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Utah wildfire grows to nearly 11,000 acres as high winds hamper firefighters

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Utah wildfire grows to nearly 11,000 acres as high winds hamper firefighters


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  Utah Wildfire Grows As Firefighters Make Gains   Utah wildfire swells to nearly 50,000 acres   LA battles largest wildfire in city's history   Utah wildfire swells to nearly 50,000 acres   500 firefighters battle wildfire in Southern California   Two dead in massive US wildfire   Utah wildfire still far from contained   Wildfire near Lake Dillon grows to 30 acres; crews gain upper hand   More than 30 wildfires rage across the West   Hundreds evacuated as wildfires spread in New Zealand   LA battles largest wildfire in city's history   LA battles largest wildfire in city's history   California wildfire forces evacuations   Pasco wildfire grows to 1000 acres   Gilroy Wildfire Grows To 100 Acres   Brush fire grows to 7,500 acres in Collier County   Wildfire Torched Landscape – Soda Fire   Crews 'Make Excellent Progress' On Lightner Creek Fire   Fox 4 Reporter Gives Update on Fire Near Naples Florida   Brooklyn Fire grows to nearly 36,000 acres   Wildfire in North Port area grows to more than 3,200 acres   Hundreds evacuated as wildfires spread in New Zealand   Entire Canadian City of 88,000 Forced to Flee From Wildfire | NBC Nightly News   Wildfire holding steady, evacuation orders lifted for Chimney Rock, Lake Lure   Finger-pointing as Utah wildfire grows to largest in US   Finger-pointing as Utah wildfire grows to largest in US   Lake Lure Fire scorches 4,500 acres; triggers new evacuations   Nearly a million people lose power in Michigan after high winds   Containment increasing for Frye Fire near Safford   Saddle Fire and Frye Fire updates   South Table Mountain Fire lays down overnight; firefighters continue battle   Brooklyn Complex Fire expands to nearly 36K acres   Table Rock State Park returns to normal after wildfire   Rutherford County Wildfire Scorches Nearly 7200 Acres   As 30,000-acre wildfire bore down, small northeast Colorado town’s farmers fought back   High winds hamper Greek firefighting efforts   Evacuations ordered as fire burns through Napa Valley   Evacuations ordered as fire burns through Napa Valley   Pueblo County fire grows to 5,000+ acres   Wildfire sweeps across Siberian Steppe, destroying homes   Wildfire Grows To 400 Acres In Northwest Colorado   Brush fire in North Port   1,500 Flee Homes Due To Southern California Wildfire   Starkey Park Brush Fire   Firefighters battling 45-acre brush fire   Dobson Knob Wildfire   Firefighters battling 4 brush fires   Florida Man's Book Burning Sparks Wildfire, Destroys Homes   ‘Fire behavior is going to become more extreme, more erratic’   Brian Head Fire Grows to 50000 Acres 10 Percent Contained   Salt Lake City Residents Flee As Wildfire Rages On   UPDATE: Mount Lemmon wildfire has slowed overnight   GILROY WILDFIRE: Wildfire near Gilroy burns 120 acres   NC wildfire ravage thousands of acres   Large fire burns for 2nd day, threatens homes near Athens   Firefighters monitor wildfire on State Road 54 at Gunn Highway in Pasco County   Utah Wildfire Claims 13 Homes, Causes Mass Evacuation   Excessive Heat Warning In Arizona   Brush fire sparks in St. Lucie, Martin counties   Peekaboo Fire Is 68% Contained   Firefighters battling three brush fires in Martin County   Firefighters battle to contain New Zealand wildfire   Southern California Bush Fire Causes Mass Evacuation   Kern County fire fighters working 100 acre fire in Bodfish   150 firefighters battle Los Angeles Fire   Historic La Tuna fire rips through 7,000 acres as it nears L.A.   Firefighters Get A Grip On La Tuna Wildfire   Firefighters headed to Tennessee wildfire   Utah wildfire rages across more than 42K acres   Wildfire in Utah rages across more than 42K acres   Massive Utah wildfire rages across more than 42K acres   10-11-2017 Atlas, CA Wooden Valley RD California Wildfire Update 12am   High temperatures, winds complicate Portugal wildfire fight   High temperatures, winds complicate Western wildfire fight   High temperatures, winds complicate Portugal wildfire fight

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