smokescreen veil false face brave oppose hide appearance leaving departure absence truth fact certainty disappearance actuality reality appearances skip run away give up break down yield fear dodge complain capitulate reject refuse surrender braves braving camouflage Beard taz barbie fake hired pr stunt. true partner out of the closet in the closet closeted great manly jesus abe lincoln billy mays beards paul bunyan awesome brahms christianity hair mustache facial hair solution problem men farce fun humor satire sitcom ball burlesque camp comicality drollery facetiousness funnies funniness hilarity hoopla humorousness interlude merry-go-round picnic schtick slapstick takeoff travesty vaudeville witticism wittiness comic drama comicalness drollness field day fun and games gag show high camp high time jesting joking light entertainment play on send-up wisecracking sadness tragedy seriousness comedy farcicality jocoseness jocosity jocularity nonsense wit zaniness climax crisis dramatics emotion excitement histrionics melodrama scene spectacle tension theatrics hilariousness waggery waggishness absurdity broad comedy buffoonery caricature horseplay joke low camp mock mockery parody play pratfall comedy ridiculousness sham skit farcicalness jest 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