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Tyler1 turned into avg sup player

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cooked corrected modified transformed updated adapted adjusted amended converted diversified doctored fitted fixed qualified redone refitted reformed remade remodeled renovated reshaped revised spiked retailored unqualified continued held kept maintained preserved retained sustained altered awry off-center askance askant aslant bent buckled catawampus cockeyed crookedly curved knotted lopsided oblique obliquely slanted slanting to one side topsy-turvey twisted yaw ways zigzag askew amiss astray crooked uneven wrong even straight true arched curvaceous elliptical rounded serpentine twisting arced compass humped incurvate looped round skewed sweeping wreathed arciform arrondi biflected circular curly curvilinear declinate enbowed incurved loopy sigmoid sinuous snaky S-shaped swirly twisty flat blunt blunted square edentate edentulate edgeless not keen obtuse pointless toothless unpointed unsharpened dishonest active bright clear eventful exciting intelligent interesting keen knifelike light lively luminous lustrous pointed quick sensitive serrated sharp smart vivacious witty dull uneatable bad bitter contaminated disagreeable indigestible nauseating not fit to eat poisonous rancid rotten sickening sour spoiled tainted tasteless unappetizing unpleasant-tasting unsavory yucky yukky appetizing comestible delicious edible inedible changed determined formed inveigled motivated moved persuaded shaped swayed influenced contrary converse reverse flipped flip-side inverted reversed reverted transposed turned over similar inverse diagonal inclining angled distorted diverging on the bias pitched sideways sideway sidewise sloping tilted tilting tipped tipping decomposed disappointing disheartening displeasing mortifying quiet slack low-quality not up to par not up to snuff poor putrid substandard unrewarding unsatisfactory off fulfilled managed negotiated regulated accomplished achieved administered contrived conveyed directed driven enforced executed finished governed guided handled manipulated ordered performed practiced promoted revolved run served superintended supervised transacted transported used wielded worked operated broken furrowed plowed facing fronting looking stretched toward pointing fetid moldy musty polluted smelly soured stale carious curdled decomposing disgusting evil-smelling feculent foul frowzy fusty gamy high impure loathsome malodorous nasty nidorous noisome noxious offensive olid putrefactive putrefied putrescent rank reeky repulsive stinking strong unhealthy whiffy clean fresh new perfumed pure sweet gross reeking revolting dank funky graveolent humid mephitic obnoxious pungent strong-smelling good nice pleasant pleasing aromatic indefinite moral rare scarce sparse everted backward inside out opposite regressive turned back established in order acid acidic acrid biting briny caustic fermented peppery piquant unpleasant acidulated astringent cutting dry green salty stinging tart acerb acetic acetose acetous sourish unripe unwholesome vinegary with a kick agreeable blah bland calm kind mild wonderful cheerful cordial friendly happy tasty strained wrenched sprained turned duller in the direction of toward within aware acquainted alert alive appraised appreciative apprehensive apprised attentive au courant awake cognizant conscious cool enlightened familiar go-go groovy grounded heedful hip in the know in the picture informed into know the score know what's what know-how knowing latched on mindful on the beam on to perceptive plugged in receptive savvy sensible sentient sharp tuned-in up on wise wise to wised up with it heedless ignorant inattentive neglectful unaware unconscious unfamiliar unfriendly uninformed unknowledgeable insensitive beholden bound grateful in hock obligated obliged on a string on the arm on the cuff on the tab owe one owing responsible under obligation conversant abreast au fait comprehending down with hep kept posted knowledgeable learned percipient practiced proficient skilled up-to-date versant versed well-informed witting inexperienced custom addiction beaten path characteristic consuetude daily grind fashion form grind groove habit habitude hang-up manner matter of course mode observance practice praxis precedent procedure proprieties routine rule second nature shot swim thing trick usage use way wont departure deviation difference divergence irregularity deep abstracted centered concentrated enfolded engaged fixed focused immersed intent lost musing preoccupied rapt set wrapped wrapped-up aboveboard flighty frivolous engrossed absorbed all wound up assiduous bugged busy captivated caught up caught up in consumed diligent enthralled fascinated fiend for gone gripped head over heels heavily into hooked hung up industrious intrigued occupied really into riveted sedulous submerged taken up with tied-up turned on up to here in existing idle inactive bored disenthralled disinterested ignoring oblivious uncaring uninterested unoccupied absorb belt booze consume dissipate down drain gargle gulp guzzle imbibe indulge inhale irrigate lap nip quaff sip slosh slurp sop sponge suck swallow swig swill thirst tipple toast hit the bottle liquor up partake of pull on put away soak up tank up toss off wash down wet one's whistle wet whistle abstain accumulate collect eject gather not use ate bit condensed corroded crumbled decayed decomposed disappeared disintegrated dissipated dissolved drained exhausted gnawed liquefied melted nibbled ran through rotted rusted spilled squandered vanished wasted away maintained arrived appeared flourished developed saved built preserved solidified coagulated improved grew united combined hoarded put together dine banquet breakfast do lunch eat out fall to feast feed on lunch sup supper fast drank absorbed belted boozed consumed downed gargled gulped guzzled imbibed indulged inhaled irrigated lapped nipped quaffed sipped sloshed slurped soaked up sopped sponged sucked supped swallowed swigged swilled tanked up thirsted tippled toasted tossed off washed down abstained drink drinks absorbs belts boozes consumes dissipates downs drains gargles gulps guzzles hits the bottle imbibes indulges inhales irrigates laps nips puts away quaffs sips sloshes slurps soaks up sops sponges sucks sups swallows swigs swills tanks up thirsts tipples toasts tosses off washes down abstains eat attack bite bolt break bread chew chow down cram devour digest dispatch dispose of feast upon feed gobble up gorge gormandize graze have a bite have a meal have for ingest make pig of oneself masticate munch nibble nosh peck at pick pig out polish off pork out ruminate scarf scoff snack take food take in take nourishment wolf athlete competitor member opponent participant pro professional rookie amateur champ contestant jock sweat sportsperson superjock team player conductor director fan spectator actor performer star entertainer extra ham impersonator lead mime mimic stand-in thespian trouper understudy walk-on bit player hambone scene stealer artist musician instrumentalist rocker soloist virtuoso music maker barnstormer character clown comedian foil headliner idol ingenue ingénue pantomimist playactor player soubrette stooge straight person thesp ventriloquist villain audience animal challenger contender games player gorilla iron person jockey muscle person shoulders sport athletes amateurs animals challengers competitors contenders contestants games players gorillas iron persons jockeys jocks muscle persons players professionals sports sportspersons superjocks bettor gambler gamester high roller plunger wagerer adversary antagonist aspirant battler candidate combatant contester dark horse disputant entrant favorite hopeful rival scrapper team member warrior ally supporter administrator big person boss chair chief controller exec executive executive officer governor head head honcho helmer key player kingpin leader organizer overseer person upstairs principal producer skipper supervisor top dog top person employee follower worker
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