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Watch: Damp weather lingers through morning



Meteorologist Mike Haddad has a look at the latest forecast.Subscribe to WMUR on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1lOjX9CGet more Manchester news: http://wmur.comLike us: http://facebook.com/wmur9Follow us: http://twitter.com/WMUR9Google+: https://plus.google.com/+wmur


cloudy dank drizzly misty moist muggy saturated soaked sodden soggy steamy sticky waterlogged drenched dripping soaking sopping clammy dewy drippy irriguous oozy steam bath vaporous wettish dry arid dried parched chilly close damp humid slimy wet deaden abate alleviate anesthetize benumb blunt check chloroform consume cushion dampen depress deprive desensitize destroy devitalize dim dope drown dull etherize exhaust freeze frustrate gas hush impair incapacitate injure knock out lay out lessen mute numb paralyze put out of order put to sleep quieten reduce repress retard slow smother soften stifle stun stupefy suppress tire tone down unnerve weaken brighten build let go push advance encourage indulge help allow strengthen raise magnify extend enliven animate facilitate construct refresh uplift stimulate mobilize permit assist aid invigorate intensify increase enlarge deadened KOED abated alleviated anesthetized benumbed blunted checked chloroformed consumed cushioned damped dampened depressed deprived desensitized destroyed devitalized dimmed doped drowned dulled etherized exhausted froze frustrated gassed hushed impaired incapacitated injured knocked out lessened muted numbed paralyzed quietened reduced repressed retarded slowed smothered softened stifled stunned stupefied suppressed tired toned down unnerved weakened brightened built let went pushed advanced encouraged indulged helped allowed strengthened raised magnified extended enlivened animated facilitated constructed refreshed uplifted stimulated mobilized permitted assisted aided invigorated intensified increased enlarged deadening KOING abating alleviating anesthetizing benumbing blunting checking chloroforming consuming cushioning dampening damping depressing depriving desensitizing destroying devitalizing dimming doping drowning dulling etherizing exhausting freezing frustrating gassing hushing impairing incapacitating injuring knocking out lessening lying out muting numbing paralyzing putting out of order putting to sleep quietening reducing repressing retarding slowing smothering softening stifling stunning stupefying suppressing tiring toning down unnerving weakening brightening building let going pushing advancing encouraging indulging helping allowing strengthening raising magnifying extending enlivening animating facilitating constructing refreshing uplifting stimulating mobilizing permitting assisting aiding invigorating intensifying increasing enlarging demoralize abash blow out blow up chill cripple daunt debilitate deject disarrange disconcert discountenance discourage dishearten disorder disorganize disparage dispirit disturb embarrass enfeeble get to jumble muddle nonplus psych out rattle sap send up shake snarl take apart take steam out undermine unglue unman unsettle unzip upset make good boost arrange clear up approve please order compose inspirit purify moralize explain enlighten educate placate sanction soothe comfort calm organize hearten abase afflict ail bear down beat beat down bother bug bum out cast down cow darken debase degrade desolate dismay distress drag drain enervate faze keep under lower mock mortify oppress perturb press put down reduce to tears run down sadden scorn throw cold water on torment trouble try turn one off weary weigh down push up lift elevate flatter cheer make happy excite admire upgrade honor exalt activate praise energize improve delight Damp bozone layer climate clime elements withstand resist survive surmount suffer overcome brave season expose acclimate harden stand toughen come through pull through get through ride out bear the brunt of bear up against become toughened grow hardened grow strong make it rise above stick it out yield reject refuse soften hide give in surrender cope battle with buffet carry on confront deal dispatch encounter endure face get a handle on get by grapple hack hack it handle hold one's own live with make go of it make out make the grade pit oneself against rise to occasion struggle struggle through tangle tussle weather wrestle keep hold retreat coping buffeting carrying on confronting dealing dispatching encountering enduring facing getting a handle on getting by grappling hacking hacking it handling holding one's own living with making going of it making it making out making the grade pitting oneself against rising to occasion struggling struggling through suffering surviving tangling tussling weathering wrestling yielding keeping holding surrendering retreating refusing abide accustom allow be patient with bear the brunt brook cope with countenance eat experience feel go through grin and bear it hang in keep up know live out live through meet with never say die permit put up with repress feelings resign oneself sit through stick stomach subject to submit to support sustain swallow take take it take patiently tolerate undergo maintain oppose stop halt run away discontinue deny disapprove disallow endured abided be left be long lived boded carried on carried through clung existed had no end held held on held out hung on kept on lasted lingered lived lived on never said died outlasted outlived perdured persisted prevailed ran on remained rode out stayed stayed on stood stuck to superannuated survived sustained was was timeless went on wore wore on wore well moved lost quit died departed left went stopped halted discontinued refused rejected ceased endures abides be leaves be long lives bides carries on carries through clings exists goes on hangs on has no end holds holds on holds out is timeless keeps on lasts lingers lives lives on never says dies outlasts outlives perdures persists prevails remains rides out runs on stands stays stays on sticks to superannuates survives sustains wears wears on wears well moves loses quits dies departs leaves goes stops halts discontinues refuses rejects ceases hang tough bear gut it out hang in there stick in there tough it out bozone layer Weather dawdle drift idle remain stay stick around wait amble crawl dally dillydally falter hesitate hobble lag loll lumber mope mosey plod poke procrastinate putter saunter shuffle slouch stagger stop stroll tarry tool totter trail traipse trifle trudge vacillate be dilatory be long be tardy fool around fritter away goof off hang around hang out put off sit around take one's time wait around forge forward leave advance carry on complete continue finish go ahead run rush tiptoe halt hurry persist survive bide last stand abide cling hang on move reject refuse cease linger bozone layer Linger over buttoned up complete completed concluded ended finis finished in the bag terminated wound up wrapped up incomplete indirect stopping unfinished straight constant free nonstop opened rapid regular straightforward unbroken uninterrupted one-way unhindered for per using via with as a consequence as a result at the hand of because of by dint of by means of by reason by the agency of by virtue of in consequence of in virtue of through the medium of with the help of around about clear into past round throughout within for the period from beginning to end in and out in the middle encircling surrounding through remote far distant away afar appearing in found in in the vicinity of near to placed at situated at toward because as a result of as long as as things go being by cause of by reason of considering due to for the reason that for the sake of in as much as in behalf of in that in the interest of in view of now that on the grounds that owing to seeing since thanks to whereas in the name of supported by through the agency of under the aegis of with the assistance of aside at hand beyond close handy in reach to one side accomplished achieved all over all over but the shouting all-embracing all-inclusive attained compassed consummate done done with down effected entire executed fini finished off full full-fledged home free perfect plenary realized sweeping that's it short part wanting needy missing lacking imperfect deficient defective bozone layer dawn aurora cockcrow daybreak daylight dayspring forenoon morn morrow prime sunrise sunup after midnight ante meridiem before lunch before noon break of day breakfast time crack of dawn early bright first blush foreday morningtide wee hours darkness sunset cockcrowing dawning first light morning bright day peep light finish conclusion end ending sundown setting eventide evening dusk brightening early morning first brightening first flush of morning first impression first sight outset peep of day cocklight dawnlight day-peep flush of the morning glow half-light bozone layer Morning
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