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UN: 4.9 million people in urgent need of assistance due to famine

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It's the first time in six years that the UN has declared a famine worldwide. CGTN's Nick Harper takes a closer look at what has prompted the agencies to make ...


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  Famine declared in South Sudan; 4.9 million people need urgent help   WFP delivers emergency food assistance to parts of South Sudan   Malnutrition levels in Somalia hit record high   Lake Chad Famine: 10 7 million people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance   Lake Chad Famine: 10.7 million people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance   4.9 million hit by famine in South Sudan   EU Commission announced an emergency aid for South Sudan   UN Secretary General's visit to Somalia: Sarah Kimani   TALK AFRICA: FIGHTING AFRICA's FAMINE   49 children die due to lack of oxygen in Farrukhabad   UN: 20 Million At Risk Of Starvation   In South Sudan’s deadly famine, ‘anything we can find we will try to eat’   WFP working with South Sudan government to boost aid delivery   20 million at risk of starvation in world's largest crisis since 1945, UN says   UN declares 'famine' in parts of South Sudan   South Sudan Officially In State Of Famine   Millions in need of aid in Sudan - European Commission   UN Warns Of Catastrophic Famine Facing Somalia   UN Warns Of Catastrophic Risk Of Famine In Somalia   UN Agencies warn 5 million South Sudanese need urgent food supply   Millions in Ethiopia affected by recent drought in southern region   4.9 million people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in South Sudan   3.5 million people in need of food assistance in Uganda   International donors pledge $672 million to fight famine in Lake Chad region   World's Youngest Country Becomes The First To Face Famine In 6 Years   Turkish Red Crescent brings aid to drought-hit Somalia   యూపీలోనే మరో గోరఖ్‌పూర్‌ ఘటన..   UN chief urges 'massive response' to avert Somali famine   Due to floods in Rajasthan due to the devastation of millions   UN appeals for help to combat Yemeni food crisis - World   The Heat: Saudi-led war in Yemen Pt 1   The American Justice Summit 2014   UN agency: 7.7 million people in urgent need of food aid   Who's to blame for famine in South Sudan? – Inside Story   Who's to blame for famine in South Sudan? – Inside Story   UN, WFP struggling to meet aid targets in African nations   Thousands in Somalia in need of humanitarian aid   UN: Yemen in 'grave humanitarian situation' - UK ambassador to UN   Boana Technical in Urgent Need of Government Assistance   UN to discuss Somalia’s hunger crisis   A Big Heart - India   20 million people food insecure in the horn of Africa - IGAD report   110 Dead in Somalia Within Past 48 Hours   Drought may add famine to Somalia's humanitarian woes   There is still an opportunity to avert a possible famine in Somalia: ICRC   UN: Millions on verge of famine in Somalia   Somalia declares drought a national disaster   Thousands on the brink of starvation in South Sudan   UN calls for aid for Africa: Millions face starvation due to drought, fighting   UN brands famine in South Sudan “man-made”   More investments needed to end drought in Horn of Africa - UN   UNICEF: 1.4 million children face death from famine   People get disturbed due to fast running of trains in Alwar junction   Somalia declares drought national disaster   The Massive Food Crisis You Haven’t Heard About   Somali government agrees to national crackdown on militants   World Food Programme thanks China for $5 million in aid   UN calls for urgent funding for Somalia to avert famine   Could this be the UK Parliament's new home? | CNBC International   UN warns world facing unprecedented hunger   Yemen: Hundreds of thousands protest Saudi-led military intervention in Sanaa   After 3 Years of War, South Sudan now Faces Famine   UN: More people hungry in South Sudan than ever before   Yemen suffering "World's Largest Humanitarian Crisis": 7 million people face famine due to US-backed Saudi-led war [You Reap What You Sow]   UN warns thousands of displaced Nigerians in need of assistance   Red Cross seeks funds for nations facing famine   UN agencies warn millions of people in urgent need of food in South Sudan   WFP appeals for food aid to help Yemen starving   Yemen suffering world's largest humanitarian crisis   UN raises famine alarm in Yemen   UN asks for funds to battle famine in Yemen | DW News   Food security: 3.5 million Ugandans in need of food assistance   WFP seeks funding as drought leaves 5 million people hungry   People living in Michigan will need to get new IDs to fly in the US   UN seeks urgent $4.4 billion for famine relief in 4 African countries

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