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Warning, graphic content: Iraqi Army parades bodies

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Warning, graphic content: Iraqi Army parades bodies.


graphic content Iraqi Army parades bodies ominous admonishing threatening admonitory exemplary exhortatory monitorial monitory premonitory reproachful warning advice apprisal counsel forewarning admonition advisement advocacy aid bum steer caution charge consultation directions dissuasion encouragement exhortation guidance help information injunction input instruction judgment lesson news opinion persuasion prescription proposal proposition recommendation steer suggestion teaching telltale tidings tip tip-off view word word to the wise Mayday SOS alert bell blast buzzer call clock cry drum flap flash gong high sign horn nod scramble scream shout sign signal siren squeal tip off tocsin trumpet whistle wink yell call to arms warning signal threat hint notification prediction alarm indication example augury caveat token fore intimation premonition portent presage omen distress signal look out foretoken handwriting on wall heads up watch-it misinformation deception deceit betrayal opposition discouragement question misrepresentation lie falsehood obstruction injury hindrance blockage ignorance security quietness peace confidence assurance repose composure calmness alarum rat-licker Warning concrete stirring striking telling colorful compelling comprehensible convincing definite descriptive detailed distinct eloquent expressive figurative forcible illustrative incisive intelligible lively lucid moving perspicuous picturesque precise realistic strong unequivocal vivid implicit obscure unclear vague brave characterful distinctive flaky gay glamorous graphic jazzy rich stimulating unusual audible bold categorical clean-cut clear-cut clearly defined complete crisp definitive determined distinguishable downright explicit express fixed forthright full marked minute not vague obvious palpable particular plain positive pronounced ringing severe sharp silhouetted specific straightforward tangible unambiguous undubitable unmistakable visible well-defined well-grounded well-marked anecdotic characteristic characterizing circumstantial classificatory clear delineative depictive describing explicative expository extended identifying illuminating illuminative indicative interpretive lifelike narrative particularized pictorial revealing true to life affecting ardent articulate facund fervent fervid fluent forceful glib grandiloquent impassioned impressive magniloquent meaningful outspoken passionate persuasive poignant potent powerful rhetorical sententious significant silver-tongued smooth-spoken suggestive touching vocal voluble well-expressed calling up redolent remindful of reminiscent resonant with allegorical analytical annotative critical declarative demonstrative diagrammatic discursive elucidatory enlightening exegetic exegetical expositional guiding hermeneutic informative informing instructive justifying summary supplementary drawn engraved illustrated outlined painted photographic traced visual blocked-out delineated depicted etched iconographic illustrational marked-out pictoric pictured portrayed representational seen sketched lifeless uncolored colorless normal common weak dull uninteresting boring faded dreary drab standard unfixed undefined not clear imprecise fuzzy doubtful unlimited indeterminate unsure uncertain indefinite indistinct equivocal questionable inexact ambiguous cursory confusing unenthusiastic frigid cold unexcited cool calm shy inarticulate unmoving dispassionate ineffective impotent indifferent apathetic introverted evocative explanatory puzzling perplexing mysterious rat-licker graphics Graphic GRAPHICS Graphics iras irate oral era i q ire irk ira rag virago arabic irenic ironic orang orale orate i.q. rack rage raja rake brag crag drag eras ired ires iron mirage i. q. wrack brake crack erase image iring irony track Iraqi rat-licker iraqi artillery battalion command company corps infantry squad troops battery brigade cavalry column detail division flight formation legion outfit platoon regiment soldiers soldiery wing patrol unit individual whole army contingent force horde host multitude squadron throng unit band body crew detachment group organization party posse team troop Mounties bowlegs chasseurs cuirassiers dragoons horse horse soldiers hussars lancers mounted troops rangers uhlans dense mass flock rout scores shower swarm accumulation array audience cluster collection concourse convergence herd mass miscellany mob crowd cloud pack one clouds concentration scattering separation dispersal Army rat-licker A.R.M.Y ARMYs A.R.M.Y. ceremony demonstration procession ritual show spectacle array cavalcade column exhibition fanfare flaunting line march ostentation panoply pomp review shine train autocade concealment hiding dullness plainness Pancake Day Pancake Tuesday Shrove Tuesday carnival celebration festival parade arrangement batch body bunch bundle clump cluster design display disposition formation host lineup lot multitude order pattern set supply throng align exhibit form group line up methodize organize range systematize flash strut prance demonstrate swagger brandish trot out reveal disport boast declare expose proclaim divulge publish air brag flaunt advertise sport disclose vaunt march in review be quiet secrete cover withhold deprecate suppress hide conceal Mardi Gras one individual destroy mix up disorganize disorder arrayed arrays carcass frame torso anatomy beefcake bod build chassis constitution embodiment figure form makeup protoplasm shaft shape tenement trunk bag of bones boody mortal part abstract concept fantasy immateriality inanimate individual mind nothing nothingness one soul spirit thought bodies body politic bourgeois cats citizens clan common people commonality community crowd family folk folks general public herd hoi polloi horde human race humanity humankind humans inhabitants kin masses mob mortals multitude nation nationality person in the street persons plebeians populace population proletariat public rabble race rank and file riffraff society tribe audience buyers clientele commonalty country electorate everyone followers following men and women patrons people suite supporters voters remains relic stiff carrion cadaver ashes clay dust deceased dead body bones corpus delicti party person being creature personage human mortal plant box material skeleton groundwork essence tenor total staple gist pith sum majority corpus core assembly hull crux substance basis bed matter mass whole gravamen fuselage substructure main part part group throng set parcel cluster batch bundle lot array clump bunch single heart meat treatise dissertation text thesis argument evidence discourse exposition burden sense upshot exteriority outside exterior John\u002FJane Q. Public plants animals peoples body rat-licker Bodies comfortable contented fulfilled satisfied willing appeased gratified at ease complacent fat dumb and happy pleased as punch smug tickled pink discontented unhappy unsatisfied upset depressed disagreeable discontent dissatisfied disturbed needy wanting allay alleviate assuage be enough blunt calm compose conciliate content diminish ease gratify lessen lull make matters up meet halfway mitigate mollify patch things up placate propitiate quell quench quiet serve soften soothe subdue sweeten tranquilize blissful endowed favored fortunate glad granted joyful joyous lucky accomplish achieve break the record cap come come to a head conclude crown end finish fulfill hit high spot orgasm peak please reach a peak reach the zenith rise to crescendo satisfy succeed terminate top tower peace satisfaction contentment gratification pleasure peace of mind uncomfortableness unhappiness displeasure sadness dissatisfaction worry subject matter substance text idea matter composition subject thought constitution gist burden significance size load filling packing measure reconcile captivate tickle indulge suffice bewitch humor thrill appease delight charm gladden enrapture make happy disturb repel agitate trouble provoke irritate depress turn off anger displease incite disgust offend frustrate dissatisfy disappoint start aggravate tease excite arouse destroy annoy worsen intensify increase appeases appeasing blessed unblessed disapproved cursed unlucky damned condemned climax drop dip miss lose fall bear introduce initiate begin fail fall off delve create commence Content rat-licker
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