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Uruguay 1-4 Brazil:Spurs flop Paulinho scores hat-trick and Neymar in vital win after Edinson Cavani

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Brazil recovered from conceding an early goal to beat Uruguay 4-1 in Montevideo on Thursday, with Paulinho grabbing a hat-trick in a win that all but cements their place at next year's World Cup finals in Russia.The victory gave Tite his eighth win in eight games as coach and lifted leaders Brazil to 30 points in the South American qualifying group, a tally that has been more than enough to guarantee qualification in previous campaigns.The five-time World Cup winners led second-placed Uruguay by four points before the game but it was the weakened home side that took the lead after nine minutes thanks to a penalty from Edinson Cavani.Marcelo tried to chest down the ball to his keeper but Cavani nipped in to intercept and was pulled down by Alisson. The Paris Saint-Germain striker got up to rifle the ball home low to Alisson's right.It was the first time that Brazil had gone behind since Tite took over as coach last summer and it only took them nine minutes to show they would not be bowed.Neymar laid the ball off to Paulinho in midfield and the former Tottenham midfielder hammered home a spectacular right-foot shot from 30 yards out in the 19th minute.When Brazil took the lead seven minutes into the second half it was again Paulinho who did the damage.Goalkeeper Martin Silva could only parry Roberto Firmino's shot from the edge of the box and Paulinho was on hand to knock the rebound home from six yards.Neymar had a quiet game but he got Brazil's third with 16 minutes to go when he seized on a long ball to outrun Sebastian Coates and deftly lob the stranded Silva.Paulinho got his third and Brazil's fourth in injury time when he cheekily chested home a cross from Dani Alves.In the evening's earlier match, Colombia beat Bolivia 1-0 in Barranquilla, while Lionel Messi ensured Argentina beat Chile 1-0 in Buenos Aires.Uruguay 1-4 Brazil:Spurs flop Paulinho scores hat-trick and Neymar in vital win after Edinson Cavani,Uruguay 1-4 Brazil,Spurs flop Paulinho scores hat-trick and Neymar in vital win after Edinson Cavani,uruguay vs brazil 1-4,uruguay vs brazil,uruguay vs brazil world cup 2018 qualifying,uruguay vs brazil 2017,uruguay vs brazil all goals,uruguay vs brazil all goals 2017,uruguay vs brazil highlights,uruguay vs brazil highlights 2017,uruguay vs brazil resumen golesUruguay 1-4 Brazil:Spurs flop Paulinho scores hat-trick and Neymar in vital win after Edinson Cavanihttps://youtu.be/ffZFeR7502I


Uruguay 1-4 Brazil:Spurs flop Paulinho scores hat-trick and Neymar in vital win after Edinson Cavani Uruguay 1-4 Brazil Spurs flop Paulinho scores hat-trick and Neymar in vital win after Edinson Cavani uruguay vs brazil 1-4 uruguay vs brazil uruguay vs brazil world cup 2018 qualifying uruguay vs brazil 2017 uruguay vs brazil all goals uruguay vs brazil all goals 2017 uruguay vs brazil highlights uruguay vs brazil highlights 2017 uruguay vs brazil resumen goles uruguay URUGUAY Uruguay montevideo punta del este garra charrua mate world cup football fifa culture beaches nightlife you are gay australia socceroos soccer dud bust lemon bomb loser miracle success boon triumph wonder jerk sag flap toss drop lop wave flag hang ascend rise fold misfire close founder flummox achieve succeed address apartment base casa co-op condo crash pad crib den digs domicile dwelling flat flop habitat haunt headquarters hearth hole home homestead house joint lodging pad quarters residence roost sanctuary seat 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