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U.S. military posture unchanged after Iran missile test: Pentagon spokesman February 1, 2017

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U.S. military posture unchanged after Iran missile test: Pentagon spokesman February 1, 2017 The United States military has not changed its posture in ...


Breaking News Breaking News February Breaking News February 2017 Breaking News February 1 Breaking News February 1 20172017 U.S. military posture unchanged after Iran missile test: Pentagon spokesman U.S. army armed peaceful civilian navy force troop service marines aggressive bellicose belligerent combative hostile military pugnacious soldierly warlike active assertive assertory combating contending contentious embattled fighting gladiatorial in arms martial militaristic offensive pushy quarrelsome scrappy self-assertive truculent up in arms vigorous warring armed forces assemblage assembly band body bunch collection combatants company contingent corps crew crowd delegation drove fighting forces flock forces gang gathering herd horde host legion multitude number outfit pack party personnel service personnel soldiers soldiery squad swarm team throng troopers troupe unit attacking bloodthirsty contrary hawkish inimical militant ructious unfriendly warmongering armament armed services defense forces fighting machine military service troops fighting men men servicemen Military mode set pose state port phase brace mien outlook mood stance feeling display fake affect playact fake it withhold affectation attitude bit chaser dissimilation false front feigning front performance phony posture pretense put-on sham show shuck and jive simulation soft soap stall stunt sweet talk air angle approach belief bent bias character demeanor disposition frame of mind headset inclination leaning like it is mental state mindset mindtrip notion opinion perspective philosophy point of view position predilection prejudice proclivity reaction routine say so sensibility sentiment slant stand standing standpoint temper temperament twist view where one is at aspect bearing carriage manner action ballgame case estate happening how it goes how things are how things stack up lay of the land order plight predicament quality rank repair reputation riff scene shape situation size of it sphere spot state of affairs status status quo trim way things are way things shape up where it's at care carrying on channels charge control direction execution guidance handling intendance leadership management manipulation organization oversight plan policy red tape regimen regulation rule running strategy superintendence supervision tactics transaction treatment wielding address comportment deportment manners tenue ways act condition conduct Posture stable eternal firm fixed unmoved unstable varying altered affected adjusted changed modified banausic blah boring colorless dreary droning dull dull as dishwater flat flat as pancake ho-hum humdrum monotone nothing pedestrian plodding prosaic puts one to sleep recurrent reiterated repetitious repetitive samely sing-song soporific tedious tiresome toneless treadmill unchanged unchanging uniform uninflected uninteresting unrelieved unvaried unvarying wearisome wearying changeless consistent constant invariable perpetual unaltered unfailing abiding continuing enduring equable even immutable imperishable lasting rigid same stabile static unfading unfluctuating undeveloped unrestored monotonous unimproved Iran I Ran iran missile missiles Missile cinquefoil pentangle pentagram quintuple lustrum cinque quinquennium pentacle quintette quintuplet limerick pentad quincunx quinquennial quintuplicate pentagon five Pentagon deputy mediator agent delegate champion prophet mouth talker speaker PR person representative spokesman spokeswoman President administrator captain chair chairperson chairwoman director introducer leader moderator monitor presider principal prolocutor toastmaster announcer barker bigmouth blowhard braggart bragger commentator conversationalist debater gasbag gossip lecturer mouthpiece orator raconteur speechmaker spokesperson windbag after-dinner speaker elocutionist keynoter public speaker rhetorician chairman Spokesman 2017 smashing cracking tearing strong parting dividing union breakdown breaking crackup disintegration dispersal dissolution divorce ending rift separation split splitsville splitting termination wind-up analysis apportionment autopsy bisection breaking down breaking up carving contrasting cutting up demarcation departmentalizing detaching detachment diagnosis disjuncture dismemberment disparting disseverance distinguishing distribution disunion disuniting parceling partition reduction rending rupture segmentation selection separating severance splitting up subdivision vivisection breach contravention crime error faux pas infringement lapse offense sin slip transgression trespass beginning blowup brawl break burst bursting commencement commotion convulsion crack crash dawn detonation discharge disorder disruption ebullition effervescence epidemic eruption explosion fit flare-up flash fury gush gushing insurrection irruption mutiny onset outburst outpouring paroxysm plague rebellion revolution roar sally sortie spasm spurt storm sundering surge thunder tumult uprising volley adieu breakup crossroads departure divergence division farewell going leave-taking on the rocks split-up valediction bifurcation branch branching complication consequence divarication excrescence extension forking offshoot outgrowth radiation result sequel subdividing upshot infraction outbreak ramification NEWS news
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