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HOOLIGAN CLASH/FIGHT PAOK VS SCHALKE 04 PUB DESTROYED 16-2-2017Schalke 04 fans in PAOK (EL; 16.02.2017)Ultras PAOK vs Schalke 16.02.17


activist diehard extremist fanatic maniac militant nut radical fiend ultra young Turk conservative moderate young turk zealot revolutionary agitator die-hard ultraist revolutionist ultras Ultras supporter tifo rivolta riot soccer football chant fans oioi hooligans awesome tip top excellent pinacle best immoderate uber alpha beyond extreme mega non average normal loser cool wonderful magnificent wizard criminal delinquent gangster mobster rioter rowdy thug troublemaker goon hood punk ruffian brigand crook desperado forager gunperson highwayperson hijacker holdup person hooligan marauder outlaw pillager pirate plunderer racketeer raider ravager robber villain beast bigot boor brute cannibal clod hun ignoramus lout monster philistine rascal troglodyte vandal bad actor black marketeer blackmailer con convict culprit deuce evildoer ex-con felon fugitive guerilla heavy hoodlum hustler inside person jailbird lawbreaker malefactor mug muscle offender repeater scofflaw sinner slippery eel transgressor trespasser wrongdoer yardbird bandit bruiser dealer hit person mafioso member of the family pusher soldier tough law police bandits barbarian Philistine sophisticate humanitarian criminals Hooligan hooligans thugs violent aggressive gangsta fooligan hoolifuck foolifuck shenanagans bruno mars fandom fan bruno gang violence argument battle brawl conflict confrontation crash dispute encounter fracas melee misunderstanding rift riot showdown skirmish affray break broil brush bump collision concussion discord discordance disharmony embroilment engagement fray impact jam jar jolt jump opposition row rumpus run-in rupture scrap scrimmage set-to shock smash wallop difference of opinion donnybrook have a go at each other mix up agreement calm concord harmony peace truce compatibility altercation assault attack clash disturbance quarrel ruckus scuffle beef bickering blowup bone bone of contention bone to pick brannigan controversy crusher debate disagreement dustup exchange face-off falling feud finisher flap fuss gin hassle knock down and drag out knockdown out rhubarb romp ruction scene shindy spat squabble static stew tiff words wrangle blast boom burst clang clap crack detonation discharge howl peal pop report roar roll rumble salvo shot slam sound thud thump thunder wham agitation campaign contest crusade strife collide jangle clank grind grate rattle bang clatter prang match agree harmonize contend try differ disagree argue buck combat gall grapple war fret cross swords raise Cain bang heads mix it up please make happy make peace consent abstain surrender give in retreat disaccord mismatch contrast disharmonize be dissimilar not go with arguments whimper failure tap quiet loss silence accord battles Clash clashes joe strummer mick jones paul simonon topper headon awesome best punk rock band ever young artists tag meaningful quotes drunk booted zoned out high stoned action altercation argument battle bout brawl clash combat conflict confrontation contest controversy disagreement dispute duel exchange feud match melee quarrel riot rivalry round scuffle skirmish struggle war wrangling affray broil brush contention difficulty dissension dogfight engagement fisticuffs fracas fray free-for-all fuss hostility joust row ruckus rumble scrap scrimmage set-to strife tiff to-do tussle battle royal sparring match accord agreement calm concord harmony peace quiet truce friendliness friendship kindness encounter fight fighting warfare assail assault beset charge go at have at lunge at storm strike aggressiveness antagonism belligerence blitz combativeness destructiveness pugnacity push belligerency fighting spirit hostile act hostile behavior militance militancy offensive armed fighting armed hostilities fierce contest intense battle pitched battle attack boldness backbone resistance pluck mettle gameness spirit aggression hardihood weakness cowardice protect challenge resist meet withstand traverse wrestle bicker wrangle contend tilt grapple spar strive tug box buck rowdy repel oppugn bear arms cross swords altercate bandy with brush with carry on war do battle exchange blows flare up go to war mix it up ply weapons take all comers take the field take up the gauntlet wage war support believe make peace agree yield uphold give in surrender force maintain continue oppose argue hassle further wage conduct persevere prosecute squabble travail defy persist effect endure buckle down carry on fall out lay into take on engage in exert oneself hammer away light into make a stand against push forward put up an argument spare no effort stand up to take pains tangle with toil on forget quit idle leave give up stop halt neglect let go cease concur comply ignore rest retreat stoppage repose inertia inactivity inaction idleness cessation aggress armed aggression Fight alcohol testosterone violence men drunk beatahoeass violent face palm couple non-goals spat disagree paok PAOK paokara aris palaiohoriou skoulikia b. ethniki viragas bar inn joint lounge saloon tavern barroom roadhouse taproom after-hours joint ale house beer joint drinkery drinking establishment gin mill public house alehouse beer garden bistro canteen cocktail lounge pub rathskeller tap watering hole neighborhood bar neighborhood pub beer garden cabaret dump flea trap flophouse hangout hole honky-tonk night club pool hall help aid advantage beer parlor dive jump ascent gin mills Pub pubs ale drink friends food resturaunt alcohol pool table landlord social broken demolished devastated lost ravaged ruined shattered smashed wrecked abolished annihilated blasted blighted consumed devoured disintegrated eradicated felled killed obliterated overwhelmed sacked totaled wasted gutted torn down wiped out fixed repaired sober successful intact protected restored saved bad bleeding blue bummed out cast-down crestfallen crummy dejected despondent destroyed disconsolate dispirited down down and out down in the dumps down in the mouth downcast downhearted dragged fed up glum grim hurting in a blue funk in pain in the dumps in the pits in the toilet let down low low-down low-spirited lugubrious melancholy moody morose on a downer pessimistic ripped sad sob story spiritless taken down torn up unhappy weeping woebegone abandoned bare bleak derelict desert dreary empty forsaken godforsaken isolated lonely lonesome lorn solitary unfrequented uninhabited unoccupied vacant waste wild black cheerless cold comfortless crushed dark desolate despairing distressed doleful forlorn gloomy grief-stricken heartbroken hopeless inconsolable miserable somber sorrowful torn-up woeful wretched blown burnt out exhausted kaput played out scattered spent squandered ausgespielt beaten conquered cooked dashed dead defeated done in doomed dying finished foiled had it packed-up shot sunk through tired undone vanquished washed-up bewitched convicted cursed cut down damned dead duck done done for fated fey foreordained ill-fated ill-omened in the cards kiss of death luckless menaced overthrown predestined que sera sera reprobate sentenced star-crossed suppressed threatened thrown down unfortunate unredeemed depressed rich prosperous blessed raised pushed up unburdened comforted above heartened decent gay happy optimistic flourishing convex bulging satisfied encouraged joyous lucky fortunate glad cheerful cherished full bright populated befriended pleased used cultivated pleasant inhabited loved soothed consoled dissipated hoarded accumulated virtuous unselfish conservative stored gathered accomplished hopeful nice Destroyed lose owned ownage pwned cashed pwn'd *destroyed* -destroyed- (destroyed) <destroyed> 2017 feminst hughmungus blm riots terrorists
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