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Victoria Beckham reveals her tacky back tattoo has virtually disappeared

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Victoria Beckham reveals her tacky back tattoo has virtually disappearedThe ex-Spice Girl's inking is almost invisible...She was once dubbed Posh Spice.But, for people with genuinely refined taste, that moniker was seriously questioned when Victoria Beckham got herself a prominent body tattoo in 2006.The ex-Sprice girl, 43, infamously had a permanent marking down her back eleven years ago to honour husband, David.Yet, while stepping out at a charity event in NYC on Friday night, the inking was almost invisible against her skin.Wearing a backless gown at the 2017 Breast Cancer Research Foundation Hot Pink Party, the mum-of-four stunned fans with the display.Her once-permanent 'tramp stamp' was either covered by clever make-up, has faded with time or been actively removed.Either way, only a slight trace of the original message could be seen.Previously, the rather vulgar body art read 'Ani l’dodi li va’ani lo haro’eh bashoshanim', which translates to 'I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.'Although a rather common choice among tattoo fans, the phrase is thought to quote Hebrew poem Shir Ha’shirim.And yet, despite its romantic significance, Victoria appeared delighted by its absence from her new, improved aesthetic.In fact, she couldn't resist deliberately posing with her back to camera so everybody could see her mini-transformation.Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that Posh's wrist inking - also dedicated to David - has mysteriously vanished, which suggests she's almost literally cleaning up her act.The Mirror have contacted representatives for Victoria Beckham, but are yet to receive a repsonse.Subscribe!Breaking News Daily -- https://goo.gl/lF4A1HSubscribe! Hollywood news — goo.gl/9vgLIMLike us on! Facebook -- http://goo.gl/iGqDR4


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