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Walton Family Spends MILLIONS To PRIVATIZE Water

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Walton The Waltons clan folk group house household people tribe ancestors ancestry birth blood brood children class descendants descent dynasty extraction forebears genealogy generations genre in-laws inheritance issue kind kindred line lineage network parentage pedigree progeny race relations relationship relatives siblings strain subdivision system heirs and assigns kith and kin menage ménage parent Mafia Cosa Nostra family mafioso underworld association affiliation alliance band bunch circle clique club coalition combination combo company confederacy confederation congress cooperative corporation crew crowd federation fellowship fraternity gang guild hookup league mob order organization outfit partnership pool rat pack ring society sodality sorority syndicate tie-in tie-up troops troupe union zoo division disassociation opposition solitude seclusion rivalry isolation antagonism aloneness separation disunion associations affiliations alliances bands bunches circles clans cliques clubs coalitions combinations combos companies confederacies confederations congresses cooperatives corporations crews crowds families federations fellowships fraternities gangs guilds hookups leagues mobs orders organizations outfits partnerships pools rat packs rings societies sodalities sororities syndicates tie-ins tie-ups tribes troupes unions zoos divisions disassociations oppositions solitudes seclusions rivalries isolations antagonisms alonenesses separations disunions consanguinity kinship origin stock end conclusion death blood relation biological relationship blood brother blood relationship blood relative blood sister consanguinean flesh flesh and blood genetic relationship ties of blood uterine kin bloodline heritage line of descent Family allocate concentrate consume contribute donate drop employ expend give invest put in settle use waste absorb apply bestow blow confer defray deplete disburse dispense dissipate drain empty exhaust fritter lavish liquidate misspend squander ante up cast away come across come through cough up evote foot the bill hand out lay out outlay pay down pay up run through shell out spring for throw away use up build hold keep neglect save shun take take away withhold fill hoard set aside be lazy earn get receive devote kill drift idle pass misuse laze fool around let pass while away create blew dissipated paid out spent squandered wasted succeeded did well came arrived saved came in hoarded pay out spend succeed do well come arrive come in avail oneself of devour dominate drivel eat up engross finish finish up fritter away frivol away go through have recourse to lessen monopolize obsess preoccupy profit by put away put to use run out of trifle utilize vanish wash up wear out starve not use gather collect appear construct fast store accumulate consumed Hoovered absorbed ate up bolted chowed down devoured downed fed gobbled gorged gulped guzzled ingested ingurgitated inhaled mealed mowed nibbled partook polished off punished put down scarfed snacked stuff one's face swallowed swilled took tossed down wolfed built starved not used neglected gathered collected constructed fasted stored accumulated abstained bankrupt bleed decrease dig into diminish draw dry up evacuate impoverish milk reduce sap suck dry undermine weaken add develop expand strengthen raise extend augment grow increase enlarge depletes bankrupts bleeds decreases digs into diminishes drains draws dries up empties evacuates expends finishes impoverishes lessens milks reduces saps spends squanders sucks dry undermines uses up washes up wastes weakens gives adds develops saves expands strengthens raises extends fills augments hoards creates grows increases enlarges spended Spends spendings spending amnesia spend a penny bank lot much sum thousand ton total trillion abundance agglomeration aggregation assemblage batch bulk bunch bundle cargo clump cluster collection concentration congeries deposit fullness gathering gobs harvest haul hill hoard jillion jumble load lots lump mass mint mound mountain multiplicity ocean oodles plenty pot profusion quantity ream scad stack stock stockpile store volume whole a lot amassment great deal little part debt ditch individual lack need one valley want billions heaps large number loads many masses millions piles scads thousands tons zillions umpteen considerable countless infinite innumerable lots of numerous umteen zillion on a million million Millionize Million a million Privatize private privates Privates Private privatization drink rain H2O aqua rainwater saliva tears Adam's ale aqua pura bathe sprinkle dilute inundate soak flood irrigate moisten wash spray thin wet drench souse hose doctor damp saturate spatter douse baptize drool imbue steep weaken sodden gather collect dry dehydrate thicken dirty bath clean cleanse dip dunk imbathe immerse rinse scour scrub shower soap sponge submerge suffuse tub water ignore bathed cleaned cleansed dipped doused dunked flooded hosed imbathed imbued immersed moistened rinsed scoured scrubbed showered soaked soaped sponged steeped submerged suffused tubbed watered wetted ignored dehydrated dried dirtied bathing cleaning cleansing dipping dousing dunking flooding hosing imbathing imbuing immersing moistening rinsing scouring scrubbing showering soaking soaping sponging steeping submerging suffusing tubbing watering wetting ignoring dehydrating drying dirtying canal aqueduct bottleneck channel choke point conduit course cove ditch duct estuary firth trench watercourse dampen bedew besprinkle dabble humidify inspirit encourage brighten uplift hearten dampened allayed checked chilled clouded cooled curbed dashed deadened dejected depressed diminished discouraged dismayed dispirited dulled humbled inhibited moderated muffled muted restrained stifled brightened helped freed inspirited encouraged uplifted warmed heated assisted aided liberated incited heartened increased Water
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