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Wayne Rooney still passionate Manchester United man and Mamadou Sakho makes towering

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Wayne Rooney still passionate Manchester United man and Mamadou Sakho makes towering contribution on debut - 10 THINGS WE LEARNEDA weekend stacked full of action in the Premier League and EFL Cup final produced plenty of memorable moments and talking points. Zlatan Ibrahimovic's heroics against Southampton caught the headlines but Wayne Rooney's brilliant reaction to the late winner from the bench was telling whilst Mamadou Sakho produced an assured performance for Crystal Palace.Here, Sportsmail's Ralph Ellis shares 10 things he learned from the weekend1. There was plenty of cynicism over Wayne Rooney’s announcement that he wanted to stay at Manchester United and share in their pursuit of trophies – but any doubts over his feelings should have been wiped away when Zlatan Ibrahimovich scored the winning goal at Wembley.Rooney was waiting to be brought on, presumably with a script in his mind that he’d be the hero in extra time.But when cameras switched to Jose Mourinho to show his reaction to Zlatan’s goal, nobody in the background was celebrating more wildly than the United club captain. Credit to him for proving himself a proper team man.2. Mamadou Sakho has a huge point to prove after falling out with Jurgen Klopp before the start of the season and he showed on his Crystal Palace debut that he belongs in the Premier League.The giant French international defender made a huge contribution to Palace keeping a clean sheet for only the third time this season with most clearances (6) and most recoveries (11).He also added composure by playing the ball out from the back, failing to find a team mate with only two of 25 passes.3. Last season only two Chelsea players appeared in more games than the 47 logged up by Willian, but this year the Brazilian winger has become very much a bit part player under Antonio Conte.Brought off the bench for just the final five minutes in place of Victor Moses in the 3-1 win over Swansea, he has yet to play a full 90 minutes despite appearing in all but six of Chelsea’s 32 games in all competitions.4. Jordan Pickford has got a case to be among the contenders for the PFA’ s Young Player of the Year award after a superb first season for Sunderland.His heroics in goal might not be enough to keep the Black Cats away from relegation, but you dread to think where they would be without him.Returning from injury he made six superb saves to keep the score down to just 2-0 at Everton, the most made by any Premier League keeper this weekend.The 22-year-old averages 4.65 saves per 90 minutes played – the highest of any Premier League goalkeeper this season.5. Watford manager Walter Mazzarri angered West Ham when he appeared at the side of the pitch waving an imaginary yellow card and demanding that Cheikh Kouyate be booked for a foul on M’Baye Niang.Mazzarri might be better off concentrating on improving his own side’s disciplinary record after they had another four players booked in the 1-1 draw.Watford have now been shown 64 yellow cards in their 26 league matches this season, the most of any top flight club.6. Austrian international Kevin Wimmer grabbed a rare chance to impress Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino when he came on for the final 41 minutes against Stoke.The 26-year-old, who has made only 15 Premier League appearances in two seasons since his £4.3m arrival from Koln, showed he can be composed on the ball by finding a team mate with every one of his 26 passes.7. Huge irony in how Hull boss Marco Silva has torn up everything that went before him after bringing in seven new players during January.Hull started the season with an unchanged side for the first five matches – but of that team only three outfield players began the 1-1 draw with Burnley.8. Credit to Fulham manager Slavisa Jokanovic for putting his duty of care to 16-year-old prodigy Ryan Sessegnon above the club’s chase for a play-off spot.He left out the hugely talented teenager from his starting side in the 2-2 draw at Cardiff, even though he’d been one of his best players in the midweek win at Bristol City, to protect him from the physical demands of two games in three days.9. Everton have shown remarkable patience with striker Conor McAleny, who has been with the club since the age of 11 and is still on their books with his 25th birthday coming up this summer even though he’s only ever made two Premier League appearances and both of them as a sub.His progress has been disrupted by an assortment of injuries including a broken leg, but a loan spell at Oxford is giving him a chance to prove he can still have a proper career.McAleny’s hat-trick in the 4-0 win at Chesterfield took him to four goals in two League One starts and gives Michael Appleton’s team, now four points from the play-offs with two games in hand, the prospect of a second successive promotion.10. Ebbsfleet boss Daryl McMahon has lost five play-off finals in eight years as both player and manager


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