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Vital Spirit - The Long Walk

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basic critical crucial decisive fundamental imperative important indispensable integral key meaningful necessary needed significant urgent bottom-line cardinal coal-and-ice constitutive heavy life-or-death meat-and-potatoes must-have nitty-gritty prerequisite required requisite underlined additional extra inessential insignificant meaningless minor needless nonessential optional secondary trivial uncritical unimportant unnecessary useless voluntary worthless dead dull sluggish dynamic energetic vibrant vigorous animated forceful lusty red-blooded spirited strenuous vivacious zestful idle inactive lethargic animate breathing generative invigorative life-giving live living quickening acute afflictive dangerous desperate dire essential grave serious severe sudden vital blunt dense imperceptive insensitive not serious obtuse slow stupid alive abounding alert awake brisk bustling cheerful eager lively overflowing quick ready replete rife sharp sprightly spry stirring swarming teeming dispirited lifeless morose spiritless unanimated mortal moving viable zoetic discouraged quiet shy activated active ardent buoyant ebullient elated energized enthusiastic excited fervent gay happy passionate peppy snappy vivid zealous zingy zippy lazy basal capital central chief elemental inherent intrinsic main primary primitive principal radical substratal underlying auxiliary outside peripheral bottom line character courage energy enthusiasm essence heart humor life mood morale quality resolve temperament vigor vitality warmth will air animation ardor backbone boldness breath complexion dauntlessness disposition earnestness enterprise fire force gameness grit guts jazz liveliness mettle motivation nerve oomph outlook psyche resolution sparkle spunk stoutheartedness substance temper tenor willpower zest frame of mind life force vital spark apathy cowardice fear idleness inactivity lethargy weakness discouragement dullness indifference powerlessness timidity being reality feeling genius meaning purpose sense tone gist intent intention purport timbre soul vision apparition phantasm phantom poltergeist shade shadow specter spook sprite umbra wraith eidolon supernatural being brightness light Holy Ghost Dove Holy Spirit comforter intercessor paraclete presence of God spirit spirit of Truth spirit of God action activity agility alacrity alertness ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion dash deal flurry functioning game happening hoopla hopper in the works industry motion movement occupation operation plan power process proposition racket reaction response rush scene stir stunt turmoil vim vivacity inaction calm calmness harmony indolence laziness peace quiet repose rest slowness stillness inertia stoppage ambiance ambience atmosphere aura feel flavor ambition appetite aspiration avidity craving desire drive eagerness emulation fire in belly get up and go hankering hope hunger initiative itch keenness longing love lust moxie passion pretension push right stuff striving thirst yearning zeal aversion disgust dislike distaste hate hatred pessimism repulsion disinterest contentment diffidence humility satisfaction ambitions appetites ardors aspirations avidities cravings desires drives emulations energies enterprises enthusiasms fire in bellies get up and gos hankerings hopes initiatives itches longings loves moxies passions pretensions pushes right stuffs spirits strivings thirsts yearnings satisfactions lethargies inactivities repulsions hatreds dislikes aversions every the deep great high lengthy protracted tall continued elongate elongated enduring enlarged expanded lasting lengthened lingering prolonged running stretch stretched stretching sustained towering distant drawn-out extensive far-off far-reaching faraway gangling lanky lofty longish outstretched rangy remote spread-out spun out stringy low short small abbreviated abridged ephemeral evanescent fleeting late slow delayed diffuse dragging boundless diffusive dilatory for ages forever and a day limitless long-drawn-out long-winded overlong prolix tardy unending verbose without end wordy yearn ache aim aspire covet hanker hunger itch lust miss pine sigh suspire thirst want wish dream of have a yen for spoil for despise dislike hate be ambitious be eager crave desire dream long pursue seek strive struggle try answer aspired craved desired dreamed hankered longed pursued sought strove struggled tried wanted was ambitious was eager wished yearned answered despised hated disliked bulky awkward beefy big colossal cumbersome cumbrous enormous gross heavy hefty hulking immense large mammoth massive ponderous substantial unhandy unmanageable unwieldy voluminous weighty airy light insubstantial miniature thin tiny circumlocutory copious digressive discursive dull exuberant lavish loose meandering palaverous profuse rambling random redundant vague waffling windy clear brief compact compressed concentrated confined limited restricted succinct boring going slowly humdrum tedious wearisome exciting interesting energizing lively dreams brainstorms builds castles in air conceives concocts cooks up craves creates daydreams devises envisages fancies fantasizes formulates hallucinates hankers has a flash has a nightmare has a notion has a vision hatches hungers idealizes imagines invents is delirious is moonstruck is up in clouds longs lusts makes up pictures pines searches for pot of gold sighs stargazes sublimates thinks thinks up thirsts visualizes hates dislikes despises hike jaunt parade step stretch stroll tour airing carriage circuit constitutional gait march pace perambulation peregrination promenade ramble saunter stride traipse tramp tread turn schlepp course path road street track trail aisle alley avenue boardwalk boulevard bricks bypath byway catwalk cloister court crossing esplanade footpath gangway lane mall passage pavement pier platform sidewalk area arena bailiwick calling career domain dominion field line metier métier profession province sphere terrain territory trade vocation amusement avocation entertainment fun hobby pastime recreation amble escort lead race roam run shuffle strut trek trudge wander advance ambulate canter exercise file foot leg locomote lumber meander pad patrol perambulate plod prance rove scuff shamble slog stalk stump toddle traverse troop go on foot hit the road hoof it knock about take a walk travel on foot wend one's way lose obey stay stop ignore tiptoe artery clearing corridor egress hallway ingress opening walk way aisles alleys arteries avenues clearings corridors courses gangways hallways lanes openings passages paths walks ways alleyway back street passageway pathway foot it move about base on balls BBS free bases free rides free tickets intentional walks passes beat precinct rounds route
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