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Ubi Caritas - Adam

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Adam's Ubi Caritas a capella warm-up.


Ubi Caritas a capella tenor 1 Adam vocal warm up lullaby acapella choir chorus concert gospel plant scrub jungle vine hedge forest brush briar back country backwoods boondocks boonies bush countryside cow country farmland farms forests green belt hinterland middle of nowhere outback outdoors province sticks up country wide open space wilderness wilds woodlands woods bedraggle burn out conk out debilitate deplete disable drain droop drop enervate exhaust fag fizzle flag jade knock out languish overtire peter out poop poop out prostrate sag sink succumb take tucker weaken wear down weary backcountry backwater outskirts unknown barrier enclosure fence guard hedgerow hurdle protection quickset screen shrubbery thicket windbreak boscage chaparral labyrinth maze morass primeval forest tangle undergrowth wasteland web wood zoo a notch under bottom bush-league dinky insignificant less important low lower minor minor-league nether second-fiddle second-string slighter small small-fry small-time subjacent subordinate third-string undersized country fatigue frontier lesser Bush glycerine Glycerine bush b ush g lycerine bu sh gl ycerine bus h christii glycerin chilpigian verbal singing sonant lyric oral said uttered voiced choral vowel sung phonic vocalic quiet shy blunt frank round free facile fluent glib noisy venting affecting ardent articulate expressive facund fervent fervid forceful grandiloquent graphic impassioned impressive indicative magniloquent meaningful moving outspoken passionate persuasive poignant potent powerful revealing rhetorical sententious significant silver-tongued smooth-spoken stirring suggestive telling touching vivid vocal voluble well-expressed chatty cogent copious cursive declamatory disputatious easy effortless effusive eloquent flowing garrulous liquid loquacious mellifluent mellifluous natural prompt quick ready running smooth talkative verbose well-versed wordy artful fast-talking flip hot-air insincere plausible slippery smooth operator smooth-tongued suave urbane vocative agreeable blending chiming consonant dulcet euphonious harmonious lilting mellow melodic melodious operatic orchestral pleasing rhythmic silvery songful sweet sweet-sounding symphonic symphonious tuned tuneful ejaculatory lingual narrated phonated phonetic recounted related sounded told unwritten viva voce word-of-mouth abrupt artless calling spade a spade candid direct forthright laying it on the line open plain plain-spoken point-blank square straightforward strident talking turkey unceremonious unequivocal unreticent up front musical Vocals singing skills the vocal cords voice talent a singer&39;s performance lid canvas sheet mask screen cap roof jacket front dress top tent coating wrapper seal facade sheath bark hood guise overlay cloak paint spread veneer ceiling varnish binding marquee dome shroud veil case stopper polish drop awning put-on canopy parasol wraps tarp reality harbor covert haven guard safety refuge asylum port danger coat bury layer shield mantle crown daub stash carpet cache house clothe enfold invest shade put on encase set on unmask unwrap ignore reveal open expose show let go tell forget fend defend secure harm injure hurt reach involve examine survey suffice embrace embody meet reject fail divide relate detail recount report narrate tell of hide offset insure balance relieve make good take over uncover exclude lay out abandon track range cross trek stay account affirmation airtight case allegation answer assertion assurance avowal cop-out cover declaration excuse explanation fish story justification plea pretext profession proof reason reply retort song and dance stall statement vindication administer affix anoint bestow fasten join lay on massage place rub smear touch den hideaway hideout hole ivory tower preserve retreat safe house sanctuary security shelter bed linen bedclothes bedspread blanket comforter coverlet eiderdown electric blanket linen pillow pillowcase quilt thermal blanket bedcover counterpane adhere attach bandage border chain cinch clamp connect constrict edge enchain enfetter fetter finish fix fold furl glue hamper handcuff hem hitch hitch on hobble hook on hook up lace lap lash leash manacle moor muzzle paste peg down pin pin down pinion put together restrain restrict rope shackle stick strap swathe tack on tether tie tie up trammel trim truss unite wrap yoke alibi apply bedding bind Cover covers boxers boxer shorts underwear underpants pants adam Adam gooby goober awesome amazing lover addy cute hottie perfect boy perfection strong good looking athletic talented loving greek leader men meaning acapella A Capella a cappella instrumental rap solo harmony chant cappella beatbox noises human mouth silent music a capela cappela capella Capella star stars constellations auriga aurigae alpha aurigae aur alpha aur sexy funny beautiful bitchy perfect involved active auxiliary conducive helpful helping subsidiary useful of help of service useless accessible accommodating advantageous applicable benevolent bettering caring considerate constructive contributive convenient cooperative crucial effectual efficacious essential favorable fortunate friendly good for important improving instrumental invaluable kind neighborly operative practical pragmatic productive profitable serendipitous serviceable significant suitable supportive symbiotic sympathetic timely usable utilitarian valuable affecting authoritative big-gun big-wheel controlling dominant famous forcible governing guiding hot-dog impressive inspiring leading major-league meaningful momentous moving name persuasive potent prominent strong substantial telling touching weighty a cappella acoustic air bebop bop chamber classical folk fusion hard rock harmony heavy metal hymn jazz measure melody modern opera piece plainsong popular ragtime rap refrain rock rock and roll singing song soul strain swing tune assisting beneficial commercial cost-effective effective fruitful gainful going good in the black lucrative paid off paying paying well remunerative rewarding self-sustaining successful sustaining sweet well-paying worthwhile accessory adjuvant ancillary appurtenant bush-league collateral contributory flunky inferior minor subordinate supplemental supplementary adaptable at disposal at hand consumable current employable exhaustible expendable exploitable fit functional in order open practicable ready running subservient unused utile utilizable valid wieldy influential music Instrumentals instrumentals beats nick rio compositions track sound hiphop rnb clubpop glycerine Glycerine bush b ush g lycerine bu sh gl ycerine bus h christii glycerin chilpigian chant warble whistle shout croon hum wait intone solo descant resound hymn purr troll groan chirp mouth carol tune roar whine pipe buzz yodel duet lullaby trill choir canary conceal talk rat inform fink betray snitch turn in peach hide blurt out dime disclose evince fink on give away lay bare let slip make known manifest rat on reveal show sing spill squeal stool tattle tell tell on uncover unmask call chip chipper chirrup lilt purl quaver roll sound tweedle tweet twitter acknowledge affirm allow assert attest aver avow blow clue in come clean come out concede confide declare divulge dump on finger grant humble oneself leak let on level with make clean breast of narrate open one's heart own own up post profess prove recognize relate sound off spill the beans spit out tip hand unload vent weasel accord adapt adjust agree arrange attune be in unison be of one mind blend chime with cohere combine compose cooperate coordinate correlate fit in with integrate orchestrate proportion reconcile reconciliate set suit symphonize synthesize unify unite bombilate bombinate bum bumble drone moan mumble murmur rustle sing low strum throb thrum whir whisper zoom bawl beat one's breast bemoan bewail bleed cry deplore eat one's heart out howl hurt kick self rain regret repine rue sob sorrow take it hard wail weep confess harmonize lament SING SING! 'sing sorry not gay man hot babe woman female ugly girl sexual inappropriate hetroflexible awkward turtle tmi turkey number strain lyric melody hymn poem anthem aria verse ditty ballad lay carol tune chant shanty vocal air chorus psalm rock piece round oldie opera canticle chorale expression golden oldie lullaby refrain rock and roll song Vocals singing skills the vocal cords voice talent a singer&39;s performance arc arch loop swerve sweep crook bend whorl ambit circle quirk bight bow turn vault round chord ogee helix camber line unity melody tune unison concert piece chime chorus euphony triad blend organum discord clash catenary circuit circumference compass concavity contour curlicue curvation curvature ellipse festoon flexure hairpin half-moon horseshoe hyperbola incurvation incurvature meniscus parabola rondure sinuosity trajectory arrangement attunement blending composition concentus concinnity concurrence consonance diapason harmonics mellifluousness melodiousness overtone polyphony richness symphony tunefulness curve harmony Chord Chords scale interval music theory minor and major scales music piano chords powerchords revenge payback forthelolz lol laughter idiot dickhead retard moron jerk rob steal chordie taxed stole grafted chunt elephant cock chord boi fried lez lanky acapella A Capella a cappella instrumental rap solo harmony chant cappella beatbox noises human mouth silent music a capela cappela karaoke Karaoke foreplay sex singing dancing live orchestra karate japanese entertainment musicians mraz douche douchebag marz doosh chili's chili chilis Chili Chili's food resturant delicious heaven mmm beef kidney beans chili-o cheddar cheese saltine crackers synonyms: sucks crap gay fucked. antonmys: awesome great hot on fire blazin red hot hottish chil chile sexy cool best actor chili&39;s weed pot drugs marijuwana gravy salt sauce relish spice zest pepper salsa catsup stud dab fleck vigor ardor fervor spirit life zip pep bounce juice zap apathy lack need want lace imbue blotch mole speck patch pock pit dot daisy macula infuse sprinkle intermix diffuse bestrew intersow gather hurl pound belt speed swat dash sling rush rain shoot knock stone tear pour cast tap stress divide point accent mark break unite join agree mar spoil bore help cook plain herb soil blot sully taint dirty clean unspot dust spit spot mist lob force shove fling fire drive send flip start lift push pitch put heave bunt flick toss waft cant bandy strew floor pelt peg buck spray fell butt shy upset chuck impel slow pull stop keep hold catch zeal zing kick oomph hate languor flake dressing horseradish ketchup mustard seasoning bespeckle dabble freckle pimple stipple abandon animation buoyancy cheerfulness eagerness ebullience effervescence excitement exhilaration friskiness gayness get up and go high spirits liveliness sprightliness vitality add zing add zip ginger hot it up impart leaven pep up season blemish lentigo pigmentation pockmark speckle distribute interfuse interlard intersprinkle condiment exuberance flavor intersperse Pepper drugs drug amphetamine addict addiction butt boing butt captain butt cheese butt bucaneer ass bang pepp pep-pep peppy peps dick cheney shoot in the face quails whittington shotgun solid strong tough dense firm iron packed rigid rocky set stiff stony thick facile untrue soft weak pliant easy mild simple nice heavy arduous serious rough hairy irksome knotty labored mean murder onerous operose rugged severe slavish sticky tiring uphill wearing toilful light happy bleak harsh painful grim angry austere bitter brutal callous cold dark dour hostile stern strict unjust unkind kind bright sunny gentle sure actual bare genuine plain unsure strongly seriously vigorously heavily severely angrily briskly brutally cruelly earnestly fiercely forcibly frantically furiously intensely madly meanly painfully powerfully roughly savagely sharply sprightly urgently viciously violently wildly actively animatedly ferociously keenly like fury rigorously rowdily spiritedly stormily turbulently vivaciously lightly softly moderately gently easily tolerantly yielding unfixedly closely intently steadily doggedly badly awkwardly carefully hardly harshly arduously tiredly slowly sorely close fast tight firmly absolute authentic categorical certain concrete confirmed definite factual for real hard honest injun honest to God indisputable indubitable kosher physical positive realistic substantial substantive sure enough tangible true truthful undeniable unquestionable verified brewed distilled fermented inebriant inebriating sprituous vinous bold challenging demanding difficult elaborate energetic exacting formidable grandiose impressive industrious lofty pretentious strenuous visionary ascetic astringent earnest forbidding formal grave inexorable inflexible obdurate rigorous sober solemn somber stringent unfeeling unrelenting exhausting grueling laborious punishing taxing toilsome wearisome acutely deeply exceedingly extremely gravely greatly alcoholic ambitious backbreaking Hard horny erection sexy blowjob bang erect aroused awesome kostas nails violent fights tattoos built big mind focus fixate settle put apply ponder set center attend study peruse muse examine meditate sweat need weigh ruminate hammer rivet ignore scatter confuse forget neglect reduce cluster combine amass cramp crowd bunch compact swarm pile hoard store garner congest heap huddle unify muster collect mass embody narrow heap up zero in weaken loosen divide part spend let go spread waste expand extend give abbreviate abstract blue pencil chop clip compress concentrate condense contract curtail cut decrease digest diminish downsize lessen limit put in nutshell restrict slash snip summarize trim truncate accrue acquire add to agglomerate aggregate amalgamate assemble bring together cache clean up collocate compile cumulate draw together gain gather grow heap together incorporate increase load up lump make a bundle make a killing pile up procure profit rack up roll up round up scare up stack up stockpile store up swell unite address angle aspire attempt cast contemplate covet design direct endeavor essay fix intend level mean plan propose purpose set one's sights on sight slant steer strive target train try want wish zero in on zoom in be diligent be industrious bear down bend buckle down commit dedicate devote dig give all one's got give best shot give old college try grind hammer away hit the ball hustle knuckle down make effort peg away persevere plug pour it on pull out all stops scratch throw turn absorb engage immerse interest occupy throw oneself into clabber coalesce concrete congeal consolidate curdle dry gel gelate gelatinize glop up harden inspissate jell jellify jelly lopper solidify thicken abridge accumulate aim bury coagulate Concentrate juice orange drink beverage concntrate concintrate shit defecate take a shit crap euphemism poop feculance excretion excrement discharge weed hoe nigguh cow chili's chili chilis Chili Chili's food resturant delicious heaven mmm beef kidney beans chili-o cheddar cheese saltine crackers synonyms: sucks crap gay fucked. antonmys: awesome great hot on fire blazin red hot hottish chil chile sexy cool best actor chili&39;s weed pot drugs marijuwana glowing heated hot fiery cold cool eager excited extreme furious intense violent fresh latest mod modern heinous untrue crying odious good proper salty breezy broad erotic racy ribald wicked moral bland dull clean decent warm happy baking torrid alight afire aflame blazing earnest ardent fervid frantic hectic red-hot zealous new recent now extant today future old past avid keen rabid agog hearty intent lively nutty wacky gaga bugged weary weak frigid fierce ablaze madcap calm mild gentle flat red raging bright vivid sausage boaster dog frank wiener hotshot redhot weenie rousing fervent burning deep flaming moving mushy radiant luminous shining beaming fulgent lambent lucent dark dim trendy newest muggy soggy close wet mucky dry ugly arid dried damp moist sexy timely modish searing sizzling boiling steaming scalding broiling roasting sultry freezing severe heavy loving steamy wanton tropic white piping humid stuffy coeval scorching sweltering blistering enthusiastic fanatical impassioned passionate vehement au courant contemporary hippest most recent atrocious backbiting calumnious defamatory desperate detracting detractive disgraceful gossiping ignominious infamous libelous maligning monstrous opprobrious outrageous red hot scurrilous shameful shocking slanderous traducing unseemly vilifying scandalous Red Hots Red Hot hot mama hawt dangerous bad zone chili peppers californication rose maroon pink cherry brick blush rust florid rosy ruddy coral wine copper russet puce garnet claret cerise salmon dahlia ruby titian ablaze afire aflame alight blazing brilliant conflagrant fiery flaring glowing ignited in flames raging red red-hot animated aroused blushing burning crimson elated embarrassed enthused exhilarated feverish full-blooded high hot inspired intoxicated rubicund rutilant rutilous sanguine thrilled aglow beaming flaming flush flushed gleaming lambent luminous lustrous phosphorescent rich suffused vibrant vivid warm baking blistering boiling broiling calescent close decalescent febrile fevered feverous heated humid igneous incandescent like an oven on fire ovenlike parching piping recalescent roasting scalding scorching searing sizzling smoking steaming stuffy sultry summery sweltering sweltry thermogenic torrid tropic tropical very warm white bloody half-cooked half-raw moderately done nearly raw not done rarely done undercooked underdone aflush blooming colored deep pink fresh healthy-looking high-colored incarnadine pale red peach red-complexioned red-faced rose-colored roseate rare Reds Red color read morgan shawshank humid torrid warm heated white sultry red close fiery stuffy tropic baking piping arctic out frigid dry cold cool mild calm old sharp spicy acrid racy dull bland fierce intense stormy angry ardent eager excited fervent fervid furious lustful raging touchy violent aroused popular fresh trendy approved dandy favored glorious groovy keen latest neat nifty peachy recent super just out kind carnal erotic lewd accomplished ace adroit brainy capable clean crack crackerjack deft dexterous expert hot hotshot know stuff masterful masterly no dummy no slouch nobody's fool on the ball on the beam practiced proficient quick savvy sharp as a tack skilled skillful slick smooth there up to speed versed whiz wizard ambrosial appealing attractive captivating charming cute darling dear delectable delicious delightful dishy dreamy fetching heavenly luscious pleasing precious sexy suave amative amatory aphrodisiac attached boy crazy doting enamored fond girl crazy have a crush on horny hot and heavy impassioned in love infatuated lovesick lovey dovey passionate romantic sweet for sweet on tender turned on affronted annoyed antagonized bitter chafed choleric convulsed cross displeased enraged exacerbated exasperated ferocious fuming galled hateful huffy ill-tempered incensed indignant inflamed infuriated irascible irate ireful irritable irritated maddened nettled offended outraged piqued provoked resentful riled sore splenetic storming sulky sullen tumultous/tumultuous turbulent uptight vexed wrathful agog avid blazing burning desirous hungry lovey-dovey lusty spirited thirsty vehement zealous aggressive antagonistic at loggerheads battling bellicose cantankerous combative contentious fighting flip have a bone to pick have chip on shoulder have it in for hostile hot-tempered mean militant on the outs ornery pugnacious quarrelsome scrappy truculent warlike adept adorable amorous belligerent HOT Hot artistic helpful humane learned liberal refined refining edifying adorning raising widening rousing dynamic far-out hairy emotive facund dull fixed galling heady pushing goading pleasing inspiring gripping touching emotional awakening provoking arousing absorbing riveting exciting inviting stirring boring moving exalting advancing beautifying beneficial broadening civilizing constructive corrective developmental dignifying disciplining educative elevating ennobling enriching expanding glorifying humanizing influential inspirational instructive liberalizing nurturing ornamenting polishing promoting regenerative socializing stimulating uplifting affective breathless eloquent expressive felt in gut grabbed by heartbreaking heartrending impelling impressive meaningful mind-bending mind-blowing motivating persuasive poignant propelling quickening rallying sententious significant something stimulative stunning turned on by annoying challenging disturbing incensing inciting insulting intoxicating offensive outrageous spurring stimulant electrifying exhilarating captivating fascinating interesting intriguing provocative refreshing animating encouraging enlivening heartening inspiriting cultural thought-provoking Inspirational inspire inspired inspires inspiration dwell repeat French harp blues harp harmonicon harp jaw harp mouth harp harmonica kazoo mouth bow panpipe mouth organ Harp harp irishman america ireland americans harpist hearpist music instrument artist beard magical beautiful wizard it&39;s etymology it&39;s players great teachers passion soul passionate harp French harp harmonica harmonicon kazoo mouth bow mouth harp panpipe mouth organ Harmonica music blues bob dylan folk suck blow blowjob head fellatio cunnilingus muff diving eating her out eating pussy carpet muncher cooch smooch clam cram poon tuner yep daniel just made this for the humour and you docking leclair homosexuals elderlies semen great vivid hard dark rich alto low grave stupid trivial artless flighty pale weak poor mild soft happy shallow open light quiet deep faint muted baritone bass booming contralto extreme full-toned low-pitched low-toned profound resonant sonorous strong gentle hushed muffled 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material matter skeleton staple substance substructure sum tenor total trunk whole amount amplitude caliber dimension division expanse extent gauge gradation grade height intensity interval length limit line link mark notch period plane point proportion quality quantity range rate ratio reach rung scale scope severity shade size space stage stair standard step stint strength term tier bag being bent bias cast character complexion constitution cup of tea druthers emotions flash frame of mind groove habit humor identity inclination individualism individuality leaning make-up mind-set nature penchant personality predilection predisposition proclivity proneness propensity readiness spirit stamp temper tendency thing type vein design direction end implication import intention object progress progression significance action clout effectiveness efficacy efficiency enforcement execution fact force implementation imprint influence meaning power reality use validity vigor weight bearing bottom line heart idea kernel keynote marrow name of the game nature of the beast nitty gritty nuts and bolts punch line quintessence score short soul subject summary thrust topic upshot degree disposition effect Tenor vocal weight timbre voice type spinto lyric dramatic music soprano mezzo-soprano contralto countertenor baritone soprano man singer musicology timeframe immaturity continuance open unexpired accustom educate inure train practice modify program ready equip sharpen build up work out shape up tone up forget poach sear reduce ruin seethe melt bake imbue blanch scald nuke doctor fix parch simmer fry boil brown sizzle mull burn heat devil stew spoil broil coddle grill toast curry roast brew steep steam scorch braise decoct panfry sauté grow aid wet help cool develop prepare exert improve hone work ply labor break strain foster set drill teach groom dry run put out tune up ignore laze halt idle relax rest thaw ignite warm char swelter flush sun perspire blaze singe oxidize fire inflame bask glow chafe enkindle flame kindle reheat smelt oxidate frizzle calorify enflame grow hot grow warm tepefy zap study recite polish iterate dress go over try out cease dull stop form supply provide make gird produce assemble qualify plan brace draw up arrange coach contrive fashion fortify perfect concoct fit prime dispose adjust adapt appoint outfit cook steel settle endow furnish fill in make up turn out fit out weaken wreck hurt take let go upset unfit get brief post order prep gear up get set wise up retard slow fail lose recount relate tell test narrate act review repeat depict reenact do over mix up conceal hide confuse neglect loosen soften run flow flux relent fuse unbend worry freeze tutor shape mold tame ground season update rear school harden guide learn step workout warm-up tryout call gym task lesson action theme toil repose fun disuse misuse teaching guidance exercise basics tuition buildup tutelage coaching tune-up readying session routine inactivity lead-in kickoff preview opener run-up walk-up gymsuit sweats warm-ups brainwash habituate loosen up make ready toughen up warm up whip into shape work over barbecue deep fry escallop french fry fricassee griddle microwave parboil percolate pressure-cook break in condition cultivate discipline lick into shape limber up maneuver pump iron put through grind put through mill rehearse run through walk through incandesce incinerate raise the temperature set on fire warmups Warm up thrower ups warmup throwers bros drinking drinking game 4 shots drunk increase heart rate jäger jägermeister liquor shots narcissism flattery self-esteem pride hot tepid sunny mild balmy hot close snug stormy aloof unkind violent cool cooled cold unhappy calm cordial happy hearty tender loving sincere affable amiable amorous ardent fervent genial kindly sad nasty mean nutty keen angry dull toast thaw prepare melt heat bake chafe cook fix warm up amicable approachable benevolent benign breezy civil clubby congenial 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cuddling homo homosexual rude selfish stingy music pretentious stupid fat phat music song croon abate allay balm becalm cease chill out compose cool cool off decrease die down diminish dwindle ebb fall hush lay back let up lullaby moderate pacify put a lid on qualify quell quiet quiet down settle slacken soft-pedal soothe still stroke subdue subside take it easy take the edge take the sting out temper tranquilize wane belt out burst into song buzz canary cantillate carol chant chirp choir descant duet groan harmonize hum hymn intone lift up a voice line out make melody mouth pipe purr resound roar serenade shout singsong solo trill troll tune vocalize wait warble whine whistle yodel air anthem aria ballad canticle chorale chorus ditty expression golden oldie lay lyric melody number oldie opera piece poem psalm refrain rock rock and roll round shanty strain verse vocal lull sing Lullaby Lullaby love song selling out love usher t pain back /b/ you weeaboo ensemble carolers chorale voices chorus trio cast band troupe set group sum outfit total whole sextet octet part chant warble whistle shout croon hum wait intone solo descant resound hymn purr troll groan chirp mouth carol tune roar whine pipe buzz yodel duet lullaby trill canary conceal choir choristers glee club singing group vocalists aggregate assemblage company composite entirety gathering orchestra organization quartet quintet totality belt out burst into song cantillate harmonize lift up a voice line out make melody serenade singsong vocalize Liederkranz Liedertafel a cappella choir singing society sing Choir choir freak music singing choir robes high school activities awesome wicked musicals sayin given truth for real right on as if choir chorale voices melody music theme tune motif song strain burden bob silence unison accord discord canticle chant chorus hymn paean Christmas song Noel ballad canzonet ditty lay madrigal cantillate carol croon descant doxologize drone intone recite shout vocalize warble collaboration concord concordance consonance joint league togetherness unanimity union chime concert conformity congruence congruity correspondence harmony suitableness aggregate assemblage band cast company composite entirety gathering glee club group octet orchestra organization outfit quartet quintet set sextet sum total totality trio troupe whole anthem ensemble Chorus loud part scream really loud verse tay zonday chocolate rain stairway nickelback middle gobbeldygook poetry memory thought singing gig show disunity tune unison league accord concord union chorus joint discord 10-4 accordance concert concurrence conformity congruence correspondence deal good vibes good vibrations harmony okay pact rapport reconciliation sympathy treaty unanimity answer attune be in harmony blend click cohere coincide concur conform consort correspond equal fall in with fit get along with go hand in hand go together go well with harmonize jibe match parallel square suit synchronize tally acceding accession accommodation acknowledging adjustment affiliation affinity alliance amity approving arbitration arrangement assenting authorizing bargaining compatibility compliance complying compromise concession concordance concurring congruity consistency endorsing granting mediation ratifying similarity suitableness understanding verification verifying adapt adjust agree to blueprint chart come to terms construct contrive decide design determine devise direct draft establish frame get act together get ready hammer out a deal iron out lay out line up make a connection make ready manage map out negotiate organize prepare project promote provide pull a wire pull things together quarterback resolve schedule scheme set stage settle shape up tailor work out work out a deal ball bazaar charitable affair charity performance dance dinner exhibit exhibition fair pancake breakfast raffle consonance agree agreement arrange benefit Concert CON-cert music concerts rock pit ca$h loud speakers sweat 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