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uhuru directs Interior Ministry to issue ID cards promptly

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed the ministry of Interior to ensure speed issuance of National Identity Cards to enable Kenyans exercise their right to ...


President Uhuru Kenyatta Devolution CS Mwangi Kiunjuri Interior CS Gen. (Rtd.) Joseph Nkaisery Laikipia Uhuru uhuru yeshitela dead prez black power socialism katamari game king universe princedom rusty trombone feltching advise conduct control guide handle keep lead operate run supervise administer boss dispose dominate govern influence ordain quarterback regulate rule shepherd superintend call the shots carry on control the affairs of have the say head up preside over run the show run things take the reins abandon give up leave let go neglect obey serve follow mismanage submit surrender yield diverge misdirect misguide mislead deliver tell warn inform instruct command address order read bid enjoin charge dictate lecture give directions give orders head set intend target show focus cast aim turn see train steer present mean incline beam level route point slant indicate escort lay sight fix pilot move in point the way sight on zero in take overlook ignore mark mail label inscribe designate superscribe try devote give apply throw bend settle endeavor strive buckle 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sluggishly listlessly indirectly eventually later eagerly grudgingly unwillingly early loosely slow Promptly prompt lots words definition CEO boss leader premier chief executive officer chief of state commander in chief head of state person in charge prime minister president President conservative liberal democrat republican mah nigga niggy niglet mah president prez prezy negro black pussy cunt penis Uhuru uhuru yeshitela dead prez black power socialism katamari game king universe princedom rusty trombone feltching Kenyatta kenyatta sexy girl female boobies kinyatta kenyetta funny kenyatta winterbaby sexy time travel skulls machines awesome da goat deterioration decadence declension decline degeneration descent drop fall recession regression relapse retrogression retrogradation ascent improvement increase rise achievement continuity perfection progress success corruption debasement decay degeneracy degradation devolution dissipation dissolution downfall downgrade evil excess gluttony 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delegation fortune construction creation building Devolution change kindness acceptance mwangi Joseph joseph joe joey cariño perfect jesus chroiist jeush blessed cheese gamer nerd cute best friend nevergivesup notaquitter jolo gorgeous funny adorable amazing the one wonderstruck awesome mine joeseph james jayme josh
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