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sorry the video's a bit dark ... recording in your hotel room alone ftw! LINKS for more info: Music by: http://soundcloud.com/jakechudnow Earth Sandwich: ...


water wet lotus effect 'lotus weird wtf hydrophobic hydrophobia rabies hydrophilia vsauce Michael Stevens Michael Stevens ze frank ze frank earth sandwich earth sandwitch antipodes antipode three gorges dam three gorges dam china rotation day legth of chage ocean hemisphere Water water drink rain aqua H2O tears soak wash thin wet hose damp dirty dry bath clean cleanse dip douse dunk flood imbathe imbue immerse moisten rinse scour scrub shower soap sponge steep submerge suffuse tub water aqueduct bottleneck channel choke point conduit course cove ditch duct estuary firth trench watercourse bedew besprinkle dabble humidify spray sprinkle adulterate alter attenuate cook cut decrease deliquesce diffuse diminish doctor doctor up irrigate lace lessen liquefy mitigate mix moderate modify needle phony up plant qualify reduce shave spike temper water down baptize bathe drench duck lave lower pitch plunge slop slosh souse splash submerse dribble drivel froth ooze run slabber slaver slobber spit water at the mouth canal dampen dilute drool Water muggy misty rainy soggy stormy snowy soaked foggy dank sodden humid soused clammy slimy watery slushy soppy teary dewy dry clear arid liquid rain water damp rains dryness aridity hose soak dip wash sop dirty bath clean cleanse douse dunk flood imbathe imbue immerse moisten rinse scour scrub shower soap sponge steep submerge suffuse tub wet decrepit dilapidated disheveled disordered dowdy drenched dripping faded messy muddied muddy run-down seedy shabby sloppy slovenly soiled stained sullied tacky tattered threadbare untidy close drizzly moist mucid mucous muculent pasty sticky sweating sweaty bedew besprinkle dabble humidify spray sprinkle chilly steamy wettish drench drown engulf flush gush overflow overrun overwhelm pour sluice souse stream swamp whelm bathe bedraggled dampen deluge Wet in situ standing lotus sedentary situated sitting Lotus event issue end sequel fruit upshot reflex flak waves source cause origin start use force power sense action fact vigor weight drift mark clout tenor import neglect failure enact secure buy sell render make begin unzip invoke induce yield create get to ruin deny veto halt stop fail lose close miss achieve arrive attain bring about bring off carry out conclude consummate do a bang-up job do justice do one proud do the trick effect finish fulfill gain get someplace get there hit make hay make it manage nail it perform produce pull off put it over rack up reach realize score sew up take care of win accomplish acquire actualize bring to pass cap carry through complete deliver discharge dispatch earn earn wings effectuate execute follow through get get done negotiate obtain perfect procure resolve seal see through settle sign solve wind up work out address affectation ambience appearance atmosphere aura bearing comportment demeanor deportment feel feeling flavor impression look manner mannerism mien mood pose presence property quality semblance tone aggregate approach approximate be equivalent to be tantamount to become check with come to correspond develop into extend grow match mean number purport rival sum tally total touch accede to arrive at come through cop get fat get hands on glom onto grasp latch onto promote reap snag succeed afford breed bring engender father generate give rise to multiply occasion procreate progenerate propagate reproduce result in sire air amount beget effects eerie spooky magical creepy kooky funky strange ghastly awful curious freaky occult oddball secret queer far-out fearful flaky ghostly kinky ominous uncanny uncouth usual real known dull good plain abnormal atypical bizarre deviant different mental nonstandard odd off-base off-color out of line peculiar psycho unusual weird aberrant anomalistic anomalous deviate deviating divergent eccentric exceptional extraordinary fantastic funny grody gross heteroclite heterodox heteromorphic irregular preternatural screwy spastic uncommon unexpected unnatural unorthodox bugged out camp comical freakish grotesque ludicrous off the wall offbeat outlandish outre outré ridiculous singular way-out absurd balmy beyond all reason cockeyed derisory fatuous foolhardy foolish goofy half-baked harebrained idiotic ill-conceived impracticable imprudent inane inappropriate insane irresponsible loony nonsensical out of all reason outrageous preposterous puerile quixotic senseless short-sighted silly unworkable wild direful disgusting disturbing dreadful frightening ghoulish gruesome hair-raising horrible itching itchy macabre menacing nightmarish shuddersome sinister terrifying threatening unpleasant exotic marvelous mysterious novel puzzling quaint rare remarkable unconventional unique wonderful crazy Weird Weird? wtf WTF W.T.F. wtfs WTF? hydrophobic hydrophobia Hydrophobia rabies Rabies dogs zombie apocalypse dead hydrophobia blowjobs snowball semen oral sex sickness malaya animals illness rabid sugar buzz raccoon foaming at the mouth hydrophilia vsauce Vsauce michael Michael Steven ze frank real natural bold familiar straight blunt direct free brazen plain upright open aboveboard apparent artless candid downright easy flat-out forthright guileless ingenuous naive outright outspoken scrupulous sincere truthful unreserved up front bare-faced like it is meek timid vague lying shy frank honest overt right on square straight from shoulder straightforward true trustworthy veracious arrant audacious blatant brash brassy clear flagrant glaring immodest impudent insolent manifest naked obvious palpable temerarious transparent unabashed unconcealed barefaced bearish blustering breviloquent brief brusque crusty curt gruff hearty laconic no-nonsense plain-spoken rough rude short short-spoken snippety snippy tactless tart terse unceremonious abrupt bluff discourteous explicit impolite matter-of-fact snappy trenchant uncivil unpolished equal equitable fair frontal genuine impartial just objective right up front talking turkey telling it like it is unbiased uncolored unequivocal unprejudiced unpretended chatty communicable conversable conversational demonstrative effusive enlightening expansive forthcoming garrulous gushing loquacious outgoing talkative voluble communicative Frank frankie devinare lovely amazing handsome sweet guy fun silent cute loyal zombiekiller supersniper ihavespoken frank the tank drunk belidge wasted heart beat knees weak kissed planet dust globe star universe creation sphere cosmos orb terrene apple vale terra land dirt shore coast mud clay turf clod sod muck mold fill sand marl loam humus glebe sky adobe argil argillaceous earth bole brick china material clunch earth kaolin loess porcelain material pottery slip terra cotta till wacke real estate terra firma ashes cinders dust bunnies filth flakes fragments gilings granules grime grit ground lint powder refuse smut soil soot burrow cave den form hideaway hole nest pen refuge resting place retreat sanctuary acreage acres area beach continent country countryside district estate expanse extent farming farmland field grounds holding home homeland mainland manor nation old sod parcel plot province purlieu quarry quinta ranch realty region stretch sweep terrain territory tillage tract asteroid heavenly body luminous body marble planetoid wandering star world lair Earth EARTH hoagie hero sub BLT Reuben Dagwood sandwich submarine arbitrate insert intercede interfere interject interpolate intervene introduce mediate moderate negotiate interpose Sandwiches Sandwich sandwiches sandwitch inverse reverse obverse converse contrary antipode antipole same contra contradictory contrast counter flip side other side antithesis counterpole another adverse antilogy antonym contradiction counterpart foil opposition other extreme other side of coin paradox vice versa about-face back bottom change of mind flip-flop overturning rear regression retrogression retroversion reversal reversement reversion switch turn turn around turnabout turning underside verso volte-face wrong side opposite contrapositive Antipode inverse reverse obverse converse contrary antipole same antipode contra contradictory contrast counter flip side other side antithesis counterpole another adverse antilogy antonym contradiction counterpart foil opposition other extreme other side of coin paradox vice versa about-face back bottom change of mind flip-flop overturning rear regression retrogression retroversion reversal reversement reversion switch turn turn around turnabout turning underside verso volte-face wrong side opposite contrapositive Antipode trio troika triad trinity triplet third trilogy trivium ternion ternary triplex treble triple ternate trinal trinary three threesome trine triune set of three trey triangle triplicate triptych triumvirate triunity threes Three glen gap pass closing closure feed surfeit glut guzzle overeat cloy fill gulp jam sate cram jade satiate congest devour bolt stuff wolf gobble swallow pack Hoover diet fast nibble starve open abysm chasm crevasse depth fissure gorge gulf hole pit void consume englut ingurgitate inhale scarf slop slosh swallow whole coulee gulch gully ravine valley alienation arroyo blank breach cavity cleavage cleft clough clove crater flume hiatus hollow omission opening oversight preterition rent rift schism skip split yawn aperture canyon chink crack cranny crevice fracture rima rimation rime slit disgust nauseate pall satisfy sicken stall stodge suffice weary abyss Gorge dike levee gate ditch bank grade weir aid help clog slow bar brake choke close check allow push open free barricade block blockade bolt caulk dam deadbolt fasten fence jam latch lock plug seal secure trammel wall arrest block out catch charge close off close out congest cut off deter fill halt hang up hinder hold up impede intercept interfere with occlude prevent shut off shut out stall stonewall stop stop up stopper stymie tackle take out of play thwart decelerate moderate obstruct reduce speed slacken slow down asphyxiate constrict die drown gag garrote gasp gibbet kill noose overpower retard squeeze stifle strangle strangulate stuff stunt suffocate suppress throttle wring bang button clap clench confine cork exclude prevent passage put to retard flow screen shut shutter slam turn off blow whistle on cramp one's style curb delay discomfit disconcert disrupt embarrass faze flag one freeze hamper interfere oppose rattle restrain saddle with shut down DAM Dam D.A.M. omg omfg confusion confused confuse math mathematics factoring quadratic formula oral sex plastic latex dental dam damn minge vagina sex oral dope ass musicians talent dope ass rappers ware china pots slipware terracotta wares bowl casserole ceramic container cup mug pitcher plate platter porringer pot pottery salver saucer tray vessel crackleware earthenware ceramics enamel enamelware dish porcelain China orbit gyration circle cycle torque vortex turn eddy spin stagnation circling circuit circumvolution current flow flowing gyre motion revolution rotation round twirl wheel whirl aeon age alternation chain course eon isochronism loop period periodicity rhythm ring run sequel sequence series succession apogee circumgyration curve ellipse lap locus path pattern perigee track trajectory pirouette reel revolve revolving roll swirl turning trundling undulation ambit beat bout circulation compass division level performance round trip routine schedule session tour Rotation light daylight bright sunshine sunlight daytime night term time prime age years epoch cycle nadir aeon blue moon century date day duration era generation interim interval life lifetime millennium span course hour juncture moment period quarter reign spell stage while year aurora dawn daybreak during the day light of day sunrise days eon breed contemporaries crop peers rank step times acme culmination height high point high spot peak pinnacle prime time salad days zenith heyday Day sun star sky leave quit awol escape job monthes minutes Chage tide pond puddle sea blue drink deep briny brine sink main seaway alkali brackish water marinade ocean pickling solution preservative saline salt water sea water sodium chloride solution vinegar Davy Jones's locker Poseidon's realm middle the high seas a lot abundance agglomeration aggregation amassment assemblage bank batch bulk bunch bundle cargo clump cluster collection concentration congeries deposit fullness gathering gobs great deal harvest haul hill hoard jumble load lot lots lump mass million mint mound mountain much oodles plenty pot profusion quantity scad stack stock stockpile store sum thousand ton total trillion volume whole aggregate amplitude assortment barrel body circle clutch conglomerate conglomeration consignment crowd group heap mess multiplicity number order pack pile plenitude push reams requisition scores set stacks army assembly commonalty concourse congregation crush drove great number herd horde host infinitude infinity jam legion loads majority mob myriad numbers people plurality populace proletariat public slew swarm throng turnout accumulation buildup chunk drift gob hunk peck pyramid shock multitude Ocean fraction division moiety bisection fifty percent hemisphere half Hemisphere
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