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Vaccine makers sink as President Biden considers waving patents

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dose needle booster dram enema inoculation injection anesthetic antibiotic antidote antiseptic antitoxin balm capsule cure drug elixir liniment lotion ointment pill potion prescription remedy salve sedative tablet tincture tonic vaccination medicament pharmaceutical physic serum biologic pharmacon medicine\u002Fmedication medication disease medicine antibody antiserum agglutinin agglutinogen antigen agglutinoid immunizer immunotoxin booster dose booster injection immunization recall dose booster shot preventive antivenin antipoison counteractant counteragent neutralizer vaccine medications Vaccine Cheugy builder inventor manufacturer producer author composer constructor originator capsize decline descend dig dip disappear drill drive drop drown fall go down lower overturn plummet plunge ram sag settle slump stick submerge wreck bore couch depress droop ebb engulf excavate flounder founder immerse lay overwhelm regress run scuttle set shipwreck slope stab stoop subside swamp thrust 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charm amuse bury drive in embed implant reveal dig out uncover disinter Cheugy SINK Sink CEO boss leader premier chief executive officer chief of state commander in chief head of state person in charge prime minister president Cheugy President biden Cheugy Biden acknowledge contemplate deal with examine favor grant look at recognize regard scrutinize see study cogitate concede consult deliberate envisage excogitate inspect meditate muse ponder reason reflect revolve ruminate scan speculate allow for assent to chew over dream of flirt with keep in mind mull over perpend provide for reckon with see about subscribe to take into account take under advisement take up think out think over toss around disregard forget ignore look away neglect refuse abandon discard dismiss leave reject hold feel analyze deem respect believe think view count remember credit suppose sense judge estimate appraise bear in mind care for hold an opinion keep in view look upon make allowance for set down take for 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control limitation refusal big as life clear cut conspicuous discernible indubitable make no bones marked noticeable observable out in the open overt patent perceivable self-evident unambiguous under one's nose understandable visible dubious doubtful secret unnoticeable unlikely real questionable improbable equivocal unintelligible unsure unknown uncertain invisible indistinct allotment bond code constitution contract conveyance deed document endowment grant indenture pact permit prerogative right settlement disagreement loss prohibition apprehensible audible coherent comprehensible crystal definite explicit express graspable incontrovertible intelligible knowable legible loud enough lucent lucid perceptible perspicuous precise pronounced readable recognizable sharp simple spelled out transpicuous unblurred uncomplicated unquestionable responsible clouded hindered clogged gloomy dim undefined difficult imprecise guilty culpable foggy congested mysterious shadowy cloudy complicated inexact clearer clearest open-and-shut unimportant unseen unremarkable imperceptible Cheugy Patent patents
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