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We Farted Very Loud at the Masters Snooker Final - (It wasn't a whoopee ...

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gas vapors wind toot break wind cut one cut the cheese pass gas rip one fart let her rip Farted bonerjams actual appropriate authentic bare bona fide correct especial express genuine ideal identical indubitable mere model perfect plain precise pure right same selfsame sheer simple special sure-enough true undoubted unqualified unquestionable veritable very same inexact decidedly particularly absolutely awfully profoundly excessively remarkably certainly deeply wonderfully pretty incredibly eminently uncommonly truly highly extremely extraordinarily terribly exceedingly greatly unusually acutely amply considerably dearly emphatically extensively largely notably positively powerfully substantially vastly surprisingly noticeably astonishingly exaggeratedly indispensably pressingly prodigiously superlatively surpassingly indefinite little dubiously doubtfully usually commonly actually as a matter of fact de facto genuinely in fact in point of fact in reality in truth indeed literally really veritably very bloodiest blasted damn full good much too well bloody to a great extent very much hatefully conspicuously outstandingly prominently strikingly suitably unreasonably big boisterous deafening emphatic heavy intense lusty powerful rambunctious raucous resounding ringing roaring rowdy strident strong thundering vehement vociferous forte blatant blustering booming cacophonous clamorous crashing deep ear-piercing ear-splitting full full-mouthed high-sounding loud-voiced obstreperous pealing piercing resonant sonorous stentorian tumultuous turbulent turned up uproarious wakes the dead calm dull indistinct insignificant little low mild moderate quiet restrained shy silent small soft unhealthy unimportant weak inaudible inoffensive subdued tasteful brash brassy rude vulgar flashy obnoxious brazen chintzy coarse crass crude flamboyant garish glaring gross lurid meretricious obtrusive ostentatious showy tasteless tawdry refined nice polite kind cautious careful almighty awful desperate enormous excessive extreme great loud terrible lowly lay powerless audible aural auricular clear detectable discernible distinct hearable loud enough perceptible plain sounding within earshot obscure unnoticeable unclear obscured vague ambiguous invisible crying harsh loudmouthed noisy screaming scurrilous vociferant unpronounced subtle inconspicuous bouncy disorderly effervescent impetuous riotous rollicking tumultous\u002Ftumultuous unrestrained unruly wild solemn bold colorful conspicuous definite evident eye-catching forceful lively manifest prominent pronounced spirited vivid light fair faint fearful afraid lifeless timorous retiring reticent timid meek cowardly lethargic dispirited apathetic uncertain feeble bolder bonerjams LOUD Loud affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the The administrator boss commander director guru instructor judge manager owner ruler teacher captain chief chieftain commandant conqueror controller employer general governor guide head lord matriarch overlord overseer patriarch pedagogue preceptor principal pro skipper superintendent supervisor swami taskmaster tutor wheel commanding officer head person slave driver spiritual leader top dog employee follower pupil student worker amateur servant connoisseur doctor authority genius scientist professional artist winner champion ace wizard sage virtuoso maven adept pundit whiz buff maestro savant victor old hand past master prima donna proficient artiste shark doyen doyenne old pro real pro whiz-bang rookie ignoramus loser grasp understand comprehend swamp cram study acquire grind bone up hit the books pick up learn the ropes beat the game beat the system bury yourself in excel in gain mastery get down cold get down pat get hold of get the hang of get the knack of megastudy misinterpret mistake misunderstand Master bonerjams MASTERS masters choke off crimp foil impede obstruct stall stonewall thwart balk block confound corner crab cramp defeat mystify nonplus pigeonhole prevent puzzle shelve stump cramp one's style cut off dead-end give the run around hang fire hang up hold off hold up put on back burner put on hold abet advance aid assist forward help support allow clarify clear up enlighten explain explicate let go release encourage stymie snooker stymied stymies bonerjams Snooker closing concluding eventual last-minute ultimate end finishing lag latest latter terminal crowning hindmost supreme beginning commencing continuing first inconclusive interim introductory opening persistent starting temporary decisive definite finished determinative absolute decided incontrovertible irrefutable irrevocable settled determinate unanswerable unappealable indefinite accurate actual authentic authoritative certain conclusive definitive errorless exact factual faultless final flawless genuine infallible official perfect right straight strict true truthful undeniable undisputed unimpeachable unquestionable unrefuted valid veracious doubtful careless invalid false wrong imprecise questionable mistaken misleading erroneous vague lax faulty incorrect unreal counterfeit uncertain untruthful dishonest unreliable inexact inaccurate incomplete back aback abaft aft after astern back of backward behind following hind in the wake of posterior rear rearmost rearward tail future preceding front clean entire total unimpaired whole unvirtuous besmirched tarnished stained polluted foul filthy dirty partial part limited muddled unchaste defiled impure adulterated cluttered imperfect cleanest closed concluded ended over resolved unsettled open welcoming started working running winding up finals bonerjams Finals cheer encouragement yay yell hip-hip hurray huzza rah-rah three cheers yippee hurrah brawl cheerfulness conviviality festivity frolic fun gaiety glee happiness hilarity hoopla indulgence jollity joy laughter levity liveliness mirth picnic recreation revel revelry self-indulgence shindig sport jocularity jocundity joviality buffoonery fun and games wingding unhappiness sorrow sadness rejoicing gladness amusement hysteria entertainment merrymaking lightheartedness merriment frivolity pleasure hysterics joyousness convulsions distress pain misery depression gloom seriousness work blues melancholy woe carouse saturnalia bacchanal debauch carousal wassail gala party spree high jinks skylarking jollification reveling revelment enjoyment tomfoolery exclamation wow amen hello alas boo ouch rah ahem hooray shucks egad golly hey huh jeepers oops phew phooey pooh psst ugh interjection radiance color brilliance glitter effervescence jocosity sparkle gleefulness elation animation mirthfulness sprightliness blitheness pleasantness geniality brightness jolliness exhilaration merriness blithesomeness good humor joie de vivre vivacity showiness colorfulness high spirits discouragement dullness jocoseness pastime distraction play ball delectation delight game gratification relaxation dissipation relish disport high time merry-go-round beguilement divertissement field day staying conforming disappointment vocation task chore dissatisfaction diversion festival bash jamboree blowout joyfulness clambake action pleasing gladdening merry go round regalement trouble boredom drudgery joke celebration nonsense absurdity playfulness treat riot blast solace holiday romp horseplay escapade gambol big time jesting joking junketing foolery clowning good time living it up romping labor sense solemnity whoopee festivities bonerjams ... bonerjams
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