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Warm and stuffy through the night

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How’s the weather looking for your Monday evening? Get the latest Maine’s Total Weather video forecast from Chief Meteorologist Roger Griswold.Subscribe to WMTW on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1lLKmoEGet more Monterey news: http://wmtw.comLike us: http://facebook.com/wmtwtvFollow us: http://twitter.com/WMTWTVGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/+WMTWNews8


Monday Evening Forecast WMTW roger griswold tepid sunny mild balmy hot close snug stormy aloof unkind violent cool cooled cold unhappy calm cordial happy hearty tender loving sincere affable amiable amorous ardent fervent genial kindly sad nasty mean nutty keen angry dull toast thaw prepare melt heat bake chafe cook fix warm up amicable approachable benevolent benign breezy civil clubby congenial courteous gentle good-humored good-natured gracious nice obliging pleasant polite sociable urbane warm all over attached caring crazy over dear devoted doting fond friendly huggy kind lovey-dovey mushy nutty about partial soft on sympathetic warmhearted attractive buddy-buddy charming cheerful complaisant copacetic cozy delightful downright neighborly easy engaging home cooking lenient lovable mellow palsy-walsy pleasing princely pussycat responsive right righteous sweet-tempered swell tight winning agog avid blazing burning desirous eager fervid fierce fiery horny hungry impassioned intense lusty passionate spirited thirsty vehement zealous agitate alert animate awaken call challenge electrify enliven fire up foment foster goad heat up incite inflame instigate kindle move provoke rally rouse send spark spur stimulate stir thrill turn on wake up waken whet whip up work up scorch simmer stew affectionate arouse Warm warms also moreover additionally again along along with and as well as well as besides conjointly further furthermore in conjunction with in like manner including likewise more more than that on top of over and above plus still to boot together with too withal added aggrandized amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider And? AND airless stale humid fetid heavy muggy sultry thick airy open new stodgy musty dreary staid genteel pompous bloated dull prissy prudish puffy stilted fusty clear allergic to conflicting contrary detrimental disadvantageous down on down side have no use for inimical injurious inopportune negative opposed opposing opposite oppugning ornery reluctant repugnant stuffy unfortunate unfriendly unlucky unpropitious unwilling arid bomb bromidic bummer characterless cloying colorless commonplace dead drab drag drudging flat ho hum humdrum insipid interminable irksome lifeless monotonous moth-eaten mundane nothing nowhere platitudinous plebeian prosaic repetitious routine spiritless stereotyped stupid tame tedious threadbare tiresome tiring trite unexciting uninteresting unvaried vapid wearisome well-worn zero bad-tempered bearish captious choleric cranky critical cross crotchety crusty disagreeable dour grouchy grumpy huffy ill-humored ill-natured irascible irritable morose obstinate peevish perverse petulant prickly quarrelsome snappish sour testy vinegarish vinegary breathless choky confined moldy motionless stagnant stale-smelling sticky stifling suffocating sweltering sweltry tight uncomfortable unventilated bigoted bourgeois conforming conservative demure doctrinal dogmatic drippy hackneyed hidebound illiberal in rut inflexible insular isolationist lame literal moderate moral narrow narrow-minded not heretical parochial pedestrian puritanical rigid rube run-of-the-mill sober solemn square straight straight-laced strict uptight affected appropriate apt aristocratic artistic august chic choice classic clever comely courtly cultivated cultured dainty delicate dignified effective exquisite fancy fashionable fine graceful grand handsome ingenious luxurious majestic modish neat nice noble opulent ornamented ornate ostentatious overdone polished rare recherché refined rich select simple stately stylish stylized sumptuous superior turgid well-bred adverse boring cantankerous close conventional elegant stuffies Stuffy over ended finis indirect stopping free nonstop opened rapid regular one-way for per using via with around about straight clear into past round within encircling surrounding through throughout appearing in found in in the vicinity of near to placed at situated at toward as a result of as long as as things go being by cause of by reason of by virtue of considering due to for the reason that for the sake of in as much as in behalf of in that in the interest of in view of now that on the grounds that owing to seeing since thanks to whereas aside at hand away beyond close handy in reach to one side at the hand of in the name of supported by through the agency of through the medium of under the aegis of with the assistance of accomplished achieved all over all over but the shouting all-embracing all-inclusive attained compassed concluded consummate done done with down effected entire executed fini finished off full full-fledged home free perfect plenary realized sweeping terminated that's it because complete comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The gloom dark dim black light day sense caliginosity darkness dead of night dimness dusk duskiness evening midnight murk murkiness night nightfall nighttime obscurity opacity semidarkness shade shadows twilight witching hour dimday dimmet eventide gloaming sundown sunset after dark late night-loving nightly afterglow afterlight crepuscular light decline early evening ebb end half-light last phase late-afternoon brink evening before threshold verge vigil bedtime nocturnal eve monday Monday Mondays mondays even dim dusk eve dark close sunset black sunrise morning caliginosity darkness dead of night dimness duskiness evening gloom midnight murk murkiness night nightfall nighttime obscurity opacity semidarkness shade shadows twilight witching hour after dark after hours bedtime before dawn blackness dark hours dusk to dawn eventide nighttide pitch dark close of day crepusular light gloaming sundown afterglow afterlight crepuscular light decline early evening ebb end half-light last phase late-afternoon appointment call holiday interview sojourn stay stop stopover talk tarriance vacation visitation weekend brink evening before threshold verge vigil visit outlook budget augury guess cast hindsight ignorance foresee portend gauge augur figure gather reason plan divine presage infer surmise doubt begin start forebode forecast forerun foreshow foretell harbinger herald indicate predict signal signify assume await bargain for be afraid conjecture count chickens count on cross the bridge entertain foretaste have a hunch hope for jump the gun look for look forward to plan on prepare for prevision prognosticate promise oneself prophesy see see coming see in the cards suppose visualize wait wait for apprehension awareness foreboding foreseeing foresight forethought inkling intuition preconception premonition prescience presentiment prior knowledge realization adumbrate bespeak bode call it call the shots crystal-ball figure out foreshadow promise psych out read soothsay account add adjust appraise assay cipher consider count determine divide dope out enumerate judge keep tabs measure multiply number rate reckon size up subtract sum take account of tally tot tote up value weigh work out adding arithmetic ciphering computation counting dividing estimate estimation figuring judgment multiplying prediction reckoning subtracting summation totaling announce anticipate anticipation calculate calculation Forecast amen aye fine gladly good okay surely yea agreed true yep accepted appreciated axiomatic down pat implied inferential inferred known on to pat presumed roger tacit taken for granted undeclared unexpressed unsaid unspoken unstated wise to wordless absolutely affirmative all right assuredly beyond a doubt by all means certainly definitely even so exactly good enough granted indubitably just so most assuredly naturally of course positively precisely sure thing undoubtedly unquestionably very well willingly without fail understood right on uh-huh Roger Rogers gentleman european loyal loving old-school cute adorable funny sweet caring impulsive roo rogers owned screwed raped gouged monopoly monopolistic fail epic fail gay homo homosexual retard rogers wireless robbers rob whores slut flying flight airplane shut up pilot sky wilco roger wilco yes sergeant fuck you Griswold griswold Griswolds
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