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Victims Cite stigma As The Greatest Challenge In Kenya, As World AIDS Day Is Marked

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People around the world joined forces to show their support and love for those living with the AIDS virus, as well as those who have died from the disease, when ...


Machakos Elija Lemayian UNICEF HIV Violet Otindo World AIDS day martyr gudgeon stooge pawn gull dupe patsy mark wretch prey fool quarry sucker butt clown gambit hunted gopher pigeon culprit chump clay pigeon derision easy mark fall guy goat jestee joke laughingstock sap setup sitting duck softie subject target turkey victim fish pushover boob can-carrier chopping block easy touch lamb to the slaughter prize sap sacrifice scapegoat schlemiel schmuck soft touch trusting soul whipping boy ass birdbrain blockhead bonehead bore buffoon clod cretin dimwit dolt dope dumb ox dunce dunderhead fair game fathead goose halfwit idiot ignoramus illiterate imbecile innocent jerk lamebrain lightweight loon moron nerd nincompoop ninny nitwit numskull oaf silly simpleton twerp twit chase fowl kill meat ravin wild animals Cavia porcellus cavy examinee experimental animal experimental subject lab animal lab rat laboratory animal rodent test animal test subject testee game guinea pig victims repeat name offer mention indicate specify recount spell out point out allege tell present exemplify advance remember reference reminisce rehearse excerpt number evidence adduce instance lay enumerate extract recite allude to refer to appeal to deny take call order ignore apprehend arraign arrest attack attribute betray blame blow the whistle brand bring charges censure charge cite complain criminate denounce file claim finger frame hang something on hold accountable impeach implicate impute incriminate inculpate indict lay at door let have it libel litigate lodge complaint pin on point finger at prosecute recriminate serve summons slander slur sue summon tax illustrate prove show ballyhoo beat the drum for benefit boost encourage foster further get ink for hype introduce lay forward make a pitch for plug proffer puff push put forward put on the map serve set forth splash spot submit suggest throw spotlight on urge affirm asservate aver avouch avow declare depose maintain plead profess state testify argue attest butt in claim contend defend horn in justify mouth off pop off predicate press proclaim pronounce protest say shoot off one's mouth shoot one's wad stand up for stress swear uphold vindicate warrant appeal initiate legal action institute prefer take to court accuse assert bring CITE C.I.T.E. stain scar odium blot slur brand spot taint mark blame blemish onus praise honor esteem credit pride beauty spot birthmark blackhead blister bloom blot on the landscape blotch blur bruise bug catch chip cicatrix defacement defect deformity dent discoloration disfigurement disgrace dishonor eyesore fault freckle hickey imperfection impurity lentigo lump macula maculation mole nevus nodule patch pimple pock pockmark second sight smudge snag speck speckle stigma tarnish vice wart whitehead zit black eye smear acne breakout eruption mottling splash bar sinister infamy mark of Cain reproach smirch discredit disesteem disfavor disrepute humiliation ignominy insignificancy opprobrium shame abasement abuse baseness comedown contempt contumely corruption culpability debasement debasing defamation degradation derision disbarment disrespect humbling ill repute ingloriousness meanness obloquy pollution prostitution put-down scandal scorn slander slight turpitude venality comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The huge big high strong vast husky fat bull ample bulky jumbo long mondo teeny tiny few menial stupid little minute small low soft weak mild thin short poor major grand famous fine heroic august noble royal capital notable primary chief leading main eminent exalted famed lofty noted regal stately sublime minor extra bad perfect good tough awesome best heavy expert adept crack aces cold total able adroit brutal utter fab usual flawed common plain rotten complete entire full greatest gross outright acme apogee climax crest crown culmination cusp height max maximum meridian most ne plus ultra peak pinnacle point roof spire sublimity summit tip tops up there vertex zenith accomplished champion consummate finished first foremost head highest master preeminent premier top A-1 ace beyond compare boss choicest cool culminating finest first-class first-rate incomparable inimitable matchless nonpareil number 1 optimum out-of-sight outstanding paramount peerless premium prime primo principal sans pareil second to none super superlative supreme terrific transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed biggest bulkiest largest basal basic central constitutive essential fundamental indispensable overriding overruling pivotal ruling vital all apex arch cardinal Greatest test protest threat trial demur defiance dare claiming win peace agree try claim confront defy impose denounce assert demand require call for impugn brave vindicate inquire tax cross impeach summon accost arouse reclaim query provoke exact stimulate beard ask for call out face down face off hang in object to deny dodge calm address annoy bother brace buttonhole call challenge entice face flag greet hail proposition run into salute welcome whistle for agitate alert animate awaken electrify enliven fire up foment foster goad heat up incite inflame instigate kindle move rally rouse send spark spur stir thrill turn on wake up waken warm whet whip up work up buzz canvass catechize cross-examine direct enjoin examine give the third degree go over grill hit hunt for institute interrogate investigate needle pick one's brains pop the question pry into pump put the screws to put through the wringer quiz request roast sweat bear court fly in the face of go through outdare risk stand up to suffer support take on venture withstand appeal to appoint ask charge command declare decree elect entreat ordain order postulate pray to proclaim requisition set apart solicit adduce advance allege believe collect defend have dibs on something hit up hold hold out for insist justify knock lay claim to need pick up pretend profess pronounce stake out take uphold Challenge Kenya kenya earth nature star sphere cosmos terrene realm race group class life area system field domain memory actuality animation journey living presence reality subsistence vitality world creation galaxy macrocosm macrocosmos megacosm solar system star system living world totality universe being breath continuance continuation duration endurance entity essence hand one is dealt individuality lifing permanence perseverance rat race real world something survival the big game Homo sapiens animality carnality human nature human race humanity living creatures mortality people physical nature physicality sensuality stock all-around all-inclusive all-out blanket catholic comprehensive cosmic cosmopolitan earthly ecumenical encyclopedic exhaustive general grand international mundane overall pandemic planetary spherical sweeping thorough total unbounded universal unlimited existence flesh global World virus STD HIV HIV-positive AIDS SIDA chancroid chlamydia clap crab louse crabs genital herpes genital warts gonorrhea herpes herpes simplex scabies social disease syphilis tabes dorsalis venereal disease immune failure abettor accomplice aid aide assistant associate co-conspirator colleague confederate conspirator helper insider partner plant ringer shill stall subordinate afford arrange assist avail benefit bow comfort convenience defer favor furnish gratify help humor indulge oblige pamper please provide serve settle submit suit supply support sustain yield accessory ally collaborator follower accommodate acolyte aids light daylight bright sunshine sunlight daytime night term time prime age years epoch cycle nadir aeon blue moon century date day duration era generation interim interval life lifetime millennium span course hour juncture moment period quarter reign spell stage while year aurora dawn daybreak during the day light of day sunrise days eon breed contemporaries crop peers rank step times acme culmination height high point high spot peak pinnacle prime time salad days zenith heyday Day notable decided noted signal patent clear pointed evident salient vague unclear obscure dull barefaced big as life clear cut conspicuous crystal clear discernible distinct glaring indubitable make no bones manifest marked noticeable observable open open and shut out in the open overt palpable perceivable plain self-evident transparent unambiguous under one's nose understandable unequivocal unmistakable visible apparent ascertainable clear-cut definite detectable distinguishable estimable good-sized goodly healthy large material measurable obvious perceptible pronounced recognizable sensible significant sizable substantial tangible a couple a few defined divers express individual many numerous one particular precise regular several singular some special specific specified sundry upwards of various appropriate diagnostic differentiating discriminating discriminative distinctive distinguishing emblematic especial essential exclusive fixed idiosyncratic inborn inbred indicative individualistic individualizing ingrained inherent innate local native normal original peculiar personal private proper representative symbolic symptomatic unique about to happen advancing almost on one anticipated aspiring at hand certain close converging deserving docking drawing near due en route eventual expected fated foreseen forthcoming future gaining upon getting near immediate imminent impending in prospect in store in the offing in the wind in view instant near nearing next nigh oncoming ordained predestined preparing progressing prospective pursuing running after subsequent to be up-and-coming ample appreciable astronomical big bountiful comfortable commodious extensive great hefty huge large-scale lavish major much plentiful pretty reasonable respectable tidy tolerable characteristic coming considerable Marked Elija UNICEF virus STD HIV-positive AIDS clap gonorrhea syphilis herpes SIDA chancroid chlamydia crab louse crabs genital warts scabies HIV genital herpes herpes simplex social disease tabes dorsalis venereal disease hiv hivs plum lilac color mauve wine orchid perse lavender violaceous violet amaranthine amethyst blue-violet bluish red heliotrope magenta mulberry periwinkle pomegranate reddish blue purple Violet World AIDS Day light daylight bright sunshine sunlight daytime night term time prime age years epoch cycle nadir aeon blue moon century date day duration era generation interim interval life lifetime millennium span course hour juncture moment period quarter reign spell stage while year aurora dawn daybreak during the day light of day sunrise days eon breed contemporaries crop peers rank step times acme culmination height high point high spot peak pinnacle prime time salad days zenith heyday Day
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