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Voter Regret: Tactical Democracy, Negative Voting and Dissonance

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citizen resident taxpayer suffragist balloter John\u002FJane Q. Public aborigine burgess burgher civilian commoner cosmopolite denizen dweller freeman\u002Fwoman householder inhabitant member of body politic member of community national native naturalized person occupant settler subject townsperson urbanite villager voter immigrant foreigner alien citizens John\u002Fjane q. publics aborigines burgesses burghers civilians commoners cosmopolites denizens dwellers freeman\u002Fwomans householders inhabitants member of body politics member of communities nationals natives naturalized persons occupants residents settlers subjects taxpayers townspersons urbanites villagers voters immigrants foreigners aliens elector constituent electorate body politic constituency registered voters cumpadre Voter diplomatic calculated clever cunning deliberate planned politic prudent skillful smart well-planned advisable appropriate apt commendable desirable expedient fit fitting judicious seemly sensible sound suggested suitable tactical improper unwise injudicious inappropriate inadvisable imprudent delicate accurate adept cautious considerate deft detailed discreet expert foresighted heedful masterly minute precise proficient sensitive skilled wary uncareful insensitive imprecise strong rough heavy harsh coarse unscrupulous uncritical healthy healthful robust inelegant indelicate ad hoc advantageous beneficial convenient effective feasible helpful meet opportune possible practicable practical pragmatic profitable proper seasonable timely useful utilitarian wise unprofitable unfitting unworkable impossible unreasonable inexpedient unseemly unsuitable incorrect unfeasible disadvantageous more prudent canny careful circumspect discerning economical far-sighted frugal hedging one's bets judgmatic leery playing safe provident reasonable sagacious sage sane sapient shrewd sparing thinking twice thrifty vigilant uneconomical thoughtless careless reckless indiscreet inattentive foolish wasteful stupid nonsensical expensive rash incautious hasty adroit cool in one's best interests on the lookout perspicacious sharp smooth tuned in urbane tactless impolitic cumpadre Tactical equality freedom justice commonwealth egalitarianism emancipation equalitarianism republic suffrage liberal government representative government unfairness capitalism commercialism competition democracy free enterprise free market industrialism laissez faire economics mercantilism private enterprise communism body politic citizenry citizens commonality federation nation people polity society abolition abolitionism autarchy autonomy citizenship deliverance delivery discharge disengagement disimprisonment enfranchisement exemption extriction franchise home rule immunity impunity liberation liberty manumission parole prerogative privilege probation redemption release relief rescue salvage salvation self-determination self-government sovereignty reserve difficulty subjection retention restraint imprisonment responsibility restriction suppression subordination government slavery servitude limitation confinement captivity hold incarceration freedoms abandon abandonment abilities bents carte blanches compasses discretion elbowrooms exemptions facilities flexibilities free reins full plays full swings immunities indulgences laissez faires latitudes laxities leeway liberties margins opportunities own accords plays plenty of ropes powers prerogatives privileges profligacy rampancies ranges reins rights ropes scopes sweeps swings unrestraints reserves difficulties imprisonments restraints impotence responsibilities restrictions suppressions subordinations governments limitations incarcerations confinements extremes weaknesses incompetence inabilities freeing setting free unchaining unshackling community domain dominion empire land monarchy populace population principality public race realm state tribe union Democracy adverse gloomy pessimistic unfavorable weak abrogating annulling anti con contrary contravening denying disallowing disavowing dissenting jaundiced naysaying neutralizing nullifying opposing recusant refusing rejecting removed resisting against antagonistic balky colorless counteractive cynical detrimental dissentient nugatory privative repugnant resistive unaffirmative unenthusiastic uninterested unwilling confident favorable good positive refutation denial nay refusal disavowal approval allergic to conflicting disadvantageous down on down side have no use for inimical injurious inopportune negative opposed opposite oppugning ornery reluctant stuffy unfortunate unfriendly unlucky unpropitious propitious aiding nice lucky fortunate auspicious helpful beneficial assisting advantageous kind friendly averse hesitant immovable indisposed inflexible intractable loath negativistic obstinate perverse stubborn unbending unmanageable unpredictable unruly cooperative belie confute contradict contravene controvert deny disaffirm disagree explode gainsay negate oppose repudiate go along help endorse allow agree approve attest prove harmonize affirm consent concur assist aid belies belying compensate abrogate annul atone for balance better cancel out counteract counterbalance counterpoise countervail fix improve invalidate make amends neutralize nullify outweigh redress repair set off lose support hurt break penalize forfeit fine deprive worsen validate permit injure destroy damage cumpadre Negative balloting polling vote choosing deciding electioneering barnstorming canvassing voting elective constituent discretionary electoral facultative nonobligatory not compulsory optional selective voluntary required poll ballot canvass count figures opinion returns sampling survey cumpadre Voting along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with additionally and plus again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added aggrandized amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less cumpadre And? AND discord discrepancy disparity dissension incongruity antagonism conflict contention controversy difference disharmony dissidence inconsistency strife variance disaccord agreement concurrence harmony accord concord peace similarity sympathy consonance peacefulness resonance harshness jangle cacophony jarring unmelodiousness argument clash confrontation discordance dissent dissentience dissonance friction incompatibility schism clamor clinker din racket sour note tumult harmoniousness disagreement dispute disunity inharmony war approval sameness likeness ratification authorization discrepancies alterities contrarieties differences discordances disparities dissemblances dissimilarities dissimilitudes dissonances distinctions divergences divergencies errors far cries incongruities inconsistencies miscalculations othernesses splits unlikenesses variances variations harmonies consistencies agreements parities concurrences concordances likenesses alikenesses similarities accords alterity contrariety dissemblance dissimilarity dissimilitude distinction divergence divergency error far cry miscalculation otherness split unlikeness variation consistency parity concordance alikeness dissonancy inharmoniousness compatibility Dissonance
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