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Vote to censure Youngstown school board member fails

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Vote to censure Youngstown school board member fails


local-news youngstown Ohio ballot choice majority poll referendum tally franchise nay plebiscite suffrage ticket will wish yea aye secret ballot show of hands yes or no affirmative always continually okay vote alternative appraisal choosing cull cup of tea decision determination discretion discrimination distinction druthers election evaluation extract favorite finding free will judgment opportunity option pick preference rating say substitute variety verdict volition weakness adjudge adjudicate agree arrive at conclusion award call shots cast the die choose cinch clinch come to agreement come to conclusion come to decision commit oneself conclude conjecture decree determine draw a conclusion elect end establish figure fix upon form opinion gather go down line guess have final word judge make a decision make up mind mediate opt purpose reach decision resolve rule select set surmise take a stand tap accept admit appoint decide upon designate go down the line mark name nominate opt for 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glamor holy roman emperor boomslang boer war nasty scary freaks violence Ohio ohio weather raining cats crazy company unpredictable meteorology god satan seasons one week michigan rain snow pms ohiio ohii ihio ahio ohia ohhiah awesome sometimes boring osu eaten alive
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