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WATCH, Syracuse fans use Grayson Allen's tripping history to taunt him

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WATCH, Syracuse fans use Grayson Allen's tripping history to taunt himWATCH, Syracuse fans use Grayson Allen's tripping history to taunt himDuke Blue Devils’s Grayson Allen made headlines earlier this season with a tripping incident against Elon, triggering a subsequent one-game suspension from coach Mike Krzyzewski.But over the last month or so, Allen has stayed out of the discussion. There haven’t been any dust-ups or questionable sequences centered around Allen. Despite being the subject of scrutiny at basically every road game, Allen has put the static aside during Duke’s seven-game winning streak, which was snapped Wednesday by John Gillon’s buzzer-beater.Just because Allen has been clean of late doesn’t mean fans aren’t going to give him a hard time, though, as he found out first-hand on Wednesday. Syracuse fans clearly circled the date on the calendar early in the season, and they were more than prepared to give Allen all the grief they could muster with signs galore inside Carrier Dome hating on the Blue Devils guard.


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