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WATCH: Wits students, security in turbulent hail of stones

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  Pirate FM Video News: 13th January 2016   Goldfield, IA Hail Storm & Severe Thunderstorm - 3/6/2017   Wits University students clash with private security   BREAKING: Bus set alight in Braamfontein where Wits students are protesting   Hail Storm   Jan Man: School students pelt stones at security forces in Kashmir   Rocks and rampage at Wits University   03/09/2017 - Nevade, MO - Severe Storm and hail   Hail storm floods roads, fells trees in Istanbul - July 27, 2017   03/09/2017 - Nevada, MO - Severe Storm and hail   Chaos erupts at Wits University, police vs students   Big Hail in Fritch, TX Damages Cars - 5/15/2017   Huge Hail Producing Supercell Bashes Nebraska   06/03/2014-SalineCounty, NE-Large Hail destroys car   Protesting Wits students loot store in Braamfontein   Freak storm floods roads, fells trees in Istanbul - July 27, 2017   Freak hail storm floods roads, fells trees in Istanbul - July 27, 2017   Wits students clash   VIDEO : Wits students clash with police   Violence erupts during protest at Wits University   Freak hailstorm floods roads, fells trees in Istanbul - July 27, 2017   FATBETTY in Summer Storm. Home made steel RC truck.   Oklahoma Giant Baseball Sized Hail   4-15-17 LARGE HAIL SOUTH OF Protection Kansas   Watch Rolling Stones stage invader wearing a high-vis vest get nailed by security in Adelaide…   Regent, ND Damaging Storms And Flooding - 6/21/2016   Wits University management 'open' for negotiations   Texas Gets Pounded by Massive Hail Storm large as a baseball - LoneWolf Sager(◑_◑)   Large Hail Hammers Denton, TX - 3/24/2017   Wits students accuse security of sexual assault during violent eviction   Coldwater, KS Hail Hail Storm - 4/15/2017   Calling for the right to study   LIVE STREAM: Wits students hold briefing   Police disperse protesting Wits students with rubber bullets, stun grenades   Forensic results of Wits students completed   An interview with Wits dean, Rob Sharman interrupted by students   Kashmir: Clashes erupt between students, security forces in Srinagar as colleges re-open today   Wits students demand to be addressed by Adam Habib   Wits students hold their own General Assembly Part 1   Man plays golf with giant hailstones after Texas storm   Question Hour: Heated debate over school students who pelted stones on security forces   Varsity students gather at Wits to reignite #FeesMustFall movement   Wits students protest at court   Agate, Colorado Large Hail 5/8/2017   15 Wits University students arrested following protest   At least twenty students from Wits University will spend the weekend in custody   Deadly accident claims seven Wits students   Situation tense at Wits University   Chaos at Wits #FeesMustFall   Wits students march through campus - CONTINUED   Police arrests Wits student leaders   Rocks fly at Wits as students stone Great Hall   EFF Student Leader Vuyani Pambo on Wits protest   02/28/2017 - Seymour, MO - Big Hail   Protesters occupied the Wits theatre   Habib calls for academic activities to continue   03/23/2017 - Broken Bow, NE - Severe Storm and Hail   Latest situation at Wits University   Israel's Place in the New Middle East   Rape culture on campus - Wits students speak out   LATEST: More students injured at Wits, Chriselda Lewis reports   #Fees2017: Classes & Clashes continue at Wits university.   Heavyset High School Kid Refuses To Run For Shelter During Hail Storm   Wits poll concerns students   Outcome of the Wits students meeting: Maageketla Mohlabe   WITS SRC president, Mcebo Dlamini on R1 million campaign   High School Kid Refuses To Run For Shelter During Hail Storm   Wits SRC raising funds to support other students   Wits students march to Cosatu House   04/01/2017 Coleman, Texas Hail and Crash   Wits EFF students burn tires and vandalize accommodation block   Kashmir violence: Students boycott classes, throw stones on security forces   Students shut down Wits before taking #Fees2017 protest to Braamfontein   Protesting Wits students occupy medical campus   Situation intensifies at Wits as some students stage a nude protest

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