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Update on inappropriate educator-student relationship

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Rio Grande Valley Texas KGBT CBS4 Rio Grande Valley Sinclair Broadcasting Group amend modernize refurbish renew renovate restore revise refresh rejuvenate destroy ruin antique advise acquaint apprise clue clue in fill in give the word inform keep posted lay it out let in on make known notify post put next to put on the line put on to report show tell tip off update warn keep secret keep quiet pretend lie betray trick fool delude deceive withhold hide conceal advises admonishes advocates cautions charges commends counsels directs dissuades encourages enjoins exhorts forewarns gives a pointer gives a tip guides instructs kibitzes levels with moves opines points out preaches prepares prescribes prompts puts bug in ear puts in two cents recommends steers suggests touts updates urges warns keeps mum keeps secret keeps quiet pretends lies betrays stops neglects discourages tricks fools deludes deceives disapproves advising admonishing advocating cautioning charging commending counseling directing dissuading encouraging enjoining exhorting forewarning giving a pointer giving a tip guiding instructing kibitzing leveling with moving opining pointing out preaching preparing prescribing prompting putting bug in ear putting in two cents recommending steering suggesting touting updating urging warning keeping mum keeping secret keeping quiet pretending lying betraying stopping neglecting discouraging tricking fooling deluding deceiving disapproving brief abridge edify enlighten epitomize explain give rundown give the lowdown initiate instruct orient prepare prime recapitulate show the lay of the land show the ropes summarize secret neglect briefed abridged advised apprised edified enlightened epitomized explained filled in gave the lowdown give rundowned informed initiated instructed oriented prepared primed recapitulated showed the ropes summarized tipped off updated secreted neglected hid briefing background meeting conference directions discussion guidance information initiation instruction meeting preamble priming rundown 101 Damnations Update Up-date disproportionate improper incorrect irrelevant tasteless unseemly unsuitable wrong bad form foot-in-mouth garbage ill-fitted ill-suited ill-timed inapplicable inapropos incongruous inconsonant indecorous inept left-field malapropos off out of line out of place unbecoming unbefitting undue unfit unfitting unmeet unseasonable untimely way off wrong-number appropriate correct decent fitting good moral proper right suitable alien conflicting contrary estranged exotic extraneous extrinsic inappropriate incompatible opposed remote separate unusual native normal familiar akin harmonious usual amiss awry bad confused crooked erring erroneous fallacious false faulty flawed foul glitched up haywire imperfect inaccurate mistaken out of order sick unfair unlawful untoward crazier absurd balmy beyond all reason bizarre cockeyed derisory eccentric fatuous foolhardy foolish goofy half-baked harebrained idiotic ill-conceived impracticable imprudent inane insane irresponsible loony ludicrous nonsensical odd out of all reason outrageous peculiar preposterous puerile quixotic ridiculous senseless short-sighted silly strange unworkable weird wild hate dislike believeable smart responsible realistic balanced regular serious reasonable sane wise logical careful sensible rational craziest crazy accidental additional adventitious beside the point extra foreign immaterial impertinent inadmissible inapposite incidental inessential needless nonessential off the subject peripheral pointless redundant superfluous supplementary unconnected unessential unnecessary unrelated integral material important essential necessary national pertinent basic needed relevant 101 Damnations educationist instructor lecturer professor schoolteacher coach dean mentor monitor trainer tutor department head pupil student drill instructor educator skipper teacher player coaches drill instructors educators mentors skippers teachers trainers tutors players students pupils pedagogue pedant schoolmaster assistant brain egghead faculty member fellow principal prof pundit quant rocket scientist sage savant abecedary adviser disciplinarian guide preceptor scholar supervisor teach abecedaries advisers assistants disciplinarians faculty members guides instructors lecturers pedagogues preceptors professors pundits scholars schoolteachers supervisors teaches Educator 101 Damnations graduate junior pupil scholar undergraduate apprentice disciple docent grad learner novice observer registrant schoolchild skill sophomore undergrad first-year student professor teacher academic academician lecturer scholastic student tutor ignoramus academics academicians lecturers professors pupils scholars scholastics students tutors ignoramuses amateur beginner flunky greenhorn heel neophyte new kid on block newcomer novitiate probationer rook rookie starter tenderfoot tyro mentor professional expert abecedarian buckwheater catechumen colt fish fledgling greenie initiate new kid on the block new person recruit trainee veteran old hand beginners abecedarians amateurs apprentices buckwheaters catechumens colts fishes fledglings greenhorns greenies initiates learners neophytes new kid on the blocks new persons newcomers novices novitiates probationers recruits starters tenderfoots trainees tyros veterans old hands experts professionals teachers cadet midshipman plebe youth Student 101 Damnations accord affair communication contact exchange liaison link marriage rapport relation tie affiliation affinity alliance analogy appositeness association bond conjunction consanguinity contingency correlation dependence dependency homogeneity hookup interconnection interrelation interrelationship kinship likeness nearness network parallel pertinence pertinency proportion ratio relativity relevance similarity tie-in tie-up consociation divorce antagonism difference disassociation disconnection dissimilarity disunion division imbalance opposition separation unlikeness acquaintance awareness cognizance conversance familiarity fellowship grasp intimacy ken relationship understanding disagreement misunderstanding unfamiliarity strangeness stranger ignorance acquaintances awarenesses conversances familiarities fellowships grasps intimacies relationships understandings disagreements misunderstandings unfamiliarities strangers adultery carrying on cheating extracurricular activity fling fornication hanky-panky immorality infidelity matinee playing around thing two-timing faithfulness affaire amour goings-on intrigue love rendezvous romance thing together hatred hate dislike affairs assignments avocations callings cases circumstances concerns duties employments episodes events happenings haps incidents interests jobs missions obligations occupations occurrences office functions proceedings professions projects provinces pursuits questions realms responsibilities subjects tasks things topics transactions undertakings irresponsibility surrenders hobbies fun entertainments amalgamation banding together bunch cahoots clan coalition combination confederation connection crew crowd gang incorporation joining league merging mob outfit partnership ring syndicate union dissolution detachment Relationship 101 Damnations Rio Grande Valley Rio 101 Damnations Grande 101 Damnations grande basin canyon gorge lowland plain bottom channel dale dell depression dingle glen notch swale trough vale coulee bay bowl concavity dip ewer gulf hole hollow lagoon pan pool pot sag sink sinkage sinkhole tub valley vessel washbasin washbowl watershed solid rise increase gulch gully ravine mountain cleavage break chasm cleft discontinuity divide division fracture rift schism separation severance split closure closing juncture crater dent dimple excavation impression indentation pit pocket scoop vacuity vacuum void convexity recovery hopefulness protuberance bulge surge hope happiness encouragement cheerfulness fullness glade clearing meadow groove canal corrugation crease crimp cut cutting ditch flute fluting furrow gouge gutter incision pucker rabbet rut scallop score scratch slit trench Valley 101 Damnations Valleys Texas 101 Damnations Sinclair 101 Damnations sinclair radio television transmission airing announcing auditioning performing reporting telecasting transmitting air time newscasting posting online putting on program advertising announcement ballyhoo billing blasting broadcasting buildup displaying exhibiting exhibition exposition hard sell hoopla hype pitch plug posting proclamation promo promoting promotion publicity puff screamer spread squib secret advertisement advice briefing broadcast bulletin communication communiqué disclosure dissemination divulgence edict exposing expression intimation message narration news notice notification prediction promulgation publication publishing recitation release report revelation statement suppression concealment announcements 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organize gather systematize huddle harmonize poke associate congregate consort punch corral bracket link collect assemble get together round up band together bunch up gang around gang up hang out make the scene scare up spread disagree separate divide mix up jumble disconnect scatter disperse disorganize disorder disarrange categorize marshal dispose assort pigeonhole order range rank file put together all across the board aggregate ensemble entirety everyone everything gross group integer jackpot lock stock and barrel mass quantity sum sum total total unit utmost wall to wall whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole nine yards whole schmear whole shooting match whole show works none zip zilch zero align array classify clear the decks fix up form line up methodize police police up position put in good shape put in order put to rights regulate spruce spruce up tidy whip into shape disturb confuse mismanage displace derange destroy arranged aligned arrayed classed classified disposed filed fixed up formed grouped methodized organized policed positioned ranged ranked regulated sorted spruced spruced up systematized tidied not planned disturbed confused mismanaged displaced dispersed deranged jumbled scattered mixed up disorganized disordered disarranged destroyed arranges aligns arrays classes classifies disposes files fixes up forms groups methodizes organizes polices positions puts in good shape puts in order puts to rights ranges ranks regulates sorts spruces spruces up systematizes tidies not plans disturbs confuses mismanages displaces disperses deranges jumbles scatters mixes up disorganizes disorders disarranges destroys arranging aligning arraying classifying classing disposing filing fixing up forming grouping methodizing organizing policing positioning putting in good shape putting in order putting to rights ranging ranking regulating sorting sprucing sprucing up systematizing tidying not planning disturbing confusing mismanaging displacing dispersing deranging jumbling scattering mixing up disorganizing disordering disarranging destroying display exhibit parade show cover hide conceal Group 101 Damnations
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