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Venomous cobra missing in Grand Prairie, search underway

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killing mortal mortiferous murderous pestiferous ruthless suicidal unrelenting violent life-giving nonpoisonous benign calm lively invigorating healthful energizing animating harmless wholesome venom Venom venoms adder asp copperhead rattle snake viper cobra Cobra away lost removed disappeared lacking mislaid misplaced omitted short wanting AWOL astray left behind left out not present nowhere to be found unaccounted for adequate enough sufficient found here present absent bare blank devoid empty hollow minus missing nonexistent unavailable vacant vacuous complete full existing attending filled abundant casualties deads death tolls fatalities injures killeds losses missings prey sufferers woundeds casualty dead death toll fatality injured killed loss sufferer wounded gone burned up consumed decamped deceased defunct departed disintegrated displaced dissipated dissolved done down the drain dried up elapsed ended extinct finished flown left moved no more nonextant not a sign of not here 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