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Watch doctor perform robotic-assisted surgery in Syracuse, NY

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In the 1970s, Dr. Gennady Bratslavsky learned to perform minimally invasive surgery the old fashioned way – standing at a patient’s bedside and using his hands to guide the tools. Today, he is more likely to remove a prostate at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse using robotic assistance. In 2000, the FDA approved a machine called “da Vinci,” made by Intuitive Surgical, for use in robotic-assisted surgery. It is approved for urological, gynecological, thoracic, cardiac and general surgeries. The company says the machine has been used in more than 3 million procedures. Doctors guide the same surgical tools – scalpels, forceps, scissors – from a remote console inside the operating room. The tools are attached to robotic arms. In the video above, see how Bratslavsky uses a robot in a recent surgery to remove a patient’s prostate and lymph nodes. Watch how the doctor’s hands maneuver the tools from the console and how he sees his work on a magnified screen. See how the tools cut, cauterize and sew inside the body. The surgery took about 30 minutes. Bratslavsky said the patient was walking within hours, eating and drinking normally by morning and discharged from the hospital the next day. (The patient chose to be anonymous for this report.) As a professor and chair of the Urology Department, Bratslavsky is passing robotic skills on to young students. In the hands of skilled surgeons, the machine’s small, flexible tools result in fewer cuts, less blood loss and quicker recovery, he said. But there are challenges, too. Until you have the experience, it is easy to cause a lot of damage, he said. “It’s not the tools you use. It’s the surgeons,” he said.Reporting by Michelle Breidenbach | [email protected]


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